NY Daily News reports two teachers messing around but Heartless Doll not having it

The last time I mentioned former Dallas writer Andrea Grimes, she was taking on “fag haggery” in her Heartless Doll column. Today, she goes gay again and blasts NY Daily News’ coverage of two female school teachers, Alini Brito, Cindy Mauro, caught making out in an empty classroom. If the link doesn’t work, just copy this questionable URL in:

In her trademark snarky fashion, Grimes offers some thought-provoking points in her commentary. Although, to be fair, I suggest you read NYDN first and then her piece today in Heartless Doll.svenhost.netуслуги по оптимизации сайтов

—  Rich Lopez

Former Dallas writer Andrea Grimes ponders her lack of (or so she thought) 'fag-haggery'

Andrea Grimes, a former colleague of mine, wrote today on Heartless Doll what it feels like for a girl to be tapped by the label “fag hag.” Her post is more a response to Thomas Rogers over at Salon who admits, “Ladies: I’m not your gay boyfriend.” Both fun and good reads but Rogers takes on the topic like a college dissertation.

It sounds like Grimes never got to fully appreciate the girl + gay = BFF social study in her college days despite going to NYU where the odds were apparently with her. Instead she stood as an observer of other women and their pseudo-boyfriends. Grimes had her own motives.

I’m not sure why I never became one of them, apart from the fact that it’s hard for a serial monogamist to, again, have much time for someone she’s not screwing.

Hopefully Grimes didn’t forget all our special times together. Discussing Sex and the City at length, comparing man/boy crushes, enjoying haunted hay rides and lots of drinking. With all that effort, I figured I filled the void of Will to her Grace. Or was it really, vice versa?

But like she and Rogers figure at the end – ultimately, let’s just be friends. And for once, that’s meant in a good way.реклама группы вкпозиция сайта в яндексе

—  Rich Lopez