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Even with a big family (3 kids and 5 grandkids), retired schoolteacher Richard John du Pont projects a dandy’s fashion sense

MARK STOKES  | Illustrator

Name: Richard John du Pont

Occupation: Retired elementary school teacher

Spotted at: Kroger’s on the Strip

Colorful and vibrant, Richard was born and reared in upstate New York in a small town on the Mohawk River called Crescent. Retired since 2003, this tireless educator spent 30 years teaching 4th and 6th grades, and continues as a substitute teacher for the Dallas I.S.D (Sam Houston Elementary and Maple Lawn Elementary). He graduated with a bachelor’s in elementary education from the Central University of Iowa and a has masters in education from North Texas State University at Denton.

A man of taste: This silver-haired taste maker owns an exquisite collection of antiques, tastefully chosen to accent his beautiful home. He also lends his skill and expertise as a salesman to two estate sales and as a sales rep for Metrotex at the four large annual shows at the Dallas Trade Center.

Daddy dearest: This proud patriarch of two sons, one daughter and five grandsons sees family as the root of his life. His close-knit clan lives in the area so he is able to spend a lot of time with his children and grandchildren.

His hobbies include volunteer work for DIFFA, Legacy Counseling Center and Fresh, as well as traveling, reading, working out at Gold’s Gym Uptown, dancing and shopping. He collects vintage clothing and jewelry (more than 100 suits at least — he attends the Cathedral of Hope every Sunday in one of them with an antique brooch), and Converse and Vans shoes.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition July 29, 2011.

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‘Outraged’ 80-year old Iowa grandmother supports her gay son and blasts the haters

This is so, so great:

H/T Dan Savage.


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Iowa Grandmother: Discrimination Affects All of Us

Despite a recent vote in the Iowa House of Representatives to roll back the clock on marriage equality, a number of Iowans continue to make fair-minded, emotional appeals for supporting the rights of all committed couples to marry. First came the moving testimony of Zach Wahls, an Iowa college student raised by two moms. And more recently, an 80-year old grandmother named Jean posted a YouTube video about how anti-gay discrimination impacts her family.

“When our son came out to us in 1980, we were stunned, confused and angry….years later, after the shock wore off and we saw the life our son had created with his future husband Bob, I realized that he is still my son – and that in many ways, nothing has changed,” says Jean. “The actions and words of some affect my son, his husband, my family and my grandchildren. My son is not an issue. He is a person, just like you.”

Iowa is currently one of five states and the District of Columbia that issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples – but the security of marriage equality in Iowa cannot be taken for granted. Several months before the February House vote, three state Supreme Court judges who ruled in favor of marriage equality were ousted from the bench following an unprecedented campaign waged by well-funded anti-gay interest groups. 

Jean’s video provides a timely reminder for many Americans that marriage equality – and the swirl of rhetoric and politics surrounding it – is an issue that deeply impacts families all across the nation:

“I was sickened when the state Supreme Court judges were dismissed by the voters, removed because of peoples’ prejudices. Discrimination affects all of us – not just me, as a mother of a gay son.”

Watch Jean’s message here. To learn more about the current state of marriage equality in states across the country, visit http://www.hrc.org/issues/marriage.asp. And join HRC in calling on President Obama to publically and vocally support marriage equality for all Americans.

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

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IOWA: Fox News Focus Group Agrees President Is A Scary Kenyan Muslim

Joe. My. God.

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Iowa Antimarriage Bill Introduced

test marriage in Iowa x 390Legislation that would allow voters to strip Iowa same-sex couples of
marriage rights was introduced in the state house of representatives
Advocate.com: Daily News

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Protect marriage decency in Iowa, say Christians (of 1961)

Just an interesting flashback into the pressing “protect marriage” conversation on the lips of Iowans of the early ’60s:



Those darn activist hours.

Good As You

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Video: 99 Iowa counties, 1 anti-equality focus

Don’t you dare think Bob Vander Plaats is going to rest on the laurels of turning Iowa’s judicial retention process into a highly politicized, largely out-of-state, single issue catharsis that pitted qualified judges’ careers against conservatives’ anti-equality whims. Oh no. Bob and his pal Matt Reisetter are turning that effort into an all-out, 99 county tour across the great Hawkeye State, with a driving goal of rolling back the benign civil rights progress that’s currently not hurting the state, its children, its Christians, or its heterosexual married couples in any marked way.

Here’s the promo:

*See Tour Stops/Dates

With gas prices being what they are, this constitutes such a waste of peace.



Good As You

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Iowa Gov. on Judicial Oustings: No Comment

Incoming governor Terry Branstad said he’s “got enough on [his] plate” and won’t worry about state legislators’ efforts to impeach more state supreme
court justices for ruling in favor of marriage equality.
Advocate.com: Daily News

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Incoming Iowa State Rep. Kim Pearson Is On A Mission to Impeach Those 4 Activist Judges

A ragtag trio of Iowa state lawmakers want to impeach the remaining four State Supreme Court justices who voted to approve the state's gay marriage laws. They're being led by Kim Pearson, an incoming House member, who says is "drafting an impeachment measure because she thinks the court exceeded its authority when it struck down a law defining marriage as being between one man and one woman." For the record, state lawmakers can only impeach sitting justices if they are guilty of crimes or malfeasance; it's that second word I'm sure Pearson will be focusing on. Pearson will need a simple majority in the House and a two-thirds majority in the Senate.

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GOP Iowa Gov-Elect Terry Branstad Demains Public Vote On Gay Marriage

He hasn’t even taken office yet, but today GOP Iowa Governor-Elect Terry Branstad demanded that state lawmakers allow the public to vote on repealing gay marriage.

Speaking at a gathering organized by The Associated Press, Branstad noted that voters removed three Iowa Supreme Court justices after a campaign that targeted them for their support of a unanimous 2009 ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in the state. “The Supreme Court, I think, made a tragic mistake in their decision on same-sex marriage,” said Branstad. The voters of Iowa have overwhelmingly rejected three members of the Supreme Court because of it and I think we need to restore support for the judicial system, and one way to do that is to give people the opportunity to vote on restoring the one-man, one-woman marriage.”

Joe. My. God.

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