Kiss Controversy Lost on Modern Family

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet Modern Family x390 (pub) | ADVOCATE.COMModern Family executive producer Steve Levitan said he doesn’t understand all the fuss about the kiss between gay characters Cam and Mitchell. Daily News

—  John Wright

Air New Zealand Safety Film: Hot Ruggers & A Rebuffed Kiss Request From A Steward

The new passenger safety film from Air New Zealand is cute enough and includes lots of hotties from the famed All Blacks rugby club. But I’m not sure how I feel about the kiss request from the male flight attendant, which is turned down with a grimace by the handsome player. At the 2:45 mark.

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright

I want Kathy Griffin's job!

Mariska Hargitay, left, and Kathy Griffin
Mariska Hargitay, left, and Kathy Griffin

Okay, I am a Kathy Griffin fan. She makes me laugh, even if sometimes I am ashamed to admit I am laughing at something she said (She says so herself: She tells inappropriate jokes). But I have never found myself thinking, “Hey, I want Kathy Griffin’s job.”

At least, not until now.

Griffin is guest starring in the March 3 episode of “Law and Order: SVU.” She plays a lesbian activist in the episode and SHE GETS TO KISS MARISKA HARGITAY!

Below is a video clip of Griffin talking about her guest star role on the show and about how “really hard” it is to act in a scripted TV drama, as compared to doing her own thing as a stand-up comedian and her own reality TV show. But from my perspective, getting to kiss Mariska Hargitay makes up for any amount of hard work!

And I know I’ll be watching that episode next Wednesday!

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I wish I were Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep, left, and Sandra Bullock celebrate their joint Best Actress win at the Critics Choice Awards
Meryl Streep, left, and Sandra Bullock celebrate their joint Best Actress win at the Critics Choice Awards

Okay. I never thought I’d say this, but I wish I were Meryl Streep. Or actually, I wish I had been in Meryl Streep’s place last Friday night at the Critics Choice Awards when Sandra Bullock laid one on Meryl!

I don’t watch awards shows, or keep up with them at all, but apparently Bullock and Streep tied for the Critics Choice Best Actress award (Streep for her role in “Julie & Julia” and Bullock for her role in “The Blind Side”). And Sandra grabbed hold and gave Meryl a big ol’ smooch to celebrate.

Then at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Streep won Best Actress in a comedy and Bullock won Best Actress in a drama. From what I read at, they are both up for Best Actress at the SAG Awards this coming Sunday and at the Oscars.

Ms. Bullock, if you’re out there somewhere reading this, just let me make one thing perfectly clear: I have always loved you, and if you wanted to stop by the Dallas Voice offices some day and give me a big ol’ kiss, I wouldn’t mind at all. Even my wife wouldn’t mind!поддержка сайтов в москвекопирайтеров

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Hot Lips Charlize

Charlize Theron: Kissing for a Cause

Charlize Theron: Kissing for a Cause

SheWired.Com has reported that at an Oct. 22 charity event in San Francisco, when bidding for a trip to South Africa to meet Nelson Mandela stalled out at $37,000, South African native — and award-winning actress — Charlize Theron offered to throw in a “makeout session” with the winning bidder, an offer that managed to get the bid up to $140,000.

SheWired says Theron “took one for the team” when the winning bidder turned out to be a woman, and engaged in a girl-on-girl kiss that lasted “more than 20 seconds.”

My first thought when I saw this was, “Kudos to Ms. Theron” — not for being willing to kiss a girl; I mean, I consider getting to kiss a girl a real privilege, not a chore — but for being willing to kiss a stranger for charity. I wouldn’t do it.

My second thought was, how sad that people are more willing to pay big money to kiss Charlize Theron than to meet Nelson Mandela.

And, I admit, my third thought was to be jealous of the winning bidder, not just because she got to kiss Charlize Theron but because she had the $140,000 to spend that it took to get that kiss!

The event, by the way, was raising money for OneXOne, which delivers food and water to children around the globe.сайтрасценки по изготовлению интернет магазина

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The El Paso kiss saga

While DFW’s LGBT community gets ready to protest for a third consecutive weekend over the joint TABC/Fort Worth PD raid on June 28 at the Rainbow Lounge and tries to figure out just what happened Friday night when TABC shut down Dallas Eagle, out in El Paso the LGBT community is up in arms, too.

A group of five people have said they were thrown out of a Chico Taco restaurant about 12:30 a.m. on June 29 after two men in the group kissed. They said the security guard at the restaurant called them a name and called cops who threatened to arrest them for violating the Texas sodomy law, which by the way was overturned six years ago.

According to the El Paso Times, the security company has said the group included eight people who came in intoxicated and were acting up and dancing around like ballerinas and were asked to leave because they were being disruptive.

The El Paso police chief has released a statement saying there had been “an incorrect recitation of the law,” that the department “recognizes the negative impact discrimination can have on a community” and that the police chief reqires “that all employees of the police department maintain a level of competence that keeps them abreast of the current laws and requirements of the law enforcement profession.”

He added: “Failure to maintain such will result in appropriate discipline.”mobi onlineпоисковое seo раскрутка сайта

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