WATCH: Cazwell’s ‘Ice Cream Truck’

Our cover story this week is about gay rapper Cazwell, who will be performing in Dallas on Valentine’s Day. In the story, we talk at length about his breakout hit, the video to his single “Ice Cream Truck.” If you haven’t seen the infectious vid, we graciously offer the link up right here. Enjoy!

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

WATCH: Cazwell’s “Rice and Beans”

Homo-hopper Cazwell debuted his newest video “Rice and Beans” today. In his ode to Latino boys, Cazwell once again brings out his tight-bodied dancers to ensure a big hit at the gay clubs, much like “Ice Cream Truck.” It worked last time and so it should work again.

If you want to learn more about Cazwell’s ode to Latino boys (because what better way to say than with “rice and beans”?) click here for adult website Fleshbot’s interview with the singer. Fair warning: This site is so NSFW!

Watch the video after the jump. “Rice and Beans” will be released as a single June 19 from his upcoming album Hard to be Fresh.

—  Rich Lopez

WATCH: Cazwell at Razzle Dazzle on Saturday

Cazwell had room to spread out on the Bud Light Mainstage on Saturday night during the Razzle Dazzle Street Festival. He busted out a nice set closing with the help of some hunky dancers on the hit “Ice Cream Truck.” He took the stage after a long night of acts prior to his performance. The Bright, Gary Floyd Trio and Chaz Marie were among the roster of names that performed Saturday, but the crowd was buzzing for Cazwell.

This video is pretty much his whole gig from the night.

—  Rich Lopez

Concert Notice: Homo hip-hopper Cazwell will bring his ‘Ice Cream Truck’ to S4 on Sept. 30

Caven has just announced that the “Ice Cream Truck” is heading to Station 4 next month. And by that, I mean hip-pop homo hottie Cazwell is coming to town. The last time we saw Cazwell in town was at the now-defunct minc in Exposition Park. The rapper-singer’s hit is big on the dance floor which I’m sure has NOTHING to do with the above video.

He was first touted as the gay Eminem, but instead I think he’s in his own league layering outrageous raps over dance music. He’s more fun than Eminem with other songs like “I Seen Beyonce at Burger King” and “All Over Your Face” from his 2009 album Watch My Mouth.

He performs an 18-and-up show at S4 on Sept. 30 at midnight. After his performance, he’s gonna stick around for a Meet and Greet. Maybe he’ll have a Bomb Pop just for you.


—  Rich Lopez