Holiday greeting card activism

If you’re like me and you still haven’t yet sent out those holiday greeting cards — or if you just have a few left over — consider this idea from Equality Texas:

Holiday cards are inherently personal — they are a meaningful way to share a part of your life with other people. When you are thinking about who you want to send cards to this year, consider adding your State Senator and State Representative to your list. For those who do not have lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender people in their lives, it can be easy to label us as an “other.” As long as LGBT people remain only an idea to our representatives, they are unlikely to fight for us. When they receive your card, your family will become real and personal to them. When they consider legislation affecting LGBT people, they will no longer see something intangible and distant — they will see you and your family. This simple action can be extremely powerful. If we show more people what we are really like, we stand to gain many more allies. Use your holiday card to put a face to LGBT equality.

To find your representative and their contact information, go here.

—  John Wright

TAFB offers Holiday Card Service

Tarrant Area Food Bank is once again offering its Holiday Card Service, offering donors a chance to help out the food bank financially and at the same time get all their holiday cards mailed hassle-free.

Each person that donates to the food bank before Dec. 11 can order holiday cards that will be signed, addressed and mailed by hand by food bank volunteers to the donor’s submitted list of recipients. The cards will also include a special holiday recipe for Peppermint Chipotle Brownies by The Reata Restaurant’s executive chef, Juan Rodriguez.

Each card also notes that a donation has been given to the food bank in the recipient’s honor.

Mailing lists will be kept confidential and are not used for any other food bank mailings nor are they shared with any other organization.
To see the 2011 holiday cards and to order the card service, go online to, or call TAFB Volunteer Coordinator JoAnn Biggers at 817-332-9177, ext. 109.

For cards to reach recipients during the holidays, the deadline to order the Holiday Card Service by phone is 3 p.m. Friday, Dec. 9. The deadline to order online is midnight Sunday, Dec. 11. Orders placed after those dates will be filled as soon as possible, but are not guaranteed to reach recipients during the holidays.

—  David Taffet