What’s Brewing: Fatal gay-bashing in Iowa; McInerney’s defense rests; Goss-Michael split

Marcellus Andrews

Your weekday morning blend from Instant Tea:

1. A 19-year-old college student was beaten to death in an apparent anti-gay hate crime in Waterloo, Iowa, early Friday. Marcellus Richard Andrews was sitting on a friend’s porch when a group of people who apparently knew him rode up in a pickup truck and began taunting him with anti-gay slurs. A fight broke out, and after being kicked in the head at least once, Andrews was left unconscious with severe head injuries. He was pronounced dead at a hospital more than two days later. Police are still looking for the suspects and have not yet classified the incident as a hate crime.

2. The defense rested Monday in the murder trial of Brandon McInerney without calling him to the witness stand. McInerney, 17, is being tried as an adult on charges of murder and a hate crime for the fatal 2008 shooting of 15-year-old gay student Lawrence King in Oxnard, Calif. The defense is hoping McInerney will be convicted of voluntary manslaughter instead of murder. The prosecution is now presenting its rebuttal case, and closing arguments could be heard by the end of this week, which is the seventh of the trial.

3. Pop singer George Michael and his Dallas-based partner, Kenny Goss, have split up. Well, actually Michael says they haven’t really been together for 2 ½ years, even though they’ve led the media to believe otherwise. Michael came clean about it all during a performance Monday in Prague, when he also dedicated a song to Goss. Read about it here and watch the video below.

—  John Wright

Le mort d’artiste

There’s a lot of death and sex in the new permanent collection at GMF

SHADOW PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS | Shine a light on a sculpture of penises and hands and they become silhouettes of the artists, right; Damien Hirst’s gruesome take on St. Sebastian with a calf carcass contrasts with a one-armed gorilla in the background, left. (Arnold Wayne Jones/Dallas Voice)

When the Goss-Michael Foundation opened four years ago on Cedar Springs, it mounted mostly solo shows of British artists pulled from the substantial collection of the gallery’s co-owners,  Kenny Goss and George Michael.

Now, the GMF has new, bigger digs (in the Design District), a renewed mission and the real estate to show a broader spectrum of art.

The current exhibit combines pieces from the prior exhibitions, including Damien Hirst’s gruesome St. Sebastian, Exquisite Pain (a calf peppered with arrows trussed up in formaldehyde), Sarah Lucas’ Pepsi & Cocky (intertwined legs of two female ballet dancer) and Adam McEwen’s collection of fantasy obituaries, and in one place you realize: These are some twisted fucks.

Homoerotic sexuality and mortality are recurrent themes across the panorama of pieces here, often in fascinating ways (as if the theme itself weren’t fascinating enough). Chief among the intriguing works:  A sculpture of penises and human hands which cast shadows of the artists and

The color combo of the video portrait of co-owner George Michael will never be seen again. (Arnold Wayne Jones/Dallas Voice)

explicit drawings of sex that are creepily authentic. You won’t see this stuff anywhere else. And that’s enough reason to seek it out.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

Goss-Michael Foundation, 1405 Turtle Creek Blvd. Through Feb. 28, 2011. Free.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 3, 2010.

—  Michael Stephens

Sometimes-Dallas-resident and gay pop megastar George Michael sentenced to 8 weeks in jail

Who could ever think that George Michael and Lindsay Lohan would be kindred spirits? In court today, District Judge John Perkins sentenced Michael to eight weeks in jail. He was booked in London on July 4 for driving his car through a storefront while under the influence, and for marijuana possession. He pleaded guilty to the charges. The Associated Press reported that “Michael sighed as sentence was passed. His long-term partner Kenny Goss buried his head in his hands.” They also reported:

“It does not appear that you took proper steps to deal with what is clearly an addiction to cannabis,” the judge said. “That’s a mistake which puts you and, on this occasion, the public at risk.” Perkins sentenced Michael to the prison time and a 1,250 pound ($1,930) fine during a hearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court.

Musically, Michael had just released the remastered special edition of his landmark album “Faith,” which is available for pre-order, and relaunched his website. Career-wise, perhaps he was streamlining the rough areas. Fans on his site showered the singer with messages of support going into court, and criticisms against the court for the sentencing.

—  Rich Lopez