Trans protections on fast track at DART


Less than three months after Dallas Area Rapid Transit was publicly accused of discriminating against a transgender bus driver, a committee of the Board of Directors voted Tuesday to add gender identity to the agency’s employment nondiscrimination policy.

DART’s Economic Opportunity and Diversity Committee unanimously approved the proposal, which now proceeds to the full Board of Directors for a final vote in June.

“I think there’s little need to debate this,” said committee member John Danish of Irving, who serves as vice president of the Board of Directors. “This is just something that makes a lot of common sense. … We don’t discriminate against anyone for any reason.”

Michael Robinson, who was among a handful of LGBT activists who attended Tuesday’s committee meeting, said he was “shocked’ that there wasn’t more opposition to the proposal. A member of the direct action group GetEQUAL, Robinson said he’s been preparing to organize protests if DART doesn’t approve the new policy.

“I’m extremely surprised that it went that smoothly,” Robinson said after Tuesday’s vote.

—  John Wright