What’s Shakin’ – ‘Gay In America’ at Rice

Gay in America1. Photographer Scot Pasfield is speaking about his new book ‘Gay in America’ at Rice University tonight.  Pasfield spent three years traveling 54,000 miles through all 50 states collecting images and stories of the gay male experience. What emerges is a portrait of a diverse community that transects ever facet of American Life (read Rich Lopez’s interview with Pasfield).  The presentation is at 6 p.m. in Fondren Library, Kyle Morrow Room, 3rd Floor.

2. Resurrection MCC’s weekly Yoga Connection provides a queer friendly space to practice or learn about yoga free of charge. The group meets every Tuesday at 7 pm and all skill levels are welcome. Participants should bring a mat, towel, and water (a small number of loaner mats are available for beginners). For questions (or to reserve a loaner mat), email Yoga@ResurrectionMCC.org. Resurrection MCC is located at 1025 West 11th St.

3. The Associated Press reports that a New Hampshire House panel is scheduled to vote today on whether to recommend a repeal of the state’s year-old same-sex marriage law, replacing it with civil unions.  The unions would be available to any unmarried adults of any sex, including relatives. The bill’s author, Rep. David Bates, R – Rockingham, argues that there is no reason to limit the benefits of civil unions to same-sex couples. So let’ me get this right.  If the legislation passes straight people can choose to either get married, have a civil union, or neither (assuming they’re not related) and queer people (and cousin-lovers) are left with the choice of a civil union or nothing.  Yeah… that sounds fair.

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WATCH: Lady Gaga debuts ‘Born this Way’ video

Lady Gaga released her video finally for the single “Born this Way” and in true Gaga form, it’s a mini-epic of a vid. She starts with a spaced-out monologue that’s laid over imagery recalling Xanadu, a lot of The Jacksons’ “Can You Feel It,” Dante’s Inferno, some Jem and probably many of the trips Charlie Sheen has in his head lately. With skeleton people, singing mannequin heads, kaleidoscopic images and the birth of a big ball of light, Gaga grabs all the attention she can in this seven-minute vid. The dancing is a bit rough and all over the place, but she knows how to keep your eye on the screen.

—  Rich Lopez

WATCH: DADT rally on Cedar Springs

Dozens gathered on the Cedar Springs strip Thursday night for a hastily organized rally in response to a vote in the U.S. Senate blocking the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell.” More images after the jump. Read our full story on the Senate vote here.

—  John Wright

Did a hunter’s camera catch a UFO?

OK, so this is not “gay” in the least. But the headline of the story in the Los Angeles Times caught my attention: “Did hunter’s infrared camera capture images of UFO?”

It caught my attention for two reasons. First, I am fascinated by the idea of UFOs. I always have been. And the second reason is that I couldn’t figure out why the LA Times is reporting on an ambiguous UFO sighting by a hunter from Archer City, just outside Fort Worth.

Anyway, here is video of an interview with Lisa Brock-Piekarski who saw something strange — and for her, a bit unsettling — in a series of images taken by a stationary infrared hunting camera on her ranch near Archer City.

So, what do you think? Is the truth really out there?

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MetroBall 2010 at Station 4

DV contributing photographer Chuck Dube captured these images during MetroBall V featuring Crystal Waters at Station 4 on June 4.

Crystal WatersCrystal Waters-34Crystal Waters-31Crystal Waters-28Crystal Waters-27Crystal Waters-26Crystal Waters-25Crystal Waters-21Crystal Waters-20Crystal Waters-17Crystal Waters-14Crystal Waters-11Crystal Waters-8Crystal Waters-7Crystal Waters-6Crystal Waters-26Crystal Waters-5Crystal Waters-4Crystal Waters-3Crystal Waters-2

—  Dallasvoice

HRC Fairway to Equality 2010

DV contributing photographer Eric Dickson of Arcus Media captured these images during HRC’s 2010 Fairway to Equality golf tournament on June 5 at Firewheel Golf Park in Garland.


—  Dallasvoice