Austin PBS affiliate won’t air ‘Out in America’

Meghan Stabler

Did anyone catch Out in America on KERA on Monday night? As we dutifully informed you, the major new documentary from PBS about the American LGBT experience, which has gotten rave reviews from advocates, aired in Dallas two days before it is scheduled to air on most PBS stations around the country — at 7 p.m. Central time on Wednesday. A KERA rep explained to Instant Tea that the station had a timeslot open Monday night to air the documentary as part of its pledge drive, but won’t be showing it again Wednesday, which is a live night. Out in America is scheduled to re-air at 3 a.m. Sunday on KERA. Depending on how many pledges it generates, Out in America could also re-air on KERA later in the month, the representative told us.

Meanwhile, down in Austin, controversy is brewing over Out In America. Meghan Stabler, a board member for the Human Rights Campaign who lives in Round Rock, reports that the PBS affiliate in the capital, KLRU, has no plans to air Out in America during Pride month:

A major documentary about the American LGBT experience (“OUT in America”) will premiere nationally this week. Unfortunately here in Austin, the most liberal of cities in Texas, maybe the only liberal city in Texas, the local PBS station, KLRU,  is not scheduled to air it. …

After researching the monthly schedule for KLRU I noticed that while over 80 percent of the national PBS Stations are planning to run the documentary, KLRU has no plans,” Stabler writes. “The majority of airings will take place to coincide with Pride month, June. I contacted the programming department and received the following reply, “thanks … for inquiring about OUT in America. Currently our programming department said it’s not scheduled but they are considering it. Here’s a list of other programs this month to celebrate Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” …

I talked further with the programming department of KLRU. There answer was that this is a “pledge drive” program and they will not be running it. They have recorded it for potential future use, but as this was a pledge program they would not be running it in the near term. I wasn’t satisfied and neither should you be.

So I then talked with Maria Rodriguez, Sr. VP – Broadcasting at KLRU-TV ( or 512-475-9029). She confirmed what I had been told earlier that “OUT in America” had been offered by PBS National as a documentary for use during pledge drives, and that due to a shorter than normal pledge drive in June, KLRU had decided not to air the program. She could not confirm a date or a month that the documentary would be aired but assured me that some time in the year it would be. I informed her that the content of this documentary was about the lives and personal stories as told by our voices vs. a historical narrative on topics like Stonewall. But she said they were airing Stonewall Uprising and two others for the GLBT community and that KLRU felt that was all that would be done.

Unfortunately a new documentary that does a beautiful job of capturing the richness and complexity of what it means to be LGBT at this particular moment in American history, and does so in an warm, humorous and genuine way, fails to get air time in Austin. That doesn’t cut it for me. “OUT in America” is a collection of our voices airing the struggle for equality in love, relationships, work and transition. The other programming, while offering a repeat documentary on the history of Stonewall and a new documentary called “Two Spirits” about the Navajo Indian traditions and the brutal slaying of Fred Martinez a Navaho “two-spirit” transgender youth, could still be bolstered by the scheduling of “Out in America.”

A petition has been launched at calling for Austin’s KLRU to air Out In America. If you’d like to encourage KERA to re-air the program in Dallas later this month, the station’s representative said to call 800-456-5372, mention Out in America, and make a contribution.


—  John Wright

‘Out in America’ premiers tonight on KERA

Out In America, a major documentary from PBS on the American LGBT experience, doesn’t premiere until Wednesday in most U.S. cities. But for those of us lucky enough to be in Dallas, the show will air at 9:30 p.m. today on KERA. (It repeats at 3 a.m. June 12, in case you’re wondering.) Below is the trailer as well as a full press release about the doc. And here’s a review from Bil Browning at the Bilerico Project.

—  John Wright

Weekly Best Bets

Saturday 01.29

Guess that’s why they call it the blues
While KERA is holding their pledge drive, KNON is trying to raise money of their own. The station, home to Lambda Weekly and The Jesse Garcia Show, hosts its 12th Annual Bluesfest with a hefty lineup. But really, you haven’t lived until you see R&B legend and Dallas native Bobby Patterson throw it down old school style. That’ll change your life.
DEETS: Poor David’s Pub, 1313 S. Lamar St. Through Sunday. 3 p.m. $10.

Sunday 01.30

Talk about ‘Ovo’ the top
In Cirque du Soleil’s new show Ovo, they create a colorful ecosystem of insects. Only these bugs do crazy acrobatics and contortions. Only Cirque can think so out of the box to make a “world of biodiversity” centered around a mysterious egg and a love story between a ladybug and neighborhood bug.
DEETS: Dr. Pepper Arena, 2601 Avenue of the Stars, Frisco. Through Feb. 27. $45-$250.

Tuesday 02.01

‘Faces’ in the crowd
Photographer Jorge Rivas’ Faces of Life was such a hit at last year’s Pride that the campaign is being relaunched during ilume Gallerie’s Super Week. With new photos and an exclusive jewelry line, the gallery extends its hours so everyone can take a peek and sign up for their own photo session.
DEETS: ilume Gallerie, 4123 Cedar Springs Road. Through Saturday.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition Jan. 28, 2011.

—  John Wright

GvB premieres new song from Hunx and his Punx

Thanks to the peeps over at the Gorilla vs. Bear site for offering up some queer music for the day. How about some Hunx and His Punx for your listening pleasure? Gorilla vs. Bear posted “Lovers Lane” today from the band’s upcoming album Too Young To Be In Love. So far, I can’t stop listening to it. Its uber-gay tune is beautifully nostalgic in that K-Tel kinda way.

The band is also in the process of creating its own TV show, which sounds like a hot mess and by the sound of the band’s last tweet (their feed is as entertaining as their music), they wouldn’t mind a little financial scratch to help out. Take some of your intended KERA money and help a gay out by pledging. They are  halfway to their $3,000 goal.

—  Rich Lopez

What’s so gay about Idea Week?

Raise your hand — how many of you know that this is Idea Week? All righty then.

You might have seen it buzzing around on Twitter and Facebook, but Idea Week is kind of a great idea which you can read more about on the link. Wednesday’s Pecha Kucha event I wrote about is one of the events throughout the week which will feature Cathey Miller and Rawlins Gilliland as presenters and repping the LGBT community. Artistic director Kevin Moriarty also reps when he speaks Thursday at the Dallas Museum of Art on the State of the Arts with DMA director Bonnie Pitman, KERA’s Jeff Whittington and Creative Time president Anne Pasternak.

Nice to see the LGBT community partake in the events going on even in a peripheral way. But I thought, we could do a little more ideating (as they call it). So I posed the question to a few colleagues around the office with no other direction: What’s you’re big idea?

Read ’em below.

—  Rich Lopez

Cliburn documentary airs on KERA Wednesday

A Surprise in Texas, the documentary about the quadrennial Van Cliburn piano competition named for Fort Worth’s celebrated gay musician, will air on KERA 13 Wed., Sept. 1. The film, which made the rounds of film festivals earlier this year, including the Dallas International Film Fest, profiles the historic naming of two gold medalists in 2009 — one the youngest ever, one the first blind winner. It will air at 7 p.m. and immediately again at 8:30 p.m.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

KERA's 'Tell Me More' features one gay who's not so much into the marriage thing

Matt “Mattilda” Bernstein Sycamore

If you happened to be listening to  KERA in the last hour, you may have caught the piece on radio show “Tell Me More” about the “queer argument against marriage.” Host Michael Martin spoke with activist Matt “Mattilda” Bernstein Sycamore about his thoughts on why LGBT people shouldn’t be so on board with marriage equality:

Marriage equality has become a central pillar of the modern gay rights movement. Five states and the District of Columbia offer same sex marriages and a case involving California’s ban on gay marriage is expected to end up in the Supreme Court. But despite recent advances, not all gay people are so eager to ring the wedding bells. Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, self-described queer activist and author of “That’s Revolting: Queer Strategies for Resisting Assimilation,” says gay people should stop fighting to uphold what she considers to be the failed institution of marriage.

The link above will take you to the transcript of the show (it’s long!) and the audio replay.wi-fi-pirate.ruнаписание текстов купить

—  Rich Lopez

Gay programming on KERA-13 this month

It’s National Gay Pride Month, and Channel 13, our local PBS affiliate, has some gay programming scheduled, starting tonight:

“Out in the Silence,” a documentary about the reaction of a small town when one of its residents announces his intent to marry another man. June 2 at 10 p.m. (Watch the trailer above.)

“Independent Lens: Ask Not,” an investigation into the political turbulence surrounding the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. June 16 at 10 p.m.

“The Naked Civil Servant,” a profile of Quentin Crisp, the flamboyant British gay man. June 23 at 9:30 p.m.сайтавтоматизация рекламной

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Sneak preview of FWO's 'Before Night Falls,' the story of a gay man in Fidel Castro's Cuba

DVtv’s Cindy Chaffin reports:

Last night I attended the KERA/Art&Seek panel discussion, “Before Night Falls: Relationships, Politics and Opera,” at the Robert J. O’Donnell Lecture-Recital Hall at SMU. KERA’s Jerome Weeks led the panel discussion which featured composer and librettist Jorge Martín, costume designer Claudia Stephens and the oh-so-yummy star of the opera, Wes Mason.

Here’s what the Fort Worth Opera tells us about the upcoming production:

“As Reinaldo Arenas lies dying of AIDS in New York City, he remembers his beloved homeland before and after Fidel Castro took power in Cuba. Born in extreme poverty, Arenas joins Castro’s rebellion as a teen. As he matures, he realizes that Castro is not interested in a free Cuba after all. A rising poet and writer, he defies Castro when a manuscript is smuggled out of the country and published in France. Embarrassed by the bad publicity, the regime imprisons Arenas for being a homosexual. After imprisonment and torture, he agrees to stop writing as a condition of his release, but can not handle his ‘silence’ for long. He escapes to the U.S. in the Mariel exodus, but during his new found freedom outside of Cuba he contracts HIV/AIDS. He rushes to complete his memoir before he commits suicide to end his suffering.”

This short video is a taste of what to expect. Just imagine fabulous costumes, an impressive set design and a backing symphony. Personally, I’m going to imagine Wes Mason shirtless. “Before Night Falls” runs May 29 through June 6.пошаговая оптимизация сайта

—  John Wright

Dallas Public Library's Oak Lawn branch gets a visit from the new Digital Bookmobile

Imagine this only with computers and the comfort of your own home.

If you were listening to KERA this morning, you might have heard about the Dallas Public Library’s launch of its Digital Dallas program. Councilman Ron Natinsky is already on board. So now, instead of heading out to the library, the library comes right to your computer. Cool, huh?

Today, the Digital Bookmobile stops at the Oak Lawn branch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and the public is invited to take a look-see. So perhaps, you still need to head to the library this one more time. The bookmobile will introduce the new service and operated by OverDrive Inc., which actually powers the library to offer the downloads.

I went to start the process to give you a play-by-play but I’m still looking over the selection deciding which looks worthwhile. And I need to download the OverDrive software, too.  So far, “Where the Wild Things Are” is the only book interesting me and none of the music. But I figure they’ll add as the program grows. Gosh, I hope so.  биржи для начинающих копирайтеровтиц сайта яндекс

—  Rich Lopez