‘All My Children,’ ‘OLTL’ are back … without Lucci, but with Slezak

Erika Slezak (seated center) returns to the show in the role she created during 'One Life to Live's' first season in 1968.Ever since ABC shit-canned the daytime soaps All My Children in 2011 and One Life to Live in 2012, there have been rumors the long-running, popular series would be back in some form or fashion. Well, that has finally come to pass. New 30-minutes episodes of both soaps will begin streaming daily later this month via Hulu.

Of course, the big question was always, “Will Erica Kane be back?” The answer to that appears to be “No.” Susan Lucci is not among the returning castmembers, although there are some holdovers, most notably another Erika — six-time Emmy Award winner Erika Slezak returns as Victoria Buchanan.

Producers promise “first-run, broadcast quality” episodes of each, starting at 10:30 a.m. each weekday from April 29 on Hulu and Hulu Plus.

All My Children was the first soap to perform a lesbian wedding, has had trans characters and was the first daytime serial to have a recurring gay storyline … way back in 1982. One Life to Live featured a “groundbreaking” gay love triangle while still on ABC, as well as airing the first-ever gay sex scene to be broadcast on daytime.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

What’s Brewing: GLAAD slams SNL commercial; UT study on gay cheating; civil unions in Illinois

Your weekday morning blend from Instant Tea:

1. GLAAD is outraged over a Saturday Night Live spoof commercial for “Estro-Maxxx,” which the organization says mocked the lives of transgender people. If the commercial were the least bit funny, we’d accuse GLAAD of not having a sense of humor. GLAAD is demanding that the commercial be pulled from Hulu and all future airings of the show. At the same time, the controversy ensures that thousands of smart people who don’t watch SNL because it’s not funny will see the commercial, which is above.

2. Half of men would forgive their female partner for cheating with another woman, while only 21 percent of women would forgive their male partner for cheating with another man, according to a study by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin. This could mean  straight guys are more forgiving and tolerant of homosexuality than straight women, or it could mean they’re just pigs who see a lesbian affair as an opportunity for a three-way.

3. Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn will sign a civil unions bill today, in a ceremony that’s expected to draw a capacity crowd of about 900 gays. Meanwhile, a Wyoming House committee voted down a civil unions bill on Friday.

—  John Wright

NBC’s Texas-filmed ‘Chase’ premieres

The new Jerry Bruckheimer show “Chase” premiered on Monday and it’s not just “CSI Dallas.” Unlike other procedurals, this one lets you know right away who did it and the story’s about the chase (around Dallas and across Texas) to catch the perp.

The preview above includes a helicopter chase filmed earlier this summer that followed a route down McKinney Avenue and right over the Instant Tea Brewery.

The show is filmed primarily in Dallas, but the pilot that aired Monday was filmed around the state. The show opened in the Stockyards in Fort Worth. They checked out some witnesses in Houston and the final scene was filmed on a bridge over the Rio Grande (at least I think it was — anyone know?)

The networks have had lots of luck with Dallas-based shows. “Dallas” and “Walker, Texas Ranger” each lasted more than a decade. And Bruckheimer currently has five hits on CBS — three “CSIs,” “Cold Case” and “Amazing Race.”

This one looks like a hit for NBC (Mondays at 9, or available on Hulu).

And a successful show filmed in Dallas means lots of jobs and lots of publicity for the city. And acting jobs means lots of work for the city’s many gay actors. Any of our readers work this show yet? Let us know.

—  David Taffet

Chelsea Handler gives funny props to Dallas lesbians on Jay Leno this week

Handler in an earlier appearance on the Jay Leno Show
Handler in an earlier appearance on the ‘Jay Leno Show’

Uncle Barky posted Wednesday about Chelsea Handler’s appearance this week on the Jay Leno Show. However, clips online don’t seem to make it to the part where she talks about Dallas, lesbians and Republicans. Thankfully, Bark made a note of it .

Or you could just catch the whole episode on Hulu here and fast forward to the 27:00 minute mark. Better yet, watch her whole bit. She’s hilarious and even a bit too edgy for ole Jay. He can’t quite keep up with her and so I’m putting my vote in now for her to take over The Tonight Show.seo что это такое

—  Rich Lopez