Cedar Springs hit-and-run driver found

Hit-and-run-vehicle-1024x457The driver who hit a pedestrian and killed her dog on the corner of Cedar Springs and Throckmorton in January has been found.

On Jan. 30, a car turned from Cedar Springs Road onto Throckmorton Street and hit Holly Mosley and killed her dog. Mosley had the walk signal as she was crossing Cedar Springs Road in front of the restaurant Zephyr.

After hitting Mosley and killing the dog, witnesses described the driver as gunning his engine and running several stop signs as one witness followed him, trying to get the license plate number.

Zephyr, which hadn’t opened yet at the time, had just installed its surveillance cameras. From that, Zephyr owner Danny Sikora said, they knew the car was a grey Mitsubishi Endeavor.” The angle of the camera wasn’t right to clearly read the license plate from the video.

“Since then, it’s bothered me,” Sikora said.

Every time he saw a car that fit the description in Oak Lawn, he’d take down a license plate or try to identify the driver, whom he remembered as a “bearish white guy.”

Driver and description didn’t fit until this weekend.

Sikora said he was at Walgreens on Cedar Springs and parked next to a grey Mitsubishi Endeavor. He wrote down the license plate number and waited for the driver to come out of the store. The description matched. He sent the plate number to the detective.

Sikora said the detective called Mosley and asked if she wanted to file charges. When police talked to the driver, he said he drives through that intersection often and didn’t know anything happened.

Mosley said she would file charges. Police didn’t confirm what charges would be filed, but for hit-and-run offenses a driver is usually charged with failure to stop and render aid.

—  David Taffet

Police respond to response time in hit-and-run


Holly Mosley on Throckmorton Street after being hit by hit-and-run driver

The question of police response time recently came into question after a driver hit a woman and her dog in the crosswalk at the intersection of Cedar Springs and Throckmorton, paused and then gunned his engine to escape rather than stop and render aid.

Det. Laura Martin said police respond to 911 calls in order of priority. The first priority, she said, are violent crimes in progress. Next are crimes in progress when no violence is involved, usually property crimes.

Police only initiate reports from a “complainant.” That person is the victim of a crime, unless that person is unable to make a police report. Somebody hospitalized and unconscious would be an example of a complainant unable to make a police report. In that case, police will interview witnesses to write a report or report from any available evidence.

The delay in police responding to the hit-and-run was communication, Martin said. While witness Josh Friedman was at Zephyr and would have been able to report the incident, police could only take a report from accident victim Holly Mosley. Friedman, who made the initial 911 call, told the 911 operator Mosley was at the vet with her dog and then needed medical attention herself.

Mosley made a 911 call from the vet, but police, working off the original call, were unsure if she’d still be there or, if she was done there, where she’d be seeking medical attention, so no officer was sent at that time. Martin called that a communication problem without blaming either side.

Martin said if someone wants to report a crime that is not in progress, the complainant should tell the 911 operator their exact location. She advised anyone who needs medical attention, to get that medical treatment first. A police report can be filed later.

Martin made it clear that she was not criticizing Mosley or Friedman. Martin said the calls have been reviewed already to make sure the best service can be provided by 911 operators. Martin thanked Friedman for his concern about getting video of the incident to the police and said that was exactly the partnership  between business and the police that will make Oak Lawn safer. In addition to Friedman’s video, police are reviewing video from the newly installed police camera on Throckmorton at Cedar Springs that should have caught a direct shot of the car.

—  David Taffet

Hit-and-run driver gunned it

Hit and run

Car involved in hit-and-run

After hitting a pedestrian and her dog on Cedar Springs Road, a hit-and-run driver paused and then gunned his engine to avoid responsibility.

On Saturday, Jan. 30, a car turned from Cedar Springs Road onto Throckmorton Street and hit Holly Mosley and killed her dog. The accident happened about noon.

Mosley was crossing Cedar Springs Road in front of the new restaurant Zephyr. She had the walk signal and was in the crosswalk, so she had the right of way.

Mosley rushed her dog to CityVet on Oak Lawn Avenue where he died.

By the way, Dr. Ana Gessel at CityVet is a hero of this story. After trying to save the dog’s life, she didn’t charge Mosley for her services.

Before seeking treatment Mosley returned to Zephyr to wait for police. According to Heather Huynh, who was walking her dog with Mosley, Mosley has contusions on her foot and has shoulder pain. She’s getting medical care, but returned to work today.

Huynh described the accident.

“The car came barreling through,” Huynh said. “He didn’t slow down to make the turn. It looked like he was trying to beat us [through the intersection].”

She said after he hit Mosley and her dog, he paused before taking off.

“He gunned it,” she said.

Another car tried to chase him to get the license plate number, but the hit-and-run driver ran the stop sign two blocks down Throckmorton and disappeared in traffic on Maple Avenue.


—  David Taffet

For the 4th time in 2 months, a pedestrian was struck last week on the Cedar Springs strip

A 72-year-old pedestrian was struck in the crosswalk on Cedar Springs Road at Knight Street at about 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 22. He was taken to Parkland Hospital and released on Christmas Day.

Lyle Bainbridge said he was crossing the street in the crosswalk and vehicles had stopped in both directions, when a motorist sped around the stopped vehicles and hit him.

He said he was thrown and his head landed in the gutter just inches from the car that hit him.

The driver of that vehicle stopped and told Bainbridge that he was delivering pizzas and was on his cell phone talking to the owner of his store. Bainbridge said the man was apologetic and in tears when he got out of his car.

Bainbridge has a broken collar bone. Doctors detected heart defibrillation problems that may have been a result of the accident. He said he had not been diagnosed previously with heart problems.

Bainbridge, who is from California, is in Dallas for the holidays house-sitting for a friend.

This is the fourth time a pedestrian has been hit on Cedar Springs Road in two months and the third time near this same location.

On Nov. 25, Edward Lee King, 61, was struck by a driver and killed crossing Cedar Springs Knight Street. Wayne Priest, 55, was killed by a hit-and-run driver near Cedar Springs and Reagan Street on Nov. 3.

A 10-year-old girl was hit on Dec. 10 near Knight Street. Her injuries were not life-threatening.

After the earlier accidents, Councilwoman Angela Hunt asked city staff to looks at ways to make the area safer for pedestrians.

Bainbridge said he wanted to call awareness to his accident to push the city to take action. He said that there should be stop signs at the intersection if not traffic lights.

“It takes something drastic happening before they’ll do something,” he said.

When he learned about the previous accidents at the intersection, he said he wondered how many more people will be hit before the city makes safety in this area a priority.

It was unclear whether the driver who hit Bainbridge received a citation. Sr. Cpl. Melinda Gutierrez, a spokeswoman for the Dallas Police Department, said an accident report was not yet available.

—  David Taffet

UPDATE: Pedestrian killed in hit-and-run identified

Edward "Joe" King

The man killed in a hit-and-run on Cedar Springs on Friday night, Nov. 25, has been identified as 61-year-old Edward Lee King. Initial reports listed his name as “N. Epsilon,” which is apparently a placeholder name Dallas Police sometimes use when relatives of a victim have not yet been notified of a victim’s death.

Police have still not officially identified the victim, and reports available to the public still use the name “N. Epsilon.” But CBSDFW.com published a report late Monday night, Nov. 28, saying that friends and relatives have said the man killed Friday night was Edward King, known to family and friends as “Joe.” The report also indicated that King worked parttime at Amico’s Pizza, located on Cedar Springs near the site of the accident.

The CBS report also includes video footage of King, footage from which the still shot at left was taken.

Police have video taken from cameras at a nearby business, but the footage is dark and grainy, almost to the point of being indistinguishable. However, LGBT Liaison Officer Laura Martin said investigators do have “good information” from witnesses that should help in identifying the driver who struck King.

Anyone who has information about this incident — or about a separate hit-and-run that happened three weeks before just blocks away at Cedar Springs and Reagan in which 55-year-old Wayne Priest was killed — is asked to contact detectives at 214-670-5817.

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UPDATE: DPD releases photos of suspect vehicle in latest hit-and-run fatality

Dallas Police this afternoon released photos, above, of the vehicle involved in a fatal hit-and-run at about 10:30 p.m. Friday night, Nov. 25, on Cedar Springs.

The statement released this afternoon said that the victim was in the crosswalk in the intersection of Cedar Springs Avenue and Knight Street when the accident occurred. The man was taken by ambulance to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 10:53 p.m. LGBT Liaison Officer Laura Martin said there are two crosswalks at the Knight/Cedar Springs, one is marked and one is not. She said the victim was in the unmarked crosswalk.

Photos of the suspect vehicle, taken from a camera at a nearby business, are dark, low-resolution, grainy images. But police said witnesses described the vehicle as dark colored, possibly a Land Rover or Range Rover SUV, with wraparound tail lights. After striking the victim, the car, which was in the southbound lane, sped away and turned left, or east, on Throckmorton Street.

Although the victim’s last name was included in police reports available to the public, in the statement released this afternoon officials said the man is not being identified because relatives have not yet been notified of his death.

Police ask that anyone with any information about the incident or the whereabouts of the vehicle in the photos contact detectives in the vehicles crimes department at 214-670-5817.

This was the 78th traffic fatality investigated by the Dallas Police Department this year, according to the statement. It is the second hit-and-run fatality on Cedar Springs this month. In the first, Wayne Priest, 55, was crossing Cedar Springs at Reagan on Nov. 3, when he was hit by a driver who then drove away. Priest was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital where he died later that same night.

The suspect vehicle in that incident was a maroon, four-door vehicle. Police have no suspects in that incident.

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Another pedestrian killed on Cedar Springs

A 50-year-old man identified in police reports as “N. Epsilon” was killed in a hit-and-run accident on Cedar Springs around 10:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 25. He is the second pedestrian to be killed in a hit-and-run accident on Cedar Springs this month.

Officer Laura Martin, LGBT liaison for the Dallas Police Department, said Epsilon was crossing Cedar Springs at the Knight Street intersection. She noted that the Knight Street intersection is offset, and that there is a marked crosswalk where Knight meets the southbound lane of Cedar Springs, but not one where Knight meets the northbound lane of Cedar Springs. Epsilon, Martin said, was crossing in the area where there is no marked crosswalk. (Martin said that original police reports that said Epsilon was crossing at the marked crosswalk were wrong and are being corrected.”

Epsilon was crossing from the west side of Cedar Springs to the east side when he was hit. He was taken by ambulance to Parkland Memorial Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead at 10:53 p.m.

Martin said Monday morning, Nov. 27, that police have gotten statements from witnesses who saw the accident, and that they have video of the accident obtained from a nearby business. She said police will be releasing that video to the press later today to ask for the public’s help in identifying the driver who struck and killed Epsilon.

Watch for updates and video when police release that information.

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