Beth is a real little beauty. She’s a 5-month-old shepherd-terrier mix who currently weighs 28 pounds and should reach about 45 pounds when full grown. As is clearly obvious, Beth has a happy disposition and sweet demeanor. She’s friendly, playful and loves everyone she meets.

Beth and many other dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are available for adoption from Dallas Animal Services, 1818 N. Westmoreland at I-30, just minutes west of Downtown Dallas. The shelter is open Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.-6:30 p.m. and Sundays noon-5 p.m. The cost to adopt is $85 for dogs and $55 for cats and includes spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchip and more. All dogs are negative for heartworms, and cats have been tested for FeLV and FIV. For more information, visit or call 214-671-0249.

—  John Wright

DADT advocate Justin Elzie speaks at RCD

Being all he can be

Justin Elzie may be a happy man right now. As “don’t ask, don’t tell” comes to an end, his work wasn’t in vain. Named Marine of the Year in ‘93, he was discharged for coming out on national TV. He sued, won and has been advocating for LGBT rights in the military. He comes to Dallas to discuss his work in fighting for DADT’s repeal.

DEETS: Resource Center Dallas, 2701 Reagan 2 p.m.

—  Rich Lopez

Spin 4 a Cause at Axiom Sushi tonight benefits Kidd’s Kids

Hey Mr. DJ

Don’t say music can’t bring people together. That’s the weekly goal of Spin 4 a Cause with DJ Jose G. Every Wednesday S4AC is intent on “bringing together community leaders, music and food to raise awareness and funds for local nonprofit chapters and organizations.” This week’s guest DJ is Derrick Brown and the night benefits Kidd’s Kids. So all that and happy hour drink specials? Umm, yes, please.

DEETS: Axiom Sushi Lounge,4123 Cedar Springs Road. 6 p.m. No cover.

—  Rich Lopez

Weekly Best Bets

Friday 04.29

These kings wanna get rocked
The peeps behind this show are pretty brilliant — not to mention a kick-ass flyer. Drag kings and local bands make up Mustaches & Music hosted by Christina Love. After Julian 4Play and the rest of the kings perform, Screaming Red and Electro-Shock Machine bring the rock out to finish the night. Sweet.

DEETS: Sue Ellen’s, 3014 Throckmorton St. 9 p.m.


Saturday 04.30

No, it’s OK to have that buzz
Festivals come left and right this time of year, but we’re prone to those encouraging us to eat and drink. The Dallas Wine and Food Festival has been doing just that for 27 years. We long for Saturday’s wine seminars at Mockingbird Station spots topped off by happy hour at Margarita Ranch.

DEETS: Mockingbird Station, 5321 E. Mockinbird Lane. 11 a.m. Through Sunday. $15–$25.


Sunday 05.01

Spoken word with purpose
Audaciously Speaking presents the 4th Annual Evolution of Spoken Word. Local out poet, Audacious brings together an impressive lineup of local poets and artists, all who are ready to drop some knowledge on you.

DEETS: Chocolate Secrets, 3926 Oak Lawn Ave. 3 p.m. $15. 682-472-9396

—  John Wright

Weekly Best Bets

Saturday 04.16

No, the jacket won’t make you look fat
DIFFA’s back in a big way this weekend. The event promises to be off-the-charts fabulous, but we can’t wait to see the designer jean jackets. Pretty much our eyes are set on this cotton candy fur-sleeved one. Almost makes us want winter to come back quick. Oh, and we feel sorry for the person who bids against us. You’ve been warned.

DEETS: Hilton Anatole, 2201 Stemmons Freeway. 6 p.m. $300.


Sunday 04.17

Dog days are just beginning
You think you know what your dog thinks and says? You will when you head to the 5th Annual Dog Bowl. Sipping pools, dog games and the Cotton Bowl as the largest dog park for them to run around in will make them happy as clams. And give you some good karma in the doggie-verse.

DEETS: Cotton Bowl Stadium at Fair Park. 1 p.m. Free.


Thursday 04.21

Ushering in a new queer agenda
Kenyon Farrow is a man the LGBT community needs to get to know and the Fahari Arts Institute is doing just that with its (Queer)note Lecture Series. Farrow comes to speak to Dallas in the presentation Moving Toward a True Black Queer Liberation

DEETS: South Dallas Cultural Center, 3400 S. Fitzhugh Ave. 7 p.m.

—  John Wright

Civil Unions Bill Makes for Happy Valentine’s Day in Colorado

Today, Sen. Pat Steadman, an openly gay Democrat in Colorado, introduced a Civil Unions bill (SB 172) in the state legislature.  The legislation provides that equal rights and responsibilities of married couples in Colorado be afforded to thousands of non-married couples in the state.

If you live in Colorado, please send your legislators a note asking them to support this important civil rights legislation!

“Today is an exciting day. Civil unions will provide committed same-sex couples in Colorado with the critical legal protections and responsibilities they need to take care of one another. Protections like the ability to visit one another in the hospital, live together in a nursing home, or inherit property. Responsibilities like making medical decisions for your partner or adopting children.” –  Brad Clark, Executive Director

Now is our best chance to make Civil Unions in Colorado a reality. Join our friends at One Colorado and a growing list of supporters at their lobby day to tell your legislators face to face that equality for all communities, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity is important to you.

One Colorado Lobby Day
Monday, February 21 | 8am-3pm
The Center | 1301 E. Colfax | Denver, CO
Register for Lobby Day

One Colorado will make sure that you have all of the tools and information needed to make your visit a success. Tell your legislators that Coloradans value equality. Can’t make it?  The Human Rights Campaign has made it quick and easy to stay involved. Send your legislators an email telling them that you support equality.

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

—  David Taffet

Happy Valentine’s Day from Maggie Gallagher

201102141447To me, it’s amazing, given the array of forces pushing for gay marriage and the weak response of most conservative politicians, that the American people have stubbornly dug in their heels on this question: Are two men in a union a marriage?

The answer is “no,” and people really do know it. Marriage is the union of husband and wife — for a reason. Creating a world where people are treated like haters or bigots for standing for marriage is irrational, and people know that, too. An America in which Genesis is akin to racism is an America that will be unrecognizable. Ideas have consequences, and this idea cuts us off from our roots and makes the future much harder.”

Maggie’s V-Day love letter to loving gay couples everywhere

Writing off my marriage as fake? Reducing the principled stands I take to defend my family down to an unfair name-calling campaign? Suggesting that gay activists want to liken Genesis to racism, when in fact the marriage equality movement actually just wants people’s personal theological views of Genesis to not be used as a basis to deny *CIVIL* marriage licenses?

Gosh, Maggie: Next year those chalky message hearts will do just fine, thank ya very much!


*After our post went up, Maggie also posted the above snip to the NOM Blog, adding to it: “The idea that Genesis represents hatred is not only false, and wrong–it cuts America off from its roots in a new way.” Which, again, is extremely offensive to gays, in that it (a) uses personal faith as basis for rights denial, and (b) ascribes false name-calling to all of equality activism. But beyond that: It’s also downright offensive to LGBT people of faith, whose lives and loves Maggie essentially positions as excluded from God’s natural design.

Good As You

—  David Taffet

Bryan + Jay Leffew: This Is What (Many) Happy Valentine’s Days Looks Like

We've been following the Leffew Family for almost two years now. (See our first post from May 2009.) We didn't ask Jay and Bryan at the time, but we adopted them — with their two adopted kids, Selena and Daniel — as our unofficial Queety family mascots. Which is why it's so lovely to see them add to their previous holiday videos with this Valentine's Day special. Now tune in as you watch a young romance blossom into marriage (yes, a legal pre-Prop 8 one), parenthood, and what so many of us are striving for: unconditional love. Many more Happy Valentine's Days to you all.

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—  David Taffet

Princess Boy: “Dresses Make Me Happy”

PRINCESS BOY X390 (GRAB) | ADVOCATE.COMFive-year-old  Dyson Kilodavis, dubbed “Princess Boy,” says he likes to wear dresses and pretty colors and sparkly
“because it makes me feel happy.” Daily News

—  admin

Happy New Years from Dallas regarding DADT

Last night, my partner and I spent New Years Eve in Dallas, Texas counting down the end of 2010 on the balcony of JR’s Bar and Grill in Dallas, Texas. It is within walking distance of our condo and was a great location to view the fireworks and the people driving and carousing in the streets below. More importantly, I struck up a conversation with a group of Native American kids celebrating. One of them asked if the hat Charlie was wearing was an OU hat because she had graduated from the University of Oklahoma. It wasn’t, but that led to the discussion that followed about Native American politics in Oklahoma, and their gay friend’s graduation from boot camp. I was able to tell him my story and ask him about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

It made for a positive and inspirational New Years Eve to have this young Native American soldier profusely thank me for what I had done to help pave the way for him, and relay to me how much the military has already changed in welcoming the policy. I’ve said before that those who hysterically worked against us were a bunch of overwrought “Chicken Littles” and his story proved it. He told me how the military was already telling the soldiers not to worry about their bunkmate’s sexual orientation before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was passed and that one day a gay or lesbian soldier might just save their lives. For someone who remembered the homophobic statements, “Not in my Navy!” by the older more homophobic supposed leaders in the military regarding service of openly gay and lesbian sailors, it was refreshing to see and hear first hand from a young Native American soldier testifying just how welcoming the military already has become. I’m impressed by the obvious foresight, military bearing and leadership and hope that same tone will be set in the other branches, especially considering the ridiculous assertions by General Amos during the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal fight. I still think Amos should be asked to resign for his outrageous insubordination.

The new young gay soldier was also excited to hear I would be writing about our conversation on AMERICAblog Gay, but didn’t want his name used because he wanted to continue to blend in as “just another soldier who just happened to be possibly gay.” He said some of his friends knew he was gay, and would kid him by asking, “Are you gay?” and then follow it up with teasing laughter then shaking a finger while giggling, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell!” Like those before him, he expressed how relieved he is to know if he does choose to come out then he will get to keep his career and benefits.

We must keep fighting, but we are winning this war for inclusion of LGBT Americans in all the promises laid out in our U.S. Constitution, and that chat with that one Native American soldier was most definitely the highlight of the evening besides the long kiss I shared with my man on the balcony of JR’s.


—  admin