UPDATE: U.S. Rep. Green gets death threats after calling for Trump to be impeached

U.S. Rep. Al Green


Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson made the following statement regarding death threats received by Houston Rep. Al Green:

“I stand with the entire Texas Democratic Delegation and condemn the attacks on our colleague, Congressman Al Green. Many of these threats are racist in tone and are too disturbing to repeat. We stand with our friend and against the violent threats made against him and his family that are not just despicable –they are criminal. We hope law enforcement is able to uncover the perpetrators.”

Her Dallas office said they had not received similar threats.


Congressman Al Green, the Democrat who represent’s Texas’ 9th District in the U.S. House, on Sunday revealed that he has received death threats — complete with profanity and repeated use of “the N word” since making a statement on the House floor calling for Donald Trump to be impeached.

Green, who is black, played recordings of two of the threatening calls at a town hall meeting in Houston on Saturday, May 20:

“Hey, Al Green, we got an impeachment for you. It’s going to be yours. Was actually gonna give you a short trial before we hang your n—– ass.”


“You’re not going to impeach anybody, you f—— n—– … You’ll be hanging from a tree. I didn’t see anybody calling for the impeachment of your n—– Obama when he was born in Kenya. He’s not even an American. So f— you, n—–.”

(Transcription of the recordings via The Washington Post. Listen to the audio recordings below.)

Green told those at the town hall that he got the calls after he criticized Trump for firing FBI Director James Comey and called for the president to be impeached. He said he wanted his constituents to “decide for yourself what we’re dealing with.”

According to The Houston Chronicle, Green said, “It does not deter us. We are not going to be intimidated. We are not going to allow this to cause us to deviate from what we believe to be the right thing to do, and that is to proceed with the impeachment of President Trump.”

The Chronicle noted that Green played the recordings during a meeting at the Fountain Life Center in southwest Houston, adding that security was high at the meeting, as security officials used wands to check the about 100 people attending as they entered.

“You cannot allow hate to be hidden,” Green said. “You have to expose hate. Hate is a means why which people can be harmed. It’s an evil. The best way to deal with evil is to expose” it.

Green said he had received the messages at his offices in Houston and in Washington, D.C.

Texas’ 9th congressional district encompasses the southwestern portion of the Greater Houston area. Green has represented District 9 since 2005. As of 2015, the district was 5.5 percent white, 38 percent black, 12.2 percent Asian, 38.3 percent Hispanic, .25 percent Native American and 13.3 percent “other.”

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Incoming Iowa State Rep. Kim Pearson Is On A Mission to Impeach Those 4 Activist Judges

A ragtag trio of Iowa state lawmakers want to impeach the remaining four State Supreme Court justices who voted to approve the state's gay marriage laws. They're being led by Kim Pearson, an incoming House member, who says is "drafting an impeachment measure because she thinks the court exceeded its authority when it struck down a law defining marriage as being between one man and one woman." For the record, state lawmakers can only impeach sitting justices if they are guilty of crimes or malfeasance; it's that second word I'm sure Pearson will be focusing on. Pearson will need a simple majority in the House and a two-thirds majority in the Senate.

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Marriage news from Maryland

Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler today issued an opinion that his state should recognize same-sex marriages performed in locations where such marriages are legal.

Gansler’s 45-page opinion comes after  nearly a year of research, and concludes that Maryland’s Court of Appeals — the state’s highest court — could “likely apply the principle that a marriage is valid in the place of celebration is valid in Maryland.”

Of course the man known as Maryland’s most conservative lawmaker, Delegate Don Dwyer, had already threatened to impeach Gansler if the AG came down in favor of recognition legal same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, and Dwyer today posted a message on his Facebook page saying he will work to impeach Gansler, “not because he disagrees with [me] on the topic of same sex marriage, but because he has overstepped his constitutional bounds and violated his oath of office.”

(Just another shining example of the kind of “play by my rules or I will take my toys and go home” politics that are currently crippling our government at every level.)

And Maryland Sen. Norman Stone, worried that Maryland couples will go to Washington, D.C. to get married then come home to Maryland and insist their marriages be recognized, has introduced legislation to keep the state from recognizing “foreign” same-sex marriages (those performed in some jurisdiction where they are legal).

Said Stone: If people “strongly believe in same-sex marriages, they should go live in those states” that allow it.

(Sound familiar? Rick Perry telling LGBT military veterans to go somewhere else if they didn’t like Texas’ laws banning same-sex marriage?)

After reading several articles online and seeing lots of statements from LGBT organizations about Gansler’s opinion, I found this interesting tidbit in an Associated Press story: A Maryland Democratic lawmaker named Henry Heller is introducing legislation to make it illegal there for first cousins (of opposite genders, I assume) to get married.

Heller said allowing first cousins to marry is too dangerous because of the increased likelihood they will pass on genetic disorders to their children. He calls it “genetic roulette.” But Heller’s bill has no problem with first cousins who are over 65 or infertile marrying, and included an exception for such couples in the bill.

Heller said says he wants to bring Maryland “into the enlightened world of other states such as West Virginia and Arkansas” that already prohibit unions of first cousins.сайтпродвижение сайтов цены оптими зация сайта

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