Things I learned from my first Dallas Comic Con

Over the weekend, Dallas Comic Con went down in Irving. Throngs of people wonderfully embracing their comic book geekdom journeyed to Mecca just off 114. Now, there are people who like comics (like me). And there are people who love comics. And love dressing up like characters in comics. I wasn’t blind to this fact, but when I saw this line wrapped around the Irving Convention Center on Saturday, I almost instantaneously turned my car right back toward home.

After talking to a tiny Asian woman dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, I learned that my media credentials were waiting for me inside and with her Jedi power, I could bypass the line. And once I was in, all I could mutter in Keanu-Matrix fashion was “whoa.” After about an hour, my head finally got wrapped around what the hell was going on. I expected a crowd. I didn’t expect hordes. And my conclusions began to draw from my Saturday excursion.

—  Rich Lopez

I need a beer … and you do, too

“Bottoms up” means such different things, depending on if you’re at Texas Bear Round Up or the North Texas Beer Festival, and the latter is what I’m talking about here. For the second time, the event brings everything from porters to stouts to pilsners and lagers to thirsty North Texans on Saturday at the fancy-schmancy new Irving Convention Center. I don’t know about you, but I like beer, especially in the summer, and on a weekend.

Tickets are 30 bucks for the full complement of drinks ($40 at the door) and designated drivers can come in for $20. Tickets can be bought here. If you see me there, raise a glass and buy me a beer.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones