Jim Schutze on anti-gay bullying

DV contributor Phyllis Guest alerts us to Jim Schutze’s post on bullying over at Unfair Park. And this paragraph pretty well sums it up:

“Kids become bullies as expressions of their parents’ values. They think it’s OK — actually, they think it’s a good thing — to knock a gay kid’s teeth down his throat down by the gym because their parents have signaled to them it’s a good thing. Blood on their cuffs when they come home at night means they won’t turn gay themselves. They must kill the thing their parents fear. Like turning American. Or black. Or white. Whatever.”

—  John Wright

FW gay writer gets props for ‘Trannies’ story

I’ve known Jimmy Fowler for way longer than I care to admit — since we were both writing film criticism for the Dallas Observer. He was a good writer then and still is — and he has some evidence to prove it.

Fowler, who now writes for the Fort Worth Weekly, has just been nominated by the AltWeekly Awards for the best arts feature (for papers with 50,000 circulation or less) for his piece “Ticked Off at Ticked-Off Trannies,” a story that examined the controversy over Israel Luna’s transploitation comedy Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives, which had trans activist Kelli Ann Busey in a tizzy last year. Fowler is one of four finalists.

His Fort Worth Weekly colleagues also up for awards include Kristian Lin (arts criticism), Jeff Prince (media reporting), Betty Brink (investigative reporting) and Peter Gorman (long form news story). The Dallas Observer is a finalist for political columnist Jim Schutze, cover designer Alex Flores, and former food writer Hanna Raskin, and for the DC9 at Night blog.

Winners we be unveiled at a ceremony on July 22 in New Orleans.

A CORRECTION: Fort Worth Weekly and Dallas Observer used to be owned by the same company, but I have been informed they aren’t any longer. My apologies.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

What’s Brewing: Bin Laden dead; early voting begins; Texas House to take up anti-bullying bill

Your weekday morning blend from Instant Tea:

1. In case you’ve been under a rock for the last 12 hours, Osama Bin Laden is dead. Watch President Barack Obama’s statement from Sunday night above. You probably thought there was no gay angle to this story, but The Washington Blade has it.

2. Early voting begins today in local municipal elections. For a complete list of early voting locations in Dallas County, go here. If you haven’t made up your mind yet in the Dallas mayor’s race, all four candidates are scheduled to attend a forum sponsored by the North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce tonight at Cityplace. I’ll be joining Robert Wilonsky and Jim Schutze of the Dallas Observer to moderate the forum, which is free and open to the public. For more info, go here.

3. It’s not too late to contact your state representative and urge them to vote for HB 1942 by Rep. Diane Patrick, R-Arlington, an anti-bullying bill that’s scheduled for debate on the House floor today. Experts say Patrick’s bill represents the last, best chance for the Texas Legislature to address bullying in this year’s session. Equality Texas, which supports the bill, has been urging members to email their representatives by going here.

—  John Wright


“It’s why we can’t have protest movements in Dallas. People here are too obedient. Gay rights, black activism, Tea Party — doesn’t matter. There’s something in the water. If the mob in Tahrir Square had been made up entirely of members of the Dallas Tea Party, all Mubarek would have had to do to shut the thing down was tell them all to go sit in time-out.”

— Dallas Observer columnist Jim Schutze,
in a blog post bemoaning the timidness of Tuesday’s protests
at the Dallas County Commissioners Court meeting

—  John Wright

Gay-baiting as a distraction from real issues

Jim Schutze at The Dallas Observer has a good piece up today about politicians using issues like immigration, abortion and gay rights to distract voters from real problems, such as Texas’ current budget shortfall and — more generally — how badly rich people in the U.S. are screwing everyone else over. Here’s an excerpt:

So it’s like this: We ask, “Mr. Governor, what are you going to about the huge deficit that’s going to screw up our kids’ schools and toss our grandparents out in the street and mess up the whole state?”


It’s not just Perry. It’s all of the Republicans now. Ask state Sen. Florence Shapiro what she’s going to do to protect colleges and universities from the shortfall. She’ll start talking about how we need “voter ID”


And if that doesn’t work, the Republicans will point toward San Francisco and say, “LOOK! LOOK! TWO GUYS KISSING!”


In reading Schutze’s piece, we couldn’t help being reminded of this George Carlin bit, so we figured we’d go ahead and share it too:

—  John Wright