Memorial service for trans murder victim Janette Tovar set for Thursday

A memorial service for family and friends of murdered transgender woman Janette Tovar is Thursday night.

Tovar died Oct. 15 after fighting with boyfriend Jonathan Kenney. He was later arrested for her murder and is still in jail.

The week of her death, about 200 of Tovar’s family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil Oct. 18 at The Grapevine Bar on Maple Avenue.

In a story in Dallas Voice this week, Tovar’s family and friends said a date for a service hadn’t been scheduled yet.

The service is 7 p.m. Thursday at White Rock Community Church, 9353 Garland Road, Dallas.

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UPDATE: Dallas man arrested for murder of transgender partner

Jonathan Stuart Kenney

Dallas police arrested a man yesterday for the murder of his life partner, but Dallas Voice has learned that his partner was transgender.

Police documents listed Jonathan Stuart Kenney as the main suspect in the murder of Jesus Tovar, who was listed as male and referred to as Kenney’s life partner.

Emails to Dallas Voice this morning revealed that Tovar was transgender and had been known to family and friends as Janette for a least a decade and a half.

Detective Laura Martin, LGBT liaison for Dallas police, said police had no way to know Tovar was transgender because police issue legal documents based on the person’s legal name, such as the arrest affidavit for Kenney that listed Tovar’s legal instead of preferred name.

Martin also said the death was ruled a homicide and treated as one so mentioning Tovar was transgender was not necessarily relevant to the crime, but would have been helpful to inform people who knew her of her passing.

In an email sent to Dallas Voice, Tovar was described as “truly an amazing person, and her passing has left a giant hole in many hearts.”

Kenney posted about Janette on his Facebook page on Wednesday:

“I love you my baby Janette, your my love my everything and I will miss you so much. Your the best thing that ever happened to me girl kisses!!!!!! I hope you can see me down here even though I can’t see you I feel your spirit still living in me. Rest in peace mi amor mi vida.”

Police confirmed Kenney was in custody Thursday morning.

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