Obama has no plan to deal with hummus

While Republican frontrunner Donald Trump was praised for having the guts to make an anti-Semitic speech in front of the Jewish Republican Coalition, presidential candidate Ben Carson told the group about the danger of the terrorist organization Hummus that rules in the Gaza Strip.

Screen shot 2015-12-04 at 10.24.35 AMBut is hummus the real enemy? What about falafel?!

No, falafel’s not the problem either, even though it’s fried and doesn’t have the same nutritional value as hummus. The real enemy may be pita bread.

No one eats hummus directly from the container. We spread it on pita. Same thing with falafel. We put falafel into the pita pocket before eating.

So if it weren’t for pita, we wouldn’t have this terrible problem with hummus. Or falafel.

But what about babaganoush?

True story: About 20 years ago, I was in a restaurant in Jerusalem called Dallas — how could I not try a restaurant anywhere named Dallas? — and got food poisoning from the babaganoush. Instead of letting it ruin my trip, however, I quickly learned where every public bathroom in Jerusalem is.

And that might be our true enemy.

Babaganoush. From Dallas. The restaurant, not the city. Hopefully Ben Carson won’t get them confused.

—  David Taffet

Hummus Queens

Very cool article about a gay Arab rave that goes on in NYC every month (except Ramadan).

The dancers included plenty of non-Arab men, many of whom Abraham said were regulars.
“Hummus queens,” a 24-year-old grocery clerk from Queens named Hilal joked at one of the parties. “That’s what you call white guys who go for Arabs.”

Some of the guests yearned for something more than just a good time. “There’s a lot of post-9/11 baggage that people want to deal with,” Hilal said during another party. “But the only option they have is to go out to a club and dance?”

Still, Hilal, wearing a “Hummus Is Yummus” T-shirt and a Mohawk haircut, took his place on the dance floor, too.

The next Habibi is this Sunday, Jan. 16 at La Pomme, 37 West 26th Street in Chelsea. More information is available from habibi@habibinyc.com Habibi e-mail address or the party’s Web site; its Myspace page or its Facebook page. There is a admission charge.

The article reminds me of a gay Spanish dance club I went to in Barcelona, now a good ten years ago. I think it was BCN, but am not sure if it was a different club. I was dancing with some Spanish guy who asked me if I wanted to go to the “back room.” In American parlance, a back room is a dark corner where you go to have sex. I said no thanks. He said, no, come on, we can watch people dance. Curious, I went. It was amazing. About a dozen Spanish couples (all male) dancing the Flamenco in this small, smoke-filled room. It was simply wonderful. And sad. My host informed that most of these guys were not out one bit during the day. That was ten years ago, perhaps it’s changed. But it was thrilling to watch everyone come out, with flaming Flamenco, if only for a few hours every Saturday night.


—  admin