Biden: Gay Marriage Inevitable

JOE BIDEN BARACK OBAMA DADT SIGNING x390 (getty) |“I think there is an inevitability for a national consensus on gay marriage,” the vice president said Friday on Good Morning America, though he indicated that the president’s official policy hasn’t changed. Daily News

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Biden says gay marriage is ‘inevitable’

Okay that’s interesting, coming from the Vice President of the United States. Though Biden is known for saying things he shouldn’t, so to some degree, this may be written off as “there goes that crazy Biden.” It’s an interesting question as to whether this is part of some strategy by the White House, i.e., was this intentional. I suspect it is. It’s too coincidental, happening in the middle of a White House charm offensive to the gay community (e.g., making a big deal out of signing the DADT law by having a huge signing ceremony, inviting all sorts of White House critics to the signing, finally inviting Advocate reporter Kerry Eleveld for a sit down interview with Obama (she’s been asking for two years). And, yesterday there were more reports of bad comments from Obama on marriage. And, the comments led the Washington Post’s Perry Bacon to write a big story about marriage and Obama today.

All of that happening right before Biden makes some good comments? Not a coincidence.

Now, will it work? It’s helpful for Biden to make such positive comments. But at the same time, Biden didn’t say he was in favor of marriage equality.

If a segregationist in the 1950s were to suggest that racial equality was inevitable, but he still did not come out in favor of such equality, would we hail that comment? Perhaps. And perhaps it would be a step forward. But in the end, the segregationist’s bottom line would still be to oppose equality.

Biden is far from a segregationist. But he’s still wrapping his opposition to our civil rights in sweet language. All I’m saying is that I’d rather have him ditch the sweetness and simply give us his support, and the President’s.


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Joe Biden: Gay Marriage Is Inevitable

During an appearance on the Today Show, this morning Vice President Joe Biden said that he agreed with the president’s “evolving” position on gay marriage and that a “national consensus” on the issue is inevitable.

“I think the country’s evolving,” he said. “And I think you’re going to see, you know, the next effort is probably going to be to deal with so called DOMA [Defence of Marriage Act].” DOMA prohibits federal government from recognising gay marriage, meaning that even if states allow the practice, gay couples still cannot access federal benefits. Mr Biden added that attitudes had changed to openly gay soldiers and that consensus was beginning to turn in favour of gay marriage. He said that gay troops were now “widely accepted” and “the same thing is happening now in regard to the issue of marriage.”

Joe. My. God.

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‘All you have to do is look at the demographics and you can see this is as inevitable as anything’

AP looks at the recent victories for the pro-equality side in the Bowling Green ballot measures as the basis for a longer article on how the trend is moving in the right direction:

Nationally, gay-rights supporters and their conservative opponents are trading victories and setbacks, and the public is deeply divided on same-sex marriage. Could the push for full equality be stalled or reversed? Probably not, if public opinion evolves at its current pace.

“All you have to do is look at the demographics and you can see this is as inevitable as anything,” said Michael Klarman, a Harvard Law School professor who has studied the civil rights and gay rights movements.

Surveys repeatedly find that young adults, far more so than their elders, support the rights of gays to marry and serve openly in the military. A Gallup poll earlier this year showed, for the first time, a majority of Americans saying same-sex relations were morally acceptable. Increasing numbers of Americans personally know gays and lesbians, and positive portrayals of them abound on TV and in films.

“The more gay-friendly an environment you create, the more people come out as gay,” Klarman said. “When people know other people are gay – family, co-workers – they find it harder and harder to dislike them and deny them equal rights.”

The article is worth a read. Not much new for those who keep a close eye on LGBT politics. We’re making progress. The haters really hate us and will do everything possible to thwart equality.


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