Local out rapper Infidelix drops a couple of songs before heading to Amsterdam

Bryan Rodecker AKA Infiidelix has dropped a couple of new songs before heading out to Amsterdam to film the video for his “Weed Song.” Unfortunately, the Denton-based artist is not going on a label’s dime, he and his beau have been saving to do this so it’s part vacation, part business, but Rodecker told me he’s scored some gigs already.

“We are really going there to have fun, but I refuse to travel without performing,” he said. “So in return I booked myself shows every night we’re there from open mic to hip-hop to poetry. You could say I’m going there for a bunch of reasons.”

Indeed. Not only is he planning the trip to film his music video, he’s been dabbling in spoken word and poetry and is making plans to film those performances as well.

“We are gonna try to shoot as many vids as possible. I really wanna film some poetry, a gay travel blog and a weed and hotel blog.” he said.

Because weed is legal in Amsterdam and, well, Infidelix, has his vices. Plus, Amsterdam is on his travel bucket list. In the meantime, enjoy that song and “The Darkness,” also a new track, after the jump. You can also see some of his spoken word work on his YouTube Channel here.

—  Rich Lopez

LGBT music showcase at LBG in East Dallas

Gay musicians hit up East Dalas

Immigrant Punk

Twist Dallas GLBT is pulling off a mini-palooza of LGBT musicians this week. A lineup of locals such as SuZanne Kimbrell, Infidelix and Immigrant Punk, pictured, are just some of the bands and musicians bringing the Pride vibe to old East Dallas. Twist calls it a music and art showcase. We call it awesome.

DEETS: Lakewood Bar and Grill, 6340 Gaston Ave.7 p.m. $7. TwistDallas.com.

—  Rich Lopez

LISTEN: Denton gay rapper Infidelix releases online mixtape available for download

Infidelix told me weeks back that his mixtape would be available soon. Finally, it’s s hit the streets, or rather the web, with a healthy tracklist of 10 songs.

So, for your listening pleasure, click here to either listen to or download Infidelix’s Shakalaka Boomboom The Mixtape. He’s down and dirty, but there are some gems to be found here. I’m kinda stuck on “Steppin’ Up My Game,” with Lil Flip.

—  Rich Lopez

Local artist Infidelix gets props from adult star Buck Angel

Rodecker, aka Infidelix

Earlier this month, local gay hip-hop artist Infidelix released “The Daily Grind.” And apparently it’s made an impression on Mr. Buck Angel. So much so, that Infidelix sent me Angel’s shout-outs on the six-song release. Infidelix, aka Bryan Rodecker, actually contacted Angel as a fan, and apparently they have a lot in common.

“I told him that I did music and I’m all about not caring what people think, doing what you want and facing diversity right in the face. He’s like that too so I gave him kudos on it,” Rodecker said.

The shout-outs are quick nods of Angel giving props back. Rodecker plans to interject them into his next album along with other soundbites. It’s become a project now.

Buck likes Bryan

“Angel was really cool about it,” he said. “I’m trying to get others in all communities for soundbites. I’m even trying to get Westboro Baptist Church just so I can throw something back at ’em.”

But before his next release, Rodecker has been promoting “Grind.” He has a music video in the works and is increasing his social website presence. Rodecker was hoping to perform at Dallas Pride but missed the deadlines. However, he has an an application in to play Atlanta Pride and is waiting to hear back.

As for his new found friendship with Angel, Rodecker is glad that someone with a similar in-your-face philosophy digs what he’s doing.

“Being the first female-to-male adult star, he’s opening up a whole new genre of sexuality,” he said. “I think he’s really interesting, and I’m so for what he’s doing. I want him to use it on one of his videos as background music or something. He said he would if I came up with a good song. Heh, I could have my music in a porn!”

LISTEN: buckangel3

—  Rich Lopez