Just to reiterate Today’s Best Bet — you should really stop by Lakewood Bar & Grill tonight

Twist Dallas is offering a different kind of night out. Stepping away from the gayborhood, Twist hosts a lineup of (mostly) local LGBT musicians playing a mini-fest at the Lakewood Bar & Grill tonight — and it’s ambitious. Things start rolling at 7 p.m. (early!) with a lineup of seven acts lasting till past midnight. We’ve featured a couple here in the pages of the Voice such as Immigrant Punk and Infidelix who both hail from Denton. They join SuZanne Kimbrell, a regular at Jack’s Backyard, Da’rell Cloudy from Longview and Gringo Soul from Chicago on the stage tonight for this month’s Twist session. Chasing the Muse, Jay Bean and artist Erica Felicella round out the roster.

Twist Dallas has the intention of doing something like this every month. The site states “Each month we will bring you something new from the GLBT community, whether it be music, art, comedy, theater or fire breathers.” Live music in the community is making some strides with Woody’s back patio series and TMC’s Patio space, but I appreciate Twist’s attention given to these musicians with original work. Twist Dallas has picked a fine selection that ranges from folk to rock to hip-hop. And kudos to LBG for opening its doors to the community.

I’m looking forward to more from these guys. And honestly, I would dare to say I’m begging you to go to this. It’s the perfect opp to support LGBT-created music that’s not getting enough notice. Seven bucks to get in and a free drink? Totally worthwhile. Plus, it’s gonna be a long night, so come up and say hi.

—  Rich Lopez

Dallas hip-hop musician T-Cuz responds to gay porn allegations, says images were ‘digitalized’

T-Cuz, left. Real or ‘digitalized’?

On Tuesday, JamWillis of Blog on Blast posted this item about Dallas rapper T-Cuz allegedly doing gay porn. Immediately, I went over to TCuz’s Twitter feed to see what the buzz was. Some people defended him, others told him to own up, and he responded that he likes [women] too much to be gay, cluttering the feed quickly. It became such an issue, that the unsigned rapper started to trend in the DFW Twitter community. That’s major.

In the post, JamWillis said photos had surfaced from the porn of T-Cuz and a dude. T-Cuz claimed the photos had been “digitalized.” But by the looks of the photos at this link, I don’t see how that’s possible. Just sayin’.

JamWillis and cohort Zeralyn caught up with T-Cuz and confronted him about the video in an interview. They posted it online Wednesday and the interview is gold. T-Cuz gives explanations about the magic of filmwork and editing and ponders the idea of Zeralyn’s hypothetical offer of $10,000 for doing gay porn. Part one is below.

It’s all quite the drama. I’ve attempted to contact T-Cuz but have had no response. I can say one thing — on his Twitter feed, I never saw a tweet from him bashing gays or pulling a 50 Cent. Gay or not, I kinda give him props for that. Unless I just missed it, in which case I take it back.

BTW, consider the above NSFW. Especially, the link to the pics.

—  Rich Lopez

Concert notice: Hip-Hop for HIV is this Sunday

Hottie Omarion hip-hops for HIV awareness this Sunday.
Hottie Omarion hip-hops for HIV awareness this Sunday.

Returning for a third year, the City of Dallas, Dallas Community Colleges and Metro PCS (among others) host the Hip-Hop for HIV concert on Sunday. Omarion, Marques Houston, Roscoe Dash and more are on the bill for this afternoon-to-evening concert. The best part, it’s free — with a twist.

Knowing your status and “Testing for Tickets” is the core initiative of this annual event specifically for the age group between 15 to 30 years of age. “Testing for Tickets” allows those tested to know their status, be further educated on the disease and more importantly better informed on the social and medical services available to treat those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS locally, regionally and nationally.

Testing sites will be designated throughout the DFW Metroplex as Rickey Smiley, Mayor Pro- Tem Dwaine Caraway, KBFB 97.9 The Beat, The City of Dallas, and the MLK, Jr. Family Clinic collaborate with several community based organizations to begin confidential testing from May 26, 2010 to June 19, 2010.

Anyone tested will receive on site medical counseling but most importantly One FREE Ticket to gain entry into the concert June 20, 2010, beginning at 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM at The Palladium Ballroom located at 1135 South Lamar in Dallas, Texas which will feature national, regional & local Hip Hop artists.

For more information, click here.

—  Rich Lopez

Lord, protect us from our allies

A few months ago, I blogged about what a hypocrite and bigot Gene Simmons of KISS was by saying Adam Lambert — while admittedly the “most talented” singer ever on American Idol — had ruined his career by coming out because middle America wouldn’t embrace someone so outside the mainstream as a — gasp! — gay artist. (That poor struggling singer Elton John… he’ll make it one day!) This all coming from a man known for his outrageous makeup, spitting blood and living out of wedlock with a woman best known for getting naked.

Now comes this loving tribute from hip-hop producer Warren G in an interview with Vanity Fair. He must say he loves gay people a dozen times… he just wants us herded into concentration camps (well, concentation closets) and kept invisible, lest gay children see real role models, or straight children be exposed to something other than heterosex. You can read the rant here, past the photo by a few questions.как разместить рекламучто влияет на сео

—  Arnold Wayne Jones