WATCH: El Centro releases trailer for its upcoming 'Fashionscapes' DVD

Y’all might remember our story on El Centro fashion student Jazzy Abram getting ready for the school’s annual fashion show at the Women’s Museum. I made it to the show and it turned out to be a big deal.

El Centro is releasing “Fashionscapes” on DVD for purchase, and I just got word that the trailer is out. My video  featured only Abram’s fashions, but this obviously shows all of the lines that walked the runway that night — and some that sashayed it, as you can tell at the 0:25 and 1:03 marks.

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—  Rich Lopez

Scenes from Friday's FashionScapes, runway show by El Centro fashion students

In our April 30 issue, I talked to Jazzy Abram, a student at El Centro studying fashion. He was preparing his “Romancing the Rhinestone” line for the annual school fashion show. He was intent on bringing his “refined drag” look to the runway. And he did. The video highlights his part of the show.

—  Rich Lopez