Don’t forget the thrilling season finale of “The A-List: Dallas,” with guest star Ann Coulter

For those who love to hate A-List: Dallas, you’ll either be sad or glad to see the show’s season come to an end tonight. And by the previews, boy does it. Taylor Garrett needles at the community with his friendly exchange with conservative pundit Ann Coulter. Castmate Chase Hutchison is naturally infuriated but then also has to deal with Garrett lip-locking on his sorta beau Levi Crocker. As the season comes to a close, I’m fascinated that we never got to see the incident that happened at Jack’s Backyard. Remember this whole to-do?

I tweeted a couple of the A-Listers about what to expect on tonight’s episode. Hutchison was kind enough to reply.

“Tonight’s episode is definitely going to piss a lot of people off, including myself,” he tweeted back. “Everything comes to a head tonight; relationships, politics, friendships… And having Ann Coulter being part of the show was enough to make my blood boil with Taylor. But I do like that very different views are being shown, as much as some of those views disgust me. It will be worth watching for sure.”

Fellow reality star, Drew Ginsburg from Bravo’s Most Eligible Dallas chimed in as well with his response to tonight’s episode.

“Supporting Ann Coulter is a like a Jew supporting the Nazis,” he tweeted.

The Hayyy List is hosting a watch party tonight with cast member James Doyle at Axiom Sushi, or you can seethe or snicker on your own. Either way, here’s the preview clip after the jump to get you going before tonight’s episode.


—  Rich Lopez

WATCH: “A-List: Dallas” Christmas Frolics

Pretty much all I can say to this is “Wow.” Someone must really love the A-List:Dallas peeps which is proof positive in this video. Master Marky X uploaded this compilation today of JibJab videos using the cast of the Logo show. You might notice the apparent absence of Taylor Garrett. On the video’s page, X wrote that “other guy not available – having lunch with GoProud & Ann Coulter.” Otherwise, Levi, Ashley, Chase, Philip and James are all having a wonderful Christmastime with clips that have them cast in It’s a Wonderful Life (the very-abridged version), The Buttcracker and in full garb singing “Feliz Navidad.”

It’s a long watch at 12 minutes, but kind of hard not to take a few peeks. Just fast forward through it. You’ll get the idea.

—  Rich Lopez

Chase Brooks’ LGBT radio show ‘Reckless After Dark’ goes on hiatus until August

Earlier this year, I profiled Chase Brooks and his radio show Reckless After Dark. The show aired online via Of the huge lineup of shows, his was the only LGBT one on the roster — until recently.

Brooks sent out a press release on Sunday that he was no longer with the station as either an employee and radio show host. I posted the release after the jump but called Brooks to see what was up and what his future plans are. While doing the show, he also worked as the network’s publicity person.

He told me he was let go from the station and the show was canceled. An apparent complaint about his release on Facebook, he said, led to the show’s cancellation.

“It was all pretty sudden,” he said.

He shopped different avenues and decided on Soundcloud, which isn’t a radio station, but an audio platform where he can now upload shows.

“At first, we looked around for other networks, but none really stood out to me,” he said. “I found Soundcloud on Facebook and I had been thinking about starting my own station from home. We can do this pretty much anywhere. I think it could be more intimate. I feel this is gonna be a better opportunity. Plus, people can listen whenever they want.”

The plan is to restart in August with a goal of having a new episode up every Thursday to keep the same day he had during his tenure at Fishbowl. And likely, the core cast will stay in tact. He just revamped RAD‘s cast adding Ticked Off Trannies actor Krystal Summers and new A-lister James Doyle (who may or may not return due to filming). Original member Cat Michaels has stayed on board.

“I do feel optimistic about it. I think everything happens for a reason, even the whole Fishbowl incident,” he said. “We’re temp off the air but I just think that something better is out there. I guess Fishbowl wasn’t big enough to hold us.”

—  Rich Lopez