Hill County sheriff speaks out against anti-gay ads by businessman who ‘spreads hate and contempt’

The above ad, paid for by Alvin Kaddatz's company, appeared in the Hillsboro Reporter in March, according to Hill County Sheriff Jeff Lyon, who is speaking out against the anti-gay ads.

Alvin Kaddatz

Last August we got wind of anti-gay ads appearing in the Hillsboro Reporter and the Lakelander in Whitney, Texas. The ads apparently are ongoing and have been for quite some time.

Hill County Sheriff Jeff Lyon told Instant Tea on Thursday that Alvin Kaddatz, who owns Kaddatz Auctioneering & Farm Equipment Sales, has been running the anti-gay ads for years. He even shows up every second and fourth Tuesday at Commissioners Court to voice his concerns for gays’ immorality at the open forum, “where he spreads hit hate and his dissent,” Lyon said.

“I don’t like anyone who spreads hate and contempt,” the sheriff said.

Lyon said he has four openly gay employees and other county offices also have gay workers. His issue with the ads is the hate they foster in the community and the thread of Christianity that contorts God’s message.

“If you love someone, you love someone,” Sheriff Lyon said. “God teaches us to love everyone.”

While Lyon said the attitude among the community and Hill County is “tolerant” of the LGBT community, he said there is an “active gay and lesbian community on the lake and in the whole county.”

As sheriff, he said he has not had any hate crimes reported, but he’s always encouraging a mindset that accepts to prevent violence.

“I don’t believe it’s my job to judge someone on their orientation,” he said. “My responsibility as sheriff in this county is to protect everyone.”

Kaddatz’s latest ads are on the Reporter’s trading post ad webpage and demand a boycott of companies that support the “homosexual agenda.” Two other ads protest sodomy and the conflict of being pro-choice and a Christian. Read the text of the ads below:

—  Dallasvoice