Hijacked identity: Man says he didn’t send threatening message to Krystal Summers

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The man who said his online dating site profile was hacked to send a threatening message to a Dallas transgender woman received this text on Tuesday after Dallas Voice blogged about the dating site threat.

A man who asked that his name be withheld for his safety has contacted Dallas Voice to say that he has received threatening text messages after someone using his online dating profile and his photos sent threatening messages to high-profile Dallas performer Krystal Summers, as detailed here on InstanTEA.

The man — let’s call him Mr. X, just for the sake of clarity — contacted Dallas Voice by phone around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. He said that he only recently moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and that he hasn’t used the online dating service in at least six months.

Mr. X said that since the original post appeared on Dallas Voice’s InstanTEA blog, he has received a vicious text that has left him feeling threatened and unsafe, just as the dating site message made Krystal feel threatened and unsafe.

Mr. X has said he will — and we have heartily encouraged him to — contact the online dating site to let them know that his profile has been hacked. He also said he will be reporting the threatening text to police, and again, we strongly encouraged him to do so.

We posted the blog about the dating site message to Krystal in the first place because she was threatened. Especially in light of what happened early Sunday morning in Orlando, we won’t let such threats go unchecked! We “put him on blast,” so to speak, because we wanted people in our community to know that they should steer clear of him.

BUT, the thing is, we told people to steer clear of him. We DID NOT SAY hunt him down and threaten him. Especially if someone else hacked his account and used it to send nasty, threatening messages. And since we didn’t include his name or his phone number — we didn’t even KNOW his name and phone number — someone went out and actively hunted down that information so they could send threatening messages to him.

And you know what, even there was no hacking and even if he actually were the one who sent the messages, we don’t condone threatening him. Seriously. That is illegal. Don’t do it. Just stay away from him.

Here are a couple of things we do know: The original post about the threatening message to Krystal has been read and shared thousands of times. Thousands. The profile from which the message was sent was taken offline — by whom? don’t know — within just a few hours of the blog being posted. We got messages late Monday night via Facebook that other women had “been having problems” with the same person that sent the message to Krystal.

And this afternoon, Mr. X called to say he is being threatened and that he is not the one using his profile to send messages to or harass anyone. Mr. X has promised to send us screen caps of the threatening texts he has received; we’ll add those images to this post as soon as we receive them.


—  Tammye Nash

Vertigo12 salon wants you to look nice for your wedding pic. And it’s free

Nolan Matthew, supercool straight guy

Nolan Matthew is one of those guys who you think is gay because he’s the most awesomely cool guy ever, and then when you find out he’s straight, still wish he was gay, because he’s so damned handsome. Alas, we must be satisfied merely to label him an ally.

And what an ally he is. Matthew opened a cool-ass hair salon Downtown last year across from CBD Provisions, one that was a funky and fun as his staff. But a dispute with the landlord caused him to move out in search of new digs. It took a while, but he finally opened Vertigo12 Hair Lounge, a salon on the 12th floor of the building at 211 N. Ervay St. It has awesome views and a great vibe (wanna complimentary beer while you wait? Help yourself!). And it’s terrific in even another way.

Matthew has a deal going on right now, in celebration of marriage equality: If you come in with a marriage license dated from June 26, 2015 forward, you can get a free haircut. Gratis. I mean, you wanna get married to your husbear and look like a heavy metal bandmate from the 1980s and need a flattop for the ceremony? Done. It’s like his wedding gift to those who tie the knot.

And because he’s that guy, the offer doesn’t apply only to gay couples. Straight, bi, whatever — you have a license, you wanna cut, Nolan’s your man. (Or maybe you’ll get fellow stylist Krystal Summers to take her shears to your tresses.) The only catch is, you have until Aug. 31 to take advantage of the offer. So don’t dawdle! Get that license and look good as a result.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Congratulations Krystal Summers


Krystal Summers came out of pageant retirement to compete in the newest pageant in the USofA Pageants system, and on Sunday night, Nov. 16, at The Round-Up Saloon, she won the title of Miss Gay Fire and Ice USofA.

Miss Gay USofA 2014 Jenna Skyy was on hand to crown Krystal.

Miss Gay Fire and Ice USofA is co-owned by Vanity Storm and Bruce Ragsdale Horton, who also owns Dragon Lady Earring Company in Dallas. Thanks to Vanity and Bruce for providing us with the photo, by Reginald Sanders, of Jenna crowning Krystal.

—  Tammye Nash

Drag brunch returns to Dish with Krystal Summers, Jenni P

Krystal Summers, pictured, and Jenni P dish out the camp at Dish’s Drag Brunch

A few weeks about I wrote about Dish’s Sunday drag brunch — two seatings that come with live drag entertainment — and it returns Aug. 7 at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. In addition to DJ Paul Paredes, drag divas Krystal Summers and Jenni P will provide the camp along with an excellent meal that includes bottomless mimosas or bloody Marys.

Can’t make it this weekend? Mark your calendars — the next after that is Aug. 21.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Krystal Summers: 'I'm from Laurel, Miss.'

Today I came across the website ImFromDriftwood.com, a site that is working to gather together the stories of individual LGBT people from all over the world.

The site operators say their purpose is to show LGBT teens (and other lonely, isolated LGBT people) that they really aren’t alone, that there are others like them out there in towns big and small, all across the globe.

One of the stories on the site is a video clip of Krystal Summers, the trans actress and entertainer from Dallas who stars in Israel Luna’s film “Ticked-Off Tr***ies With Knives,” talking about growing up in a Southern Baptist home in Laurel, Miss., as “a little girl trapped in a little boy’s body.”

It’s not all weepy and dramatic and emotional. Krystal just talks very plainly about what it’s like to be different. And her story really hits home.

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—  admin