Best Bets • 10.07.11

Saturday 10.08

Pretty in pink
Edna Jean Robinson steps out of the box and into the pink. She hosts Pinktober 2011 for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Between fundraising and premiering two new songs, Edna Jean should make the event a fabulous one.

DEETS: Hard Rock Cafe, 2211 N. Houston St. 8 p.m. $10.


Saturday 10.08

Keep it hush-hush
Uptown Players regional premiere of The Temperamentals closes out the season on a high note. If you were “temperamental” in the ’50s, that was code for gay. Jon Marans play touches on the alternatve vocabulary used by gay men to communicate in a more conservative time.

DEETS: Kalita Humphreys Theater
3636 Turtle Creek Blvd. 8 p.m. Through Oct. 23. $25–$35.


Sunday 10.09

Dog day late afternoon
Support Animal Angels this weekend as the sanctuary for homeless animals celebrates 20 years. The event includes drinks, appetizers and prizes. This sweet dog will thank you.

DEETS:  Sambuca 360, 7200 Bishop Road, Plano. 6 p.m. $25.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition October 7, 2011.

—  Kevin Thomas

Hard Rock Cafe goes back to 1971 prices

HRBurgerOK, lots of companies do “rollback” pricing on anniversaries. But you can’t beat the value you can enjoy, for just one day, at the Hard Rock Cafe this Monday, June 14.

Hard Rock opened in London in 1971, founded by two American ex-pats looking to find a decent burger in Britain. The first menu was spartan — hamburgers, a chicken club, a rack of baby backs, salad, chocolate cake.  And the most expensive item on the menu? The ribs, at $1.10 U.S. (original prices were in pound sterling, of course).

Well, that’s what you’ll pay for a choking slab of ribs on Monday.

The “founders day” rollback, as the Hard Rock enters its 40th anniversary year, lasts only from 11 a.m. to midnight and is only available for dine-in, not take-out (though if you wanna get a doggie bag, they won’t mind).

Hard Rock has changed its look over the years. Its signature rocker memorabilia isn’t even original — it didn’t come about until a few years in, when Eric Clapton gave the London shop a free guitar in exchange for having “his seat” reserved whenever he came in — and the new design, as demonstrated by the Victory Park cafe that’s been open less than a year, goes for a softer, more mature look with creamy mocha browns and sleek, contemporary surface.

The burgers ain’t bad, either, especially the “local legend” sammich, chock full of tangy sauce and two kinds of cheese (it will cost you, by the way, about 75 cents). Me, I’ll probably stick with the ribs.vkhackготовый сайт визитка

—  Arnold Wayne Jones