Katy Perry to play in Dallas Jan. 14

Katy Perry’s latest album, Witness, is set to drop on June 9, and she’s already booking North American arena tour dates, including Dallas.

Perry will bring her concert to American Airlines Center on Jan. 14, but tickets go on sale as early as this Thursday at 9 a.m., via the Ticketmaster Verified Fan presale. (If not already a member, you have to register by Tuesday.) Citi cardmembers can start purchasing at noon Thursday. General ticket sales begin May 22 at 10 a.m. At ticket purchases include a pre-order for Witness: The Album.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Tegan & Sara book Dallas concert stop

TS6Last year was a watershed for the lesbian twins Tegan & Sara. After years with a cult following, they released a new album, Heartthrob, with a decidedly pop bent. Suddenly, they became as hip as Justin Beiber became … not. (Hey, we can only handle so many Canadian pop stars at a time.)

The duo just began their North American Let’s Make Things Physical Tour which will run nonstop throughout most of 2014, often in conjunction with Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour (after all, each of them has kissed a girl and liked it). One of the final stops will be opening for Perry at American Airlines Center — not a bad venue to prove you’re bona fides. The show hits Dallas Oct. 2 and 3.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

REVIEWS: Katy Perry, Donna Summer


New music is coming out fast and furious lately, so here are a few more CDs to check out.

Katy Perry, PrismDamn you, divorce. You went and made Katy Perry all grown-up. Where’s the fireworks? The teenage dreams? The California girl? They’re few and far between on Perry’s third major release, where her personal woes become cathartic self-empowerment anthems and criminally written true-life tales.

Because it is possibly the worst song of Perry’s career, let’s get “Ghost” out of the way. The track wants to be taken seriously. And it is a serious song: Aside from the introspective ballad “By the Grace of God,” it’s the most forward she’s been musically with regard to her relationship with Russell Brand and his text breakup. But these fourth-grade diary scribblings — but you hit send and disappeared in front of my eyes — cheapen any emotion we’re supposed to be feeling. “This is How We Do” is an embarrassment, too, and not because Perry “raps.” Again, its rankness is due to how much the content is dumbed-down with cringe-worthy words about getting nails done all Japanese-y and “sucking real bad at Mariah Carey-oke.

Prism doesn’t suck real bad, though. It has its moments, all of which come early: the galvanizing mantra “Roar” has a chorus so insanely catchy it’s no wonder it ruled the charts since summer; the power ballad “Unconditionally” soars to cosmic heights; and “Legendary Lovers” takes Perry to India, where the mysteriousness of the track, and the sultriness of her feathered voice, is imbued with a surprisingly not-lame Bollywood sound. So, cool. She’s taking artistic risks. But by the end of Prism, you kind of wish Katy were still kissing girls and blasting Reddi-wip from her tits.

Donna Summer, Love to Love You Donna.  Spearheaded by her longtime collaborator and widower, Bruce Sudano, this posthumous tribute to the queen of disco recruits some of the best in the business to put a new spin on the disco gems in the queen’s catalog. It’s a (re)mixed bag. The good: Giorgio Moroder’s euphoric “Love to Love You Baby” and his other contribution, “La Dolce Vita,” a song he’d been working on with Summer before she passed last year that now — with his “we miss her so” intones — serves as an elegy. The not so good: A version of “Last Dance” that just goes to show that some songs of Summer’s should go untouched.

Panic! at the Disco, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!  The arena-pop trio has always prided itself on being odd. And though this isn’t them at their weirdest — or even their best — there are some unexpected turns on the band’s techno-tinged fourth album. Among them, a sample of a Sesame Street jingle on “Vegas Lights,” an EDM track as glittery as the city (the boys’ hometown) they’re celebrating; “Girls/Girls/Boys,” a bisexuality anthem with ’80s spirit; and the brooding standout “Casual Affair,” an electro-rocker that has more in common with Depeche Mode than Panic! at the Disco.

— Chris Azzopardi

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

The Gay Interview: Katy Perry

Our correspondent Chris Azzopardi got a sit-down (well, via transatlantic phone) with pop star Katy Perry, just in time for the release of her concert documentary, Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, which comes out today.  The patriotic pop princess talks the film, kissing gay boys and fighting hate with love bullets.


It was not really last Friday night, but it still happened: Katy Perry called from London, where it was nearly 1 a.m. If life really does imitate art, she smelled like a mini-bar on a night that’s soon to be a blacked-out blur, right?

“Not tonight,” she insists. “I have to play and be professional tomorrow, but maybe after the show I’ll be having a couple of Shirley Temples with some adult juice in them.”

We spoke with Perry just after she made a surprise appearance in London for a screening of her new film, Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, a docu-concert chronicling the California girl’s evolution from gospel-singing daughter of two pastors to international pop phenom … with the most lethal boobs in the world.

During our interview, Perry told us what else they shoot besides whipped cream, how the gay community can relate to her movie and why Madonna doesn’t scare her. 

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

After receiving pseudo-tweets galore, we finally have a winner for those Katy Perry tickets

Thanks to all of you who responded to our Katy Perry/Robyn ticket giveaway. The winning pseudo-tweet belonged to Jonathon with the following:

My Teenage Dream was for the Prom King to ditch the California girl so I could get his heart racing in my skin tight jeans!

We enjoyed reading your teenage dreams, but the winner was selected at random by our very own intern, Draconis von Trapp. Since we didn’t want you to be upset at any of us (mostly me), I asked Drake to pick a number.

Congrats, Jonathon! Have fun tonight.

—  Rich Lopez

Katy Perry & Robyn tonight at Verizon

Pop fantasia

Take one part radio friendly diva, another part alt-pop queen and put them on tour together and bam, it’s like Candyland for pop music. Where Katy Perry delivers irresistible bubblegum treats, Robyn gives steely dance gems and the audience wins with both on hand the same night. DJ Skeet Skeet opens up the night for this stop of the California Dreams Tour.

Both artists weren’t too much in the interviewing mood, but we kinda dig Cat Downes’ faux interview with the two here.

DEETS: Verizon Theatre, 1001 Performance Place, Grand Prairie. 7:30 p.m. $45. Ticketmaster.com.

PS. If you’re a  fan of Robyn, catch her DJ set after the show at the Rio Room.


—  Rich Lopez

GIVEAWAY: Pseudo-tweet us to win a pair of tix to Katy Perry & Robyn Thursday night at Verizon

We don’t want to know what you did “Last Friday Night,” but we are wondering if you have plans for Thursday. Thanks to the guys at Universal (Robyn’s peeps actually), we have one pair of tickets to give away to her show. Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour lands at Verizon Theatre on Thursday night, and you could be in on the action.

What do you gotta do? Tell us about your “Teenage Dream” in Twitter fashion. That means 140 characters or less. Who struck your fancy in high school? Was it a classmate? A teacher? Why?

And no worries if you don’t have Twitter. Just email it here and a winner will be picked tomorrow.

The rules:

• Twitter fashion means no more than 140 characters including spaces. Abbeviations r good. In fact, this sentence you’re reading is 140 chars.
• It can’t be NSFW. No x-rated fantasies or pics or stuff like that. Automatic DQ.
• You’ll have to pick up the tickets from the office no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday.
• Deadline is 11 a.m. on Thursday.
• Include your full name in the email, but it won’t count toward your 140.

    Good luck and happy pseudo-tweeting. Of course, you can always tweet us for real anytime here or here.

    —  Rich Lopez

    Concert Notice (kinda): Robyn to perform DJ set at Rio Room after opening for Katy Perry

    Funny how Katy Perry is Thursday night’s headliner at Verizon, but I seem to be seeing Robyn all over the Interwebs lately. The remix video of “Never Will Be Mine” has been released which I’m kinda obsessing over right now. The original holds up, but I needed an upbeat for this hot afternoon.

    —  Rich Lopez

    ‘California Gays’ creator takes on Rihanna

    Katy Perry’s “California Girls” had everyone in a tizzy last summer, but perhaps none more so than Ryan James Yezak, who created the viral parody video “California Gays.” The video got a whole lotta views and even inspired other “Girls” parodies and take-offs.

    Yezak talks at length with Instinct in an interview posted today, and he also debuts his newest video “Only Gay in the World” complete with shirtless, AbFitch types dancing and sexing it up all over the place. The boys lip-sync for their lives to Rihanna’s “Only Girl in the World” amid a fanciful cornucopia of imagery that gets political but remains a fun watch and pretty well done — as is the interview. Watch it below.


    —  Rich Lopez

    To brighten a dreary day (‘California Girls’ parody)

    This made me laugh, so I wanted to share:

    —  admin