Welcome aboard, Erin Moore


We are thrilled to welcome aboard the newest addition to the Dallas Voice family, graphic artist Erin Moore.

That name may sound — probably does sound — familiar. That’s because Erin has been an active member of DFW’s LGBT community for years. She has been president of Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance, president of Stonewall Democrats of Dallas and vice president of Stonewall Democrats of Texas.
Erin’s also served on the Human Rights Campaign’s national Board of Governors and co-chaired National Coming Out Day.She grew up in Slidell, La., and moved to Dallas in 1992 to be staff adviser to Southern Methodist University’s student newspaper the Daily Campus. From there she began doing layout and design for Texas Lawyer and most recently worked at Brown & Partners designing jewelry advertising for national clients. Erin’s partner, Patti Fink, is currently president of DGLA and hosts the show that Dallas Observer named best talk show in Dallas, Lambda Weekly.

—  Tammye Nash

KNON’s Lambda Weekly named 2014 best radio show

Taffet.DavidVoice staff writer David Taffet and his KNON radio show Lambda Weekly co-hosts Patti Fink and Lerone Landis won a 2014 best radio show citation from the Dallas Observer.

According to the citation:

On the air since 1983, Lambda Weekly claims to be the longest-running gay and lesbian radio show on the air anywhere on Earth. We were unwilling to do the work required to substantiate that claim but considered it irrelevant anyway: Lambda Weekly is just such a great show, gay or lesbian or longest-running or not.

I asked my colleague, whom they described as ”genial and well-informed”, what he thought. He said he was “shocked but delighted.” KNON, he said, “is so excited.”

Then he went to Twitter to say the same:

Fortunately, Fink’s partner Erin Moore just joined the Voice staff, so hopefully David’s ego won’t become too inflated.

Congratulations, y’all.

—  James Russell

Defrocked Methodist minister Frank Schaefer reinstated


The Rev. Frank Schaefer

The Rev. Frank Schaefer, who was defrocked six years after officiating at his son’s wedding, was reinstated.

Schaefer refused to say he would never perform another same-sex wedding. While he performed a very private wedding for his son and son-in-law, he couldn’t promise to never do another wedding because he has two other gay children.

The church ruled in his appeal that Schaefer was on trial only for performing his son’s wedding and not for what he may or may not do in the future.

He can return to work at his church and will be given back benefits and pay.

Since being defrocked, Schaefer has been in Dallas twice and spoke at Cathedral of Hope and Northaven United Methodist Church. He appeared on Lambda Weekly and included footage shot at the radio station in an upcoming documentary about his trial.

—  David Taffet

Schaefer documentary includes Dallas footage


The Rev. Frank Schaefer

The Rev. Frank Schaefer spoke at Cathedral of Hope in Dallas on Feb. 9. Filmmaker Scott Sheppard has been following Schaefer and is putting together a documentary about the minister who was defrocked by the Methodist Church for performing his gay son’s wedding.

A preview has been posted on a Kickstarter page and includes footage from the Cathedral of Hope service. A clip from his appearance on Lambda Weekly is also included in the video.

Schaefer will be back in Dallas speaking at Northaven United Methodist Church on June 8.

—  David Taffet

Lambda Weekly has added podcast

David Taffet (left), Alex Hanselka, Lerone Landis, Patti Fink (front)
David Taffet (left to right), Alex Hanselka, Lerone Landis, Patti Fink (front)

Lambda Weekly has broadcast on 89.3 KNON-FM since 1983 and can be heard live Sundays at noon.

The show is one of the station’s original programs and it’s longevity makes it the longest-running LGBT show on the air anywhere. I’ve worked with the show since 1990 and I host along with Patti Fink and Lerone Landis. Alex Hanselka came on board last summer. He has now created a Web site, records the show and uploads them as a podcast. Listeners can also subscribe through iTunes.поисковая раскрутка сайтовцены на продвижение сайтов

—  David Taffet

Do gays and lesbians make better parents?

Abbie Goldberg
Abbie Goldberg

Abbie Goldberg, author of “Lesbian and Gay Parents and Their Children” was the guest on “Lambda Weekly” today. An article about her work appeared in today’s New York Times Magazine. Goldberg is an assistant professor at Clark University in Massachusetts.

Goldberg has been studying gay and lesbian parents since 2005. Using her own studies as well as others that have been done, she concludes that the children of gays and lesbians do just fine. Others who have read her work conclude that the study indicates gays and lesbians, on average, make better parents than the average straight couple. She believes that since most gay and lesbian parenting is planned, it is better than parenting by the poster child for abstinence-only, heterosexual-only sex education, Bristol Palin.

Some interesting statistics she found:

One in five male same-sex couple are raising children.

One in three lesbian couples are raising children.

In 1990, one in 20 male couples and one in five lesbian couples were raising children.

Male children of lesbian couples have fewer sexual partners than male children of straight couples.

Female children of lesbians have more sexual partners than female children of straight couples.

Goldberg said on the air that she thinks the male children are raised repecting women more, aware of abuse of women by men and conscious of not taking advantage of them.

She thinks that female children of lesbians are raised more feminist and more in charge of their own bodies.

She said that a similar study of children of male couples has not been done. Lerone Landis, co-host of “Lambda Weekly” who is raising a 10-month old child with his husband Danny Valle, said that he’s already overprotective and has started thinking about when their daughter brings home boys. Goldberg agreed that this was something she’s heard from a number of other male partners with children.

Although her studies have shown that gay and lesbian couples are no more or less likely to have gay or lesbian children than straight couples, Goldberg said it’s something that always comes up and the answer really should be: So what?

— David Taffet

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—  Dallasvoice

Voice staff discuss the history of LGBT journalism tonight at Cathedral of Hope

As part of their Cathedral U (as in university) series, Cathedral of Hope hosts Dallas Voice News Editor John Wright and Lambda Weekly radio host and Voice staff writer David Taffet tonight in like, less than an hour. The two will be discussing LGBT journalism and its place in Dallas over the years.

Wright is convinced there are other things to do than go see him talk but I recommend heading over there with loads of questions for the two. They’d totally love it.

The class is part of the Wednesday night services and begins at 6:15.seriesportal.comраскрутка сайта в интернете москва

—  Rich Lopez