Creating Change: Day 4

What an amazing day at Creating Change.

As I walked into the hotel, I met an old friend, Marilyn Bennett. She is the former development director of Resource Center Dallas and now lives in Montana and is working on a video project called Truth in Progress. Well, first we had to catch up and then I helped her with rustling up the gays. So much for workshop sessions 5 and 6 this morning.

I got back on track with an award presentation to Aiden Aizumi, 21, from Trevor Project in Los Angeles.

He said, “I wouldn’t have been able to overcome my problems without my friends in the community.” But I think his mom helped as well. She was there and got as big a standing ovation as Aiden.

Writer Kai Wright moderated a panel of youth from across the country. The guys from Youth First Texas, Cynthia and Jesus, did us proud. What was interesting was that some of the lack of services and problems faced by LGBT youth elsewhere have been well addressed in Dallas.

And favorite Kate Clinton line of the day. She reminded us how Cheney attended Obama’s inauguration in a wheelchair. The story was he hurt is back carrying boxes. “Oh, please,” Clinton said. “He shredded everything months ago.”

Then I met Yousif and Nawfal. They’re two gay Iraqis who escaped to Syria and then to the United States. They’re currently living in Houston and seeking asylum. More about them in this week’s paper.

I attended a workshop on intergenerational storytelling. Yes, I was one of the old people, for any of you who were going to add a snotty comment.

Had lunch with Alex, my KNON intern/”Lambda Weekly” helper. We went over to the food court at Plaza of the Americas where it was all queer. What fun. Had dinner with the Bi’s. BiNet’s hospitality suite kept us well-fed and where people of all colors had a spirited discussion about whether or not Matt Goodman was a person of color. I settled the argument by explaining that green was not a color.

Trans slam poet Kit Yan (powerful) entertained and so did New York comedian Vidur Kapur (hysterical). But the hit of the evening? Youth First Texas put on the pre-show. Two of their members were Lady Gaga and Beyonce. They and their backup dancers were incredible. The entire house was on their feet.

Creating Change ends Sunday morning with Vogue Evolution. And our guests from the Philadelphia and Washington areas (and there are lots of them) may be here for an extended stay. Because of snow, their airports are closed, American Airlines has already canceled more than 500 flights today. And Creating Change may just continue.яндекс реклама на сайтераскрутка веб оптимизация

—  David Taffet

Poet Kit Yan to slam Saturday's MasQueerAde Ball — but that's a good thing

Yesterday I posted video of Vidur Kapur’s stand-up as a preview for this Saturday’s festivities at Creating Change’s MasQueerAde Ball. Along with Kapur, headlining for the night will be trans slam poet Kit Yan.

Yan isn’t just spoken word. His MySpace page classifies him as indie, folk rock and comedy. He was even an OutMusician of the Year nominee, so clearly Yan is quite versatile. But I’d say his slam talent looks pretty amazing. He rocks it here in his piece “Third Gender” from the Good Asian Drivers tour.

According to the Creating Change program, Yan will also premiere OUTMedia’s national video contest, “Be Queer, Buy Queer!” where college students can submit original video using that theme.

The MasQueerAde Ball happens Feb. 6 at 8 p.m. in the Dallas Sheraton ballroom. Check here for deets.сколько стоит разработка и поддержка сайтаприведи друга получи скидку

—  Rich Lopez