WATCH: Jeffree Star’s “Prom Night”

It’s an explosion of pink in Jeffree Star’s latest video “Prom Night” posted today. With major upgrades to his androdrag look and even sound, Star steps it up big time from his MySpace days as an Internet celeb wannabe. The sound isn’t anything we haven’t heard before, but his kick-ass attitude sells it big time. And while he refrains from much of his shock value in previous videos such as “Beauty Killer,” that doesn’t hold him back from a pink gun massacre during this new video. The lyrics are pretty NSFW, but the video is pretty fun and fab.

Watch it after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

WATCH: ‘Drag Race’ winner Raja premieres her 1st video, ‘Diamond Crowned Queen’

As Drag U gets under way, how perfect that last season’s winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race would have her debut video premiere. Raja (Sutan Amrull) debuted the video for her new single “Diamond Crowned Queen” on Friday. Even though the video is rather simple, it’s not shy on racy and sexy. In a myriad of outfits, Raja runs with the edgy drag shtick and even shows up without it. Although that I didn’t like. It kinda took me out of the illusion and Raja creates striking looks that are easy to stare at.

The song itself reminds me of a cross between early Nine Inch Nails and Jeffree Star. I think the song lacks some hook, but she’s definitely not delivering the obvious, which I can appreciate.

—  Rich Lopez

Jeffree Star plays tonight at The Loft — you can still win tix

Born to be a Star

Internet-bred Jeffree Star is on the up and up. Pushing himself into self-created Web fame caught enough attention to garner a fanbase. Now that mega-producer Akon has signed him on, the out goth drag artist is downright legit.

Star stopped in Dallas back in May during his 2 Drunk 2 Fuck Tour, but announced a whole new tour for the latter half of 2010 — only this time, he says he’s releasing new music along the way.

We’re giving away tickets. Go here for more info.

DEETS: With Dev and It Boys. The Loft (In the Gilley’s Dallas Complex) , 1135 S. Lamar St. 7:30 p.m. $13–$15.

—  Rich Lopez

FREE TICKETS: Wanna see Jeffree Star at The Loft on Wednesday? OK, then e-mail us

The Loft peeps were generous to offer us four pairs of tickets to give away to Jeffree Star. He comes back to town this week with supporting acts Dev and the It Boys.

The MySpace star could be the next big thing. Producer Akon signed him to his label calling him the the next Lady Gaga. This might be your chance to see him before you can’t get a ticket at American Airlines. Hey, just saying.

E-mail us here with “I Wanna Be a Star” in the subject line and we’ll pick four winners on Wednesday. Good luck!

—  Rich Lopez

WATCH: Dallas singer Brandon Hilton releases ‘Glamour Zombie’

We’re waiting to see if Brandon Hilton can become the new Jeffree Star. Taking fashion and gender bending looks to similar levels, Hilton is working to push his Internet presence into a fame monster.It worked for Star who was recently signed to Akon’s label which is major.

In his newest single, “Glamour Zombie,” Hilton sings against a lot of blue glow stick light thingies. It’s a little dark, but you can see the white blonde hair and know it’s Hilton all the way.

—  Rich Lopez

Free song download this week from Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star, Lollipop LuxuryLast week, Owen Pallett was giving away a downloadable EP for a limited time. We jumped on that pretty quick. And now, another gay artist gets on board.

Jeffree Star tweets that his “Lollipop Luxury” single is available as a gratis download all week long. We were a little hard on his album Beauty Killer late last year, but we’re never above hopping on the “free” bandwagon. Just click here, sidestep the pop-up ad and download away.

Fair warning — it’s explicit.

—  Rich Lopez

Jeffree Star at The Loft Friday night

By the looks of this video, I’m kicking myself for missing what looked like a high-energy show on Friday. Jeffree Star came to town as part of the 2 Drunk 2 Fuck” tour, which also featured Stereos, BrokeNCYDE and my newest curiosity, Blood on the Dance Floor. Here, Star performs “So Fierce,” but for an excellent clip of the entire night, watch this.

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—  Rich Lopez

Friday Listening Party: Jeffree Star's 'Beauty Killer'

This edition of FLP, we take on the chainsaw-wielding tatted up club kid, Jeffree Star, who churns out dance music with some major bite. But it might come with an infection after.

The Myspace star is starting to step away from finding pseudo-fame on the Internet by landing gigs on the Vans Warped Tour, releasing this album on a new label and working with some bona fide musicians and producers. But, how does his September release Beauty Killer stand up to the FLP’s usual suspects? Read on. Caution: Strong language ahead!

—  Rich Lopez