Coming Friday: DVtv in SPAYSE!

Last Friday, March 17, I participated in an episode of Don’t Panic!, Israel Luna’s internet radio/TV program that streams live every Friday on the Spayse Station YouTube Channel from 3-4 p.m. — live from Israel’s Spayse Studio. Joel S. Hoselton (aka entertainer Jenna Skyy) and poor college student Michael Anthony Garza were the other guests, along with Israel as the host. (You can also watch here, on the Spayse Studio Facebook page.)

You can watch it here.

I had a lot of fun, and now, I get to do it again!

On Friday, immediately after Don’t Panic! We are going to livestream the first episode of what I’m calling DVtv in Spayse!

Israel and I will be there, along with DVtv host Brad Pritchett and Dallas Voice’s newest freelance contributor, Brandi Amara Skyy. We’ll be talking about news, entertainment and more.

Put it on your schedule and check it out!

—  Tammye Nash

Congratulations Krystal Summers


Krystal Summers came out of pageant retirement to compete in the newest pageant in the USofA Pageants system, and on Sunday night, Nov. 16, at The Round-Up Saloon, she won the title of Miss Gay Fire and Ice USofA.

Miss Gay USofA 2014 Jenna Skyy was on hand to crown Krystal.

Miss Gay Fire and Ice USofA is co-owned by Vanity Storm and Bruce Ragsdale Horton, who also owns Dragon Lady Earring Company in Dallas. Thanks to Vanity and Bruce for providing us with the photo, by Reginald Sanders, of Jenna crowning Krystal.

—  Tammye Nash

Rainbow-colored version of ‘B-G’ letters coming to Oak Lawn


A mock-up of the rainbow-colored ‘B-G’ sculpture.

Dallas’ “B-G” letters are coming to Oak Lawn repainted in rainbow colors, according to Scott Barretto.

Barretto’s Social House Media agency and ilume developer Luke Crossland are paying for the colorful paint job and the sculpture will be placed outside Crossland’s building at Knight Street and Cedar Springs Road in front of the old Monica’s.

Barretto said painting should take about six days but the letters in rainbow colors should be ready in time for some June Pride Month photography.

The letters are part of a marketing campaign conducted by the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote tourism to the city. The idea is for people to be photographed standing between the “B” and “G” to make the “I.” The letters have been placed in various places around the city, but not in Oak Lawn.

—  David Taffet

Jenna Skyy retires as Gaybingo host after more than 7 years

Jenna skyy

Jenna Skyy (Photo courtesy of Musico Roots)

Joe Hoselton, known on stage as Jenna Skyy, announced at GayBingo that Saturday’s show was her last. Skyy has hosted GayBingo for more than seven years.

Johnny Humphrey, event manager at Resource Center Dallas, said he knew Skyy planned to take some time off, but didn’t know ahead of time it would be her last show.

“She will be missed,” Humphrey said. “We’re proud of the productions she’s done.”

Hoselton called the change good for everyone. He said he spoke to the GayBingo performance group, Something Fabulous, ahead of time.

He said he’ll miss doing the show but made the decision because of the time commitment.

“I discovered Jenna through that show,” he said.

—  David Taffet

WATCH: Jenna Skyy and Jenni P pitch Dish’s monthly Drag Brunch on “GMT”

Looks like Dallas drag is going mainstream. Every month, Dish hosts Drag Brunch and cast members Jenna Skyy and Jenni P put on their P.R. drag yesterday morning to tell all of Dallas about it. The two went on Good Morning Texas and talked up the monthly event along with identifying Dallas as having one of the largest drag communities in the country. Clips of P and Skyy are also featured, but the fun part is watching how the cameraman tries to keep Skyy’s abundant cleavage out of sight.

Watch their segment after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

Perez Hilton did Dallas Friday night with Richard Curtin, Jenna Skyy and a Kardashian

While I was making the Big D BearDance rounds downstairs, celeb blogger Perez Hilton made an appearance upstairs at Station 4 Friday night touting Ty Ku spirits and hanging out with the bears and drag queens. Khloe Kardashian even stopped by. I did find these pics online. Hilton Twit-pic-ed himself and Kardash with a drag queen and Jenna Skyy posted a pic of her with Hilton.

Richard Curtin even snagged him for a rather poignant and enlightening interview on Hilton’s new outlook on life and blogging — whilst in the bathroom. See more after the jump.

—  Rich Lopez

Jenna Skyy takes 2nd alternate at Miss Gay America 2012 in Columbus

We wanna join in the chorus of people who have been congratulating Jenna Skyy on her performance at last week’s Miss Gay America 2012 pageant in Columbus, Ohio. The reigning Miss Gay Texas America headed north to vie for the title that ran from Wednesday through Friday. By the end of the run, Skyy had been named second alternate—  just behind first alternate Miss Gay Atlantic States America Jessica Jade and winner Kristy Kolby, Miss Gay DC America.

Skyy (aka Joe Hoselton) had this to say about MGA 2012:

“The experience was great. I wanted to turn the party my first time on the national stage and put Texas back on the map at Miss Gay America. My team was outstanding and we couldn’t have placed as high as we did without their efforts and commitment. I’m blessed to be supported by my friends and family like I am. I am relieved that I was given the chance to place where I did. I only wish others were given the same chance. There was a lot of truly great but unrecognized talents at the competition. Congrats to the top ten and to Jessica Jade for her first alternate placement. She was fantastic this week and gorgeous in gown. She’s my Miss Gay America. And Jessica Deveraux deserved a spot in the ten. That girl can twirl!!!

The pics are from the pageant via Skyy’s Facebook page.

—  Rich Lopez

SMU makes Princeton Review’s ‘homophobic’ list again

DISCRIMINATION? | Joe Hoselton, aka Jenna Skyy, director of graduate admissions at Meadows School, sits in his office at SMU with his Miss Texas FFI crown on his desk. (David Taffet/Dallas Voice)

Despite the Dallas university’s broad range of programs and outreach to the LGBT community, students still rank it worse than even Baylor when it comes to ‘LGBT friendly’

DAVID TAFFET | Staff Writer

Southern Methodist University in Dallas is the 12th most LGBT-unfriendly school in the country, according to the annual ranking compiled and issued by the Princeton Review.

But LGBT faculty, staff and alumni and straight allies say that Princeton Review doesn’t look at the whole picture and their school simply doesn’t belong in the same category as other schools whose policies are clearly discriminatory.

And rather than acknowledge strides the school has made in recent years, the list moved SMU to No. 12 this year, up from the 16th
position the Dallas university occupied last year.

The conservative Baptist school Baylor University in Waco, in the No. 11 spot last year, didn’t make the list at all this time around.

Dallas has the distinction of being the only city with two schools on the list — SMU and, at No. 9, the University of Dallas. And Texas is the only state with three schools on the list. In addition to the two in Dallas, Texas A&M comes in at No. 10.

SMU, which has been on the list for several years, is the only school in the group whose non-discrimination policies specifically include protections for the LGBT community.

Karen Click, director of the Women’s Center at SMU that includes LGBT programs, said she was hoping her school was moving off the list. She was disappointed that it moved up instead.

“As the staff member charged with improving the climate, it’s frustrating,” she said.

Click said that Campus Pride also surveys schools about the climate on campus and provides useful input. A new LGBT faculty and staff group was organized at the school this year as a result of recommendations from the group.

In June, a new LGBT alumni organization met for the first time. Openly gay Dean David Chard hosted the first reception for the group in the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Dallas reception lounge in the new Simmons School of Education building.

In contrast, Baylor alumnus Patti Fink said, several years ago when a group of alumni tried to organize an LGBT alumni group, rather than welcome their donations, Baylor sent them a cease and desist order.

Chard said he was probably the only openly gay dean among any of the schools that made the bottom 20.

Fink joked that she didn’t have a list of Baylor’s gay deans handy.

“Even if I looked for a month, I probably wouldn’t find them,” she said.

Chard echoed Click’s frustration. He said that among other things, the school was about to present an anti-bullying conference and has hosted the Gayla Prom on campus for at least a decade.

Fink said there’s never been an LGBT dance on the Baylor campus nor any sanctioned LGBT organizations.

“SMU has been a sponsor of Black Tie Dinner, supported by almost all of the deans on campus, for three years,” Chard said.

And the Simmons School counseling program internship with the longest waiting list partners with Resource Center Dallas.

“We’re doing good work for members of our community,” Chard said.

Fink said she knew of no programs at Baylor that were tied to Waco’s LGBT community. The school has made no donations to fundraising events that support the community. She said her alma mater doesn’t hold an LGBT job fair, which SMU does annually, nor do any Baylor departments partner with any LGBT community groups.

Click said that a Baylor student read an article in Dallas Voice last year about the LGBT-unfriendly rankings. That student contacted her from Waco to help find any resources on the Baylor campus. Click connected her with faculty who are unable to be out on the Waco campus.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m working for two schools,” Click said.

She said that SMU has four LGBT groups and a fifth is forming. And, she said, support for the LGBT community is not new.

“Spectrum [the undergraduate group] has been operating since the 1980s,” she said.

An LGBT group at Perkins School of Theology is active and has the support of that school’s dean. Two other graduate schools with LGBT groups are the law school and business school.

Not only is SMU the only school on the Princeton Review list with a non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation and gender identity, it has also offered domestic partner benefits for faculty and staff members’ partners since 2001.

To top it off, Fink said she doesn’t think any of her school has any staff members that perform on film or at a nightclub — or anywhere else for that matter — in drag.

But SMU does.

Joe Hoselton is graduate admissions coordinator at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts, but in the LGBT community, he’s better known as Jenna Skyy.

Click said she is pretty sure that no graduate admissions counselor at any of the other schools on the list have ever taught classes on makeup or appeared at a president’s dinner in drag. And Fink confirmed that Baylor President Kenneth Starr is certainly unlikely to host a drag dinner.

Hoselton has done both those things at SMU.

Hoselton said that he thinks the Princeton Review ranking plays into SMU’s stereotypes, something he said he deals with all the time when he’s talking to prospective students.

Hoselton said that while the school has a reputation for its Greek culture, fraternity and sorority membership is capped at a third of undergraduates. When grad students are added, that’s only a sixth of the student body.

Hoselton said he thinks many of the respondents to the survey came from SMU’s business and law schools. Both schools have their own LGBT student organizations but are more conservative than the student population in general.

Hoselton said he thinks students from those schools are more likely to answer lengthy surveys and more likely to answer that there is discrimination, reflecting the stereotype rather than the reality.

Hoselton said that a theology student at Baylor spoke to him before applying to Perkins. That student told Hoselton he came out to a Baylor dean who told him he could continue to study at Baylor but would not graduate and would not find placement help.

The student transferred to Perkins at SMU, where the dean supports him.

Justin Nichols graduated from SMU’s Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences. He said that a regular financial aid application that included parent’s income indicated that he could afford the tuition. However, because he is gay, his father cut him off, so he filed a “special circumstances” form.

“They made it affordable for me to attend,” he said.

Fink said that she doubts being lesbian would have qualified her for special financial aid consideration at Baylor.

Despite the official policies and variety of programs, the ranking is based solely on how students view their own campus. Students from at least 20 other colleges think their schools are more homophobic than Baylor. And students at SMU think gays and lesbians are not treated very well.

“The message that remains from an undergraduate student body is they feel it’s a homophobic campus,” Chard said.

—  John Wright

Dish hosts drag brunch, brings back Tardy Party

This week’s cover story is about brunches and how Dish and other restaurants are pushing the nightclub-feel to Sunday morning. Well, the next one is this Sunday, with two seatings: One at 11 a.m., one at 1 p.m. Jenni P and Jenna Skyy will provide the entertainment along with DJ Paul Paredes.

But just because some of the fun is in daylight doesn’t mean you can’t be there at night as well. Dish just announced tonight’s Tardy Party, the return of the late-night soiree. DJ Moses will spin from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. while you enjoy $5 premium vodkas. And if you miss this one, no worries — it’ll be back next month on Aug, 19.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Facebook doesn’t like Jenna Skyy’s fake boobs

This morning when I logged into Dallas Voice’s Facebook page, I got the following message:

Please Read This!

Content that you shared on Facebook has been removed because it violated Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Shares that contain nudity, pornography, or graphic sexual content, are not permitted on Facebook. This message serves as a warning. Additional violations may result in the termination of your account. Please read the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities carefully and refrain from posting abusive material in the future. Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

I initially had no clue what they were referring to, and of course they don’t bother to tell you. So I just clicked “Acknowledge,” because they really don’t give you a choice. Then I checked our Inbox, and it appears the warning was the result of a complaint by one of our so-called “friends,” who also sent us a message saying he objected to the above photo of Gaybingo co-host Jenna Skyy, which accompanied our post about the event’s 10th anniversary last weekend. I checked and, sure enough, the post had been removed from our page. Here’s what our friend wrote about the photo in his message to us:

“It violates the TOS. Please remove it and be more understanding in the future about people who read your newspaper have kids who might see it. Please take into accounts that children might see the post and be more socially responsible. Sexually explicit pictures or movies that show nudity does not ever belong on facebook. Please think about the kids who might see it. Porn has a time and place, but not on facebook.”

Porn? Really? First of all, even if Jenna’s breasts were real, I regularly see far more sexually explicit photos on Facebook. But they’re not real, they’re fuckin’ fake. And if you watch the video in the post, you’ll see that she’s actually in the process of removing them. But she covered them with her arm anyway. Covered fake breasts are porn? This loser must have an interesting sex life.

The fact is this same “friend,” whom we won’t identify here, has been a nuisance for some time — leaving ridiculous comments on our page accusing us of being part of some big gay Republican conspiracy. After I found out he had complained about our photo, I finally deleted him. But what really bothers me is the fact that Facebook agreed with him and issued a warning with no questions asked, and without providing any way to contact them.

On that note, I thought I’d let you know that Dallas Voice is now on Google+.

—  John Wright