Forget virgins: Iowa Supreme Court justices are God’s newly ordered sacrifice

God is our ultimate authority, and we think that we did God’s will by standing up to the three judges who would try to redefine God’s institution and say that marriage is anything other than one man and one woman

Chuck “gay students need to be healed” Hurley on how he and his so-called “Iowa For Freedom” cronies were able to vote oust three Supreme Court judges [SOURCE]

Those of you who voted to protect judicial independence can go ahead and send your souls to:

Satan B. Lucifer

Prince of Darkness Inc.

666 Hades Avenue

Deepest Part, Hell ∞

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Election Losses of Iowa Justices Hurt Marriage Equality Efforts Nationwide

Last year the seven justices of the Iowa Supreme Court declared unconstitutional a state law that denied same sex marriage. Yesterday, three of those justices were voted out of office. The other four weren’t up for reelection.

Why the Iowa Justices Lost

Their election losses were the culmination of a campaign by out-of-state special interest groups to punish the justices for effectively making gay marriage legal in the state. Grant Shulte of the Des Moines Register reported today:

The ouster effort grew out of the April 2009 gay marriage ruling that stunned the nation, outraged social conservatives and turned Iowa into the first Midwestern state to sanction same-sex marriage. . .

Groups that wanted the justices ousted poured more than 0,000 into their effort, with heavy support from out-of-state conservative and religious groups. Campaigns that supported the justices and the current state court system spent more than 0,000.

The success of the campaign against the three justices is particularly striking considering the justices opponents: nobody. All the justices had to due was get a simple majority to vote to retain them in office, something no justice had failed to do in Iowa since that state adopted their judicial election system in 1962.

Why the Election Losses Matter

The election losses makes it less likely that elected justices in other states will declare anti-gay-marriage laws unconstitutional in their own jurisdictions.

Unlike the justices for U.S. Supreme Court, justices for 36 state supreme courts, including Iowa, are elected, not appointed. When these justices next decide gay marriage issues, they might now think twice before ruling in favor of gay marriage. The ability for out-of-state groups to fund campaigns against them could mean placing their job at risk if they issue an opinion supporting gay marriage.

In fact, that’s exactly what the opposition group set out to do, according to Vander Plaats, the group’s leader. Three months ago he said:

The ultimate goal is, hopefully, by voting these three justices off of the court on November 2, that we’ll send a message not only across Iowa but hopefully across the country about what was our founders’ intent about the separation of powers.

Plaats did send a message, but not that one. Instead, the message across the country was about what special interest groups will do to justices who vote against gay marriage bans.

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Remember: This is Who Wants to Get Rid of the Three Iowa Supreme Court Justices

Uh oh…

(Up)Chuck Hurley went off message – and made it clear that it really isn't just about marriage:

On a blustery basketball court at Southside Park, leaders in the push to oust three justices for their role in a decision that legalized gay marriage in Iowa — led by the Washington, D.C., based Family Research Council and the New Jersey-based National Organization for Marriage – departed a touring “Judge Bus” emblazoned with “vote no” slogans and spoke to a crowd of about 15 people.

Gay marriage is tearing society asunder, and the decision to allow it runs afoul of the Constitution, said Chuck Hurley, president of the highly influential Christian organization Iowa Family Policy Center, which is a local affiliate of the Family Research Council.

“It’s a degradation of God’s best design for the family,” said Hurley, who was on the tour representing the center’s political action arm.

Hurley said gay activity degrades and alters the family structure, concluding that the debate is about stable homes.

“An intact father-and- mother marriage is by far more important than a good education, by far more important than their physical health in the well-being of a child,” Hurley said.

Hurley goes further than opposition to gay marriage, though.

“For millennia every sane culture has had restraints on behavior,” Hurley said.

Stable societies have always had restraints on incest and pedophilia, he said, and that should extend to homosexual acts as well.

“Every culture should have safe and sane laws regarding sexuality,” Hurley said.

And what would such insanity be without christianists who are actually trying to slither into the Legislature to do Hurley's upchucking for him:

At the anti-judge rally, Republican Statehouse candidate Dan Dirkx said the justices’ decision is jeopardizing Iowa’s way of life.

“I see this ruling as a frontal attack on our culture,” Dirkx said. “America is suffering a heart attack. The rest of the nation looks to us to have good sense.”

Dirkx of rural Auburn, who is running for the House District 51 seat now held by State Rep. Rod Roberts, R-Carroll, compared the marriage case to the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, and noted that legalized abortion is the result of court action, not the vote of the public or their representatives.

“We need to rise up and let them know that we understand why our form of government works,” Dirkx said.

Simply put, society should not give a stamp of approval to gay marriage, Dirkx said.

“When you offend God individually God will deal with you individually,” Dirkx said. “But when you offend God as a nation, that’s a different category.”

In other news, Dirkx said that he supports 'Inquisition-style' remedies against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz for causing the nation to offend God by killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in a false-pretense war.


I'm just kidding on that – but wouldn't it be nice if the esteemed MSM would ask someone like Dirkx if war – particularly war-for-financial-gain – also offends a god that is soooooooooooooooooooo offended by gay marriage?

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NOM To Launch Iowa Bus Tour Against Pro-Marriage Supreme Court Justices

Next Monday NOM launches their third bus tour, this time in Iowa to support the Christianist campaign to defeat the state’s Supreme Court justices.

In one sweeping decision unelected judges decided that it is all right to purposefully deny a child a mother and a father and that millennia of tradition and the views of a large majority of Iowans, that marriage is and always should be between one man and one woman, is irrelevant. This is not their role. The Legislature makes the law. The Governor executes the law. And, only “we the people” can amend our constitution. If the Iowa Supreme Court will do this to marriage, every one of our freedoms, including gun rights and private property, is in danger of being usurped by activist judges who are unelected officials. Most Americans believe that government is out of control. Now is the time to take a stand against the radical judicial activism of the Iowa Supreme Court.

Hopping on board the NOM Hate Bus will be Family Research Council execudouche Tony Perkins, former Sen. Rick “Spreading” Santorum, and local asshat Rep. Steve King. The bus is scheduled to make 20 stops over four days. Hopefully the Courage Campaign will be trailing them again to document the bigotry.

Joe. My. God.

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Video: ‘Those justices don’t know me or you or what we want…’

More web spots from Iowa For Torches and Pitchforks Iowa For Freedom:

You know when your children are really going to be confused, ladies? If/when they find themselves in front of a court of law, and immediately learn that the judiciary doesn’t operate under a “but, but but — I want it that way!” kind of mentality! Because while pithy talking points might sound good in the short term, most judges are not going to exalt one’s personally-held claims or “Let us Vote!” protest signs above, oh, I don’t know — the law and its factual fulfillment!

Look, there are no two ways about it: This current campaign to remove Iowa judges is vindictive, self-centered, largely faith-based, uninformative, and anti-everything that a fair and independent judiciary should be about. Our only hope is that for every kid who’s learning the “uh huh, my mom said so” version of why a majority vote is supposedly meant to strike down a reasoned assessment of constitutional fairness, ten more American parents are using this current climate to midwife a truly teachable moment.


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