Halcyon live at Sue Ellen’s tonight

For the girls

Deb Hunseder and Steph Callahan are kind of a big deal. As acoustic rockers Halcyon, they’ve opened for big time names such as Joan Osborne, John Mayer and Wynonna Judd. But they headline this weekend. The Florida-based band comes to Dallas with their harmonies intact and a taste of their queer indie rock.

DEETS: With Bad Habits. Sue Ellen’s, 3014 Throckmorton St. 9 p.m. SueEllensDallas.com.

—  Rich Lopez

Troy Sands Remembrance Party at Dallas Eagle with Tony Moran

And the beat goes on

Earlier this year, DJ Troy Sands passed away due to cancer. Through the years, he made both an impact and an impression with his music and DJ skills at The Brick in its former location on Maple. He grew his name by being one of the first DJs to headline parties and events outside of Dallas. DJs such as Blaine Soileau and Chris Cox have seen him as their inspiration for their musical perspectives. Before passing on, Sands deejay-ed at the Dallas Eagle. In honor of his life and his musical gifts to the club scene, the Eagle  hosts the DJ Troy Sands Remembrance Party which also benefits some of his favorite organizations. DJ Tony Moran steps in to headline the night, but this is truly Sands’ night.

DEETS: Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave. 10 p.m. $10. DallasEagle.com.

—  Rich Lopez

Pride Weddings & Celebrations 2011


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Rethinking tradition

Gilding the rainbow

Seasons of LOVE

Letting it REGISTER

Where to wed

—  Michael Stephens

Useless headline of the day: Do teachers sometimes help target gay students?

Like there is a “no” option for this question?! (Montgomery Advertiser):

The 13-year-old Montgomery stu?dent expected to be bullied for being gay, but didn’t expect his teacher to encourage it.

He said that when a teacher ridi?culed him in class, telling him to “quit acting like a girl and start act?ing like a boy,” he was too stunned to react. When the local junior high school student talked to his mother about it, she hired an attorney who wrote a letter of complaint to the Montgomery school district.

The district’s staff attorney re?sponded in a letter that the teacher’s comment had been misrepresented and taking out of context and was not meant to be offensive.

“We wanted a written apology to my son and myself and we never got it,” said La’Daytra Walker, mother of the boy. “We received the state?ment from the staff attorney at the school, but they didn’t apologize.

And this is why headlines like the above are ridiculous. There are studies bearing out the fact that those in the best position to help bullied teens in many cases only jump in on the bullying.

After the publicity that fol?lowed several well-publi?cized cases of gays who com?mitted suicide after being bullied, research has been re?leased showing that authori?ty figures often either take part in the bullying or allow it:

* A Yale University study published this week found that gay teens are more like?ly than their straight peers to be punished for the same bad behavior. The study reports that gay and lesbian teens suffer at the hands of teach?ers, police and the courts.

* In Minnesota, an Anoka-Hennepin School District teacher who was accused of harassing a student he thought was gay is suing the state because the Depart?ment of Human Rights dis?closed his name in a report about the investigation. Walter Filson filed suit against the state of Minneso?ta in late December. Filson was one of two teachers ac?cused of harassing Alex Mer?ritt, who is not gay. Merritt got a ,000 settlement from the school district in 2009.

* A teenage activist noti?fied officials at every school in Arizona that they need to put a stop to the bullying of gay and lesbian students or face a lawsuit, according to the Arizona Republic. Caleb Laieski, 15, e-mailed the let?ter to more than 5,000 school administrators, city-council members and state lawmak?ers demanding improved measures to fight discrimi?nation.

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Wow, FoTF: How’s your headline gonna read when equality actually/inevitably *does* win?

Yesterday’s Prop 8 development was basically procedural. Largely unemotional for both sides. A setback in terms of time, but not a victory or a loss for either side in terms of the law (and in fact, groups like NOM actually seem to like the decisions).

Oh, but leave it to Focus on the Family, ever on a quest to make the 9th Circuit seem radical and out of touch with America, to turn the court’s processes into further slaps in their faces. This is seriously the headline the group’s using for its coverage of yesterday’s developments:

Screen Shot 2011-01-05 At 8.57.07 Am


*Note: The religious freedom part refers to a separate case revolving around the Mt Soledad cross.

So only the “undermines marriage” part affects us.

Wow — we know they’re all kinds of caught up in the unflattering 9th Circuit portrait-painting that they’ve taken on as a past time in recent months. But to say yesterday’s decision “undermines marriage”? Why that’s kind of like saying Bob and Joe’s benign happiness under the civil government to which they contribute taxes somehow destroys heterosexuals’ marriages.

Oh wait a minute…

Good As You

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N.Y. Post Continues Tradition of Homophobia With ‘Elton and Wife’ Headline

The New York Post calls David Furnish the “wife” of Elton John, prompting critiques from watchdog groups.
Advocate.com: Daily News

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Understated headline of the day: McCain Exudes Grumpiness At DADT Hearing

That was how The Wonk Room labeled the bombastic whining of Senator John McCain.

From the very first DADT hearing in February 2010 to today’s session, the Senator refused to consider the views of the witnesses before him. This morning – after reviewing the overwhelming positive DADT report and listening to the pleas of the leaders to end the policy in the lame duck session – McCain went further, openly implying that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen was not living up to the expectations of leadership because he did not ask the troops if they favored repealing the policy

MCCAIN: Then why wouldn’t we just ask the question?

MULLEN: Because, I fundamentally sir, think it’s an incredibly bad precedent to ask them about, to essentially vote on a policy.

MCCAIN: It’s not voting sir, it’s asking their views….Now I understand what your answer is. We would not ask their views on whether this policy should be changed or not, as the first question.

MULLEN: We’ve gotten in great part their views as a result of this survey.

MCCAIN: Well obviously, we’ll go around and around, but why we didn’t just simply ask them how they felt about it….Again, every great leader I’ve known has said, what are your views on this issue?

On my Facebook page, some reactions to this video…

George ONeill What a nasty, old prick!

George ONeill …someone call the Soylent Green truck, STAT!

Ajagbe Adewole-Ogunade constipated someone get him some prune juice

Rob Pilaud Gawd I am tired of him.

Pam Spaulding @George – I think Edward G. Robinson would push him into the dump truck without a nice send off with classical music and flora and fauna video. 🙂

George ONeill True, Pam…and those would sure be some dry, bitter crackers!

Tim Webster i dont understand his definition of leadership.. it’s NOT just listening to the majority (even though the majority in this case agrees with a repeal of DADT)

Michael Bussee Thanks for the great coverage and live blog commentary today!

Lizzie Darling this old fart needs mental help. Poor Cindy and Meghan.

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