From ‘mama grizzly’ to fantasy cougar?

Sarah Palin: Cougar-licious?

I got an e-mail today from a representative with, “the leading cougar dating website” (I didn’t even know cougar dating websites existed!) telling me that the site has released the results of a recent survey of “cubs” (younger men who date — or want to date — older women). And according to The Cub Report (Seriously, that’s what they called the report on the survey results), “high-powered political hockey mom” Sarah Palin is their “ultimate fantasy cougar woman.”

Palin won out over a “short list” of candidates that included “cougar icons” Demi Moore, Courteney Cox, Madonna, Kim Cattrall and Janice Dickinson — and apparently, even the folks who run the website were astounded, since they wrote in their press release: “The surprise finding was one of several fascinating revelations” to come out of the survey that was “designed to get inside the mind of the modern younger man.”

Here are some of those other “fascinating revelations” (Comments in parentheses are mine, not the website’s or the report’s):

• The perfect age range for a cougar is 41-45 (even if I were straight and tried, I couldn’t be a prime cougar because I am too old).

• 1 in 5 cougar chases have gotten together with a friend’s mother (Eeeeeewwww! That is just wrong!).

• 2/3s say the media and celebrities have an effect; it is “officially less socially awkward” to date an older woman thanks to the media’s coverage of cougars.

• The biggest turn-on for the younger men is maturity (as opposed, I guess to possibly bigger bank accounts?).

• 19 percent have been “cougared” by an older boss or co-worker.

• Only 8 percent said they were looking for a sugar mama. And …

• 80 percent said they wouldn’t necessarily object if their own mothers became cougars.

(Okay, those last two …. let’s just say, I’m not really buying those two.)

—  admin

New druggies picked for ‘Celeb Rehab’

Someone needs to create a series called Non-Celebrity Obsessive Rehab with Dr. Drew so my friend Elaine Liner can be on it — she hearts the silver fox shrink. A lot. Instead, she’ll have to make do watching the latest installment of the Celebrity Rehab series. VH1 announced today those who will be appearing on this fourth cycle, which includes Jeremy London (he who claims to have been kidnapped and forced drugs), Janice Dickinson (the crazy, bisexual, self-descibed “first supermodel” — she apparently never heard of Suzy Parker — or, for that matter, Cheryl Tiegs or Twiggy), and former teen idol Leif Garrett. Can’t wait to see those train wrecks.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

New site for LGBT deaf people in the works

It can be pretty difficult to find some place other than a bar to find and connect with other LGBT people, especially if you don’t live in a city big enough to have an organized LGBT community of some sort.

And it can be even more difficult for LGBT people with special circumstances — like being deaf.

Michael Bamford, founder of Frisky Factory LLC, said he learned that lesson after meeting Martin Richie, a fashion model from Austin who was on the Oxygen Channel reality show “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency,” who talked about how his own community — the community of deaf LGBT people — was socially isolated.

So Bamfield has created, a website that “allows the gay deaf community (in all English-speaking countries) and their supporters to interact through a ‘Live Chat’ function, as well as e-mail,” according to a press release about the new site.

The statement says the site, intended to launch this spring, will soon add a video-conferencing function that “will allow the deaf and hearing populations to directly communicate without sign language, in English.” It will also include a search function that allows users to find men or women with common interests in a specific geographical area.”

I checked this morning and the site still has the “coming soon” announcement up, with a place for you to sign up to receive e-mail updates on its progress.

I don’t know exactly when Bamford will have the site up and running full blast, but I do know that if it’s done right, it could be a lifeline for people who have for too long been left lonely, isolated and, as Bamford said, left behind.уникальность контента сайтараскрутка сайта под поисковики

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