SPOILER ALERT: And the winner of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is ….

… the lesbian! Christina, right — a 32-year-old lesbian chef from Philadelphia — won the grand prize of Hell’s Kitchen Monday night, and it was no mere title. As winner, she receives a salary of $250,000 to serve as head chef at host Gordon Ramsay’s new Paris Las Vegas restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Steak. She defeated straight guy Justin, left, in the finale. (There must be something in the air, too  — an hour after Christina won Hell’s Kitchen, blind home cook Christine won MasterChef.)

It’s great whenever an openly gay person wins a competition where being gay has nothing to do with the competition — and that was the case here. Indeed, the fact her girlfriend kissed her after the win, and was her “family” at the big reveal (along with her mom) is really what equality is all about. And the fact it happened on Fox is kinda neat.

This is nothing new, though. Heather, the winner of Season 2, carried on an apparent showmance with Dallas chef Rachel Brown. But it’s always good to see. Especially in an election year.


—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Houston Aeros’ Justin Fontaine suspended for anti-gay tweet

Justin Fontaine

Houston’s American Hockey League team, the Aeros, has suspended player Justin Fontaine for two games after a homophobic tweet from the right winger.

The suspension was handed down from the Aeros’ parent NHL team the Minnesota Wild, who issued a press statement apologizing for Fontaine’s “inappropriate” comment.

Fontaine has since removed the offending tweet and tweeted an apology, saying “Twitter rookie and it came out totally wrong. It was a roommate battle, nothing more.” Missing from Fontaine’s apology was any recognition that it is cruel to use a term for queer people to deride something.

The issue is not that Fontaine used a naughty word, or that he did it in a public venue. The issue is that Fontaine seems to think that words meaning LGBT people are synonyms for “a thing I don’t like.” It’s hard to imagine that that equation does not stem from a dislike for LGBT people.

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DADT advocate Justin Elzie speaks at RCD

Being all he can be

Justin Elzie may be a happy man right now. As “don’t ask, don’t tell” comes to an end, his work wasn’t in vain. Named Marine of the Year in ‘93, he was discharged for coming out on national TV. He sued, won and has been advocating for LGBT rights in the military. He comes to Dallas to discuss his work in fighting for DADT’s repeal.

DEETS: Resource Center Dallas, 2701 Reagan 2 p.m. RCDallas.org.

—  Rich Lopez

The Justin Bieber Controversy

JUSTIN BIEBER 20100624 X390 (GETTY) | ADVOCATE.COMTeen music sensation Justin Bieber was asked for his opinions on
homosexuality, abortion, and premarital sex, but some think the
questions posed by Rolling Stone were inappropriate.
Advocate.com: Daily News

—  David Taffet

The Singer’s Name Is Mx. Justin Vivian Bond, And V Is Trans

"When I was younger I used to refer to myself as a 'non-op transexual,'" writes the singer-songwriter Justin Bond, "meaning I was a transexual who didn’t need to have surgery to assert what I was. But I was wrong because without assertions people can only make assumptions and I no longer wish to indulge or refute the assumptions or labels other people choose to place on me, I simply want to inhabit my very clear vision of myself." Which means Bond, in addition to beginning a hormone regimen, is adding the name "Vivian" and assuming the prefix "Mx." And so: Mx. Justin Vivian Bond is neither male nor female, but transgender, and you may refer to Bond as neither a he nor a she, but a v. [photo: Amos Mac, via]

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USMC Veteran Justin Elzie On DADT

Joe. My. God.

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On CNN talking DADT with Justin Elzie

I was on CNN tonight my friend, Justin Elzie, a former Marine who is one of the original heroes in the battle against DADT.


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Justin Bieber Won’t Be Calling Usher For Bail Money After That Laser Tag ‘Faggot’ Fight

After allegedly calling some 12-year-old kid a "faggot" during a laser tag fracas, Justin Bieber will not be charged by Canadian officials for assault. How come? Lack of evidence, and not because Mr. Bieber is the newest mop-topped anti-bullying icon.

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Openly Gay USMC Vet Justin Elzie Speaks On His Discharge And Reinstatement

Former USMC Sgt. Justin Elzie is a JMG reader and commenter, as some of you may know. His book Playing By The Rules is now available online and at booksellers nationwide.

Joe. My. God.

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Justin Bieber, Now 20% Less Lesbian-y

OH SNAP — Amateur anti-bullying campaigner Justin Bieber introduces the world to how he's going to manage growing older in pop music at a Barnes & Noble book signing in NYC over the weekend to promote First Step 2 Forever. Is this the end of that myth about lesbians calling themselves "Biebians"?

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