Jay Brannan at The Loft last night

A sold out show at The Loft last night proved Jay Brannan has some major drawing power. Save for a Britney concert, it seemed kind of rare in Dallas to see that many gay men (and a healthy smattering of women) convened for a night of live music.  But there they were filling  the tables and then some in the small venue last night. And by the rounds of applause, Brannan gave them what they were looking for.

Which was really hard to say what that might have been.

Is Brannan something to just look at or is he someone to actually listen to? Often I overheard, “He’s so adorable,” or “How cute is he?” Brannan knows he’s cute and he uses that to his advantage during banter in between songs.  Anecdotal tales about car wrecks and an obsession with Pancho’s had many giggling like teenage schoolgirls. People gazed at him lovingly during the ballads and clapped like the end of a really good sermon. Beyond that, there wasn’t much more substance to be had.

—  Rich Lopez