Twist Dallas at LBG tonight

Let the music play

SuZanne Kimbrell made major tweaks to this latest edition of Twist Dallas. First and foremost, the event moves to Thursday nights, and while this show continues at Lakewood Bar & Grill, she expects that the July show will be in a different venue.

Also, the lineup here is tighter with four performers on the bill (Kimbrell included), but she’s pulled together another eclectic group of performers. Guitarist Natalie Velasquez, David Siuba from Santa Fe and the sultry soul and slick guitar rock of Robinson Hall led by queer vocalist Jackie Hall.

Visual artist Sylwester Zabielski will have his photography and film work on display.

DEETS: Lakewood Bar and Grill, 6340 Gaston Ave., on May 19 at 8 p.m. $10.

—  Rich Lopez

Latest right-wing lie on Obama’s speech abandons all pretense of rationality

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This isn't an lgbt issue per se but a very important one in terms of how some on the right lie about not just lgbts but whomever they generally target.

In this case, it's President Obama.

Now while many on the right credited Obama for his excellent speech about the Arizona tragedy, others bent over backwards to attack the president per usual.

First, it was Michelle Malkin (the Lamia of the Right because like the so-named monster of Greek mythology, she usually targets children) claiming that the White House had something to do with the t-shirts given out at the memorial service.

When that story was debunked, Malkin gave a half-assed “okay maybe I was wrong” explanation.

But now thanks to Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, Malkin may have something new to sink her fangs into.

Hoft, who never met a lie so outrageous that he wouldn't spread, is now claiming that the White House asked for applause during the memorial service on the Jumbotron:


This is not only just a lie. It's a stupid lie. Hoft is using the closed captions of the speech to make this claim. Media Matters says the following:

Hoft's purported instruction for applause is actually the live captioning for the event. It's the same closed captioning that's made available for television programs. 

A University of Arizona information sheet about last Wednesday's service noted that “sign language interpreters and captioning will be available at” McKale Memorial Center. Captioning is available for some large events – at McKale and elsewhere. Indeed, a release for a separate event at McKale notes that “captions will appear on the overhead Jumbotron.” 

But here is the kicker, according to the blog, Little Green Footballs:

And it gets better, because the other dim bulbs of the wingnut blogosphere are now co-signing Hoft’s post. Pamela “Shrieking Harpy” Geller: “TOGETHER WE WRITHE”: OBAMA MAKING HIS BONES ON THE BONES OF THE DEAD

Doug Ross: White House: we were shocked that Tucson memorial crowd hooted and hollered throughout because our APPLAUSE signs were actually quite discrete

  . . . And now, of course, it’s at Pajamas Media.

Betcha it will probably be on Fox News next week.

And I know just how they will do it. One of the Three Witches of Fox News (think the Three Witches of Macbeth), whether it be Gretchen Carlson (the supposed dumb one), Laura Ingraham (the shrew), or Megyn Kelly (the one who takes pictures in GQ magazine looking a bit “free”) will bring it up with an innocent comment such as “people are saying . . .”  or  “some controversy is now developing over . . .” knowing fully well of course that there is no controversy and the only folks who are saying anything over this are the ones spreading the lie.

THAT is how some members of the right push phony controversies, folks. It's not accidental but an intentional lie on the pretext of “innocent discussion.”

Now I know we are supposed to be engaged in civil conversations with those on the right, but I'm beginning to think we'd be better off with silver, crucifixes, holy water, and stakes.

No doubt there are some who will accuse me of betraying President Obama's cry for civility by what I have just written. But I disagree.

Civility is never the enemy of calling out liars and sometimes you can successfully walk the path of calm dialogue only after calling out those whose livelihood it is to litter that path with clutter.
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Latest papal bigot eruption: “same-sex ‘marriage’ perverts essence and goal of family”

Yawn. It’s not only offensive, at this point it’s just tiring to hear this gasbag find different ways to say the same damn thing — that LGBTs are defective, perverted and otherwise destroying society.

This is from EWTN News:

As efforts to legalize same-sex “marriage” proceed in the United States and countries around the world, Pope Benedict issued strong remarks on Jan. 14, saying that gay “marriage” perverts the “essence and goal of the family.”

Addressing officials from the city of Rome and the Italian region of Lazio, Pope Benedict said that legislation and policies that promote same-sex unions end up “penalizing” heterosexual couples, “who, not without effort, seek to maintain stable emotional ties which are juridically guaranteed and publicly recognized.”

“To this end,” he stressed, “the various components of society must agree on the objectives of education, in order for human love not to be reduced to an article of consumption, but to be seen and lived as a fundamental experience which gives existence meaning and a goal.”

FUN FACT: The conservative Catholic-bent EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network) studio and HQ, ironically, is located not far from where Kate’s mom and dad used to live in Birmingham, AL. It was founded by Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, who suffered a stroke several years ago, but is alive and well in perpetual repeats on the channel of her “Mother Angelica Live” program. Here (2000) she advises a caller on how to avoid purgatory.

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The latest from James Hartline:

Screen Shot 2010-12-20 At 5.25.34 Pm

Okay, look: Any abuse perpetuated on Mr. Hartline or any self-identified “ex-gay” is not funny. Actually, scratch that: Violence in general isn’t funny, be it merely scrape-inducing or be it life-robbing.

But the thing is: James Hartline has blown so much intellectual capital on LGBT rights issues that no activist worth his or her salt can, in good faith, trust his stories. And quite honestly, that extends to most on the “ex-gay” side of thing. Their movement is so thoroughly built on lies, so extremely shrouded in taking credible truths and muddying them, so filled with folks whose motivations and agendas go beyond personal well-being, that they, if bunched together asa generalized collective of “change”-seekers, have weakened their own stated goal of changing hearts and minds.

In this modern “Boy Who Cried Wolf” tale, the ‘ex-gay” community has put a gagillion too many false fangs on those of us who are (a) 100% fine with anyone living however he or she may choose, yet (b) dedicated to trafficking in a realm where factuality, peace, and he world’s fully spectrum of normalcy must be respected/accepted/protected. James Hartline more than others.

We wish you peace, health, and happiness in the New Year, Mr. Hartline.

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Latest ‘pro-family’ response to SPLC list: ‘If hating homosexuals makes our church a hate group then that’s what we are’; wants gays dead

(via RWW)


*Other SPLC list responses:

Matt Barber: Matt Barber called equality activists ‘purveyors of evil’. But yea, it probably is the SPLC that deserves scorn. Uh huh. Sure.

Gary Cass: Apoplectic rather than apologetic: Another family ‘defender’ knocks SPLC

Tony Perkins: Dish it, can’t take it: FRC pissed that people are calling them on their crap

Maggie Gallagher: No, no — Maggie’s not battling gay orientations. She just calls homosexuality ‘unfortunate’, ‘controllable’, and ‘sinful’ because she’s bored.

Bryan Fischer: In fact we’re so into stifling Bryan’s speech that we’ll now write our 47th post about him


*A reminder of what Steven Anderson is all about:

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Latest health vlog: post-surgery doc visit, Hystersisters, and a fashion update

All right, all right. Don’t laugh at your blogmistress for her fashion update. After all, how fashionable can she be with a sore swollen abdomen and legs pokey from edema? Well I don’t have to be runway ready since I’m housebound much of the time — I’m only 11 days out from surgery and I cannot drive yet.

But tonight Kate took me out to dinner, so I “dressed up” in the outfit you see in the pic and in this vlog. The oh-so-fashionable sweater w/matching scarf is courtesy of a Macy’s fire sale rack plus a 25% off coupon discount = . Smart blogmistresses are cheeeep.

Oh, by the way, OT — Macy’s has a scam going on if you surf its web site. This same sweater is on there for an outrageous , but if you go into the store it was .99. Poor schmoes who dropped for this sweater. Beware of buying anything on its web site without checking your local store first.

Back to my health update. So in this vlog I discuss the doctor visit yesterday, where I learned that 1) my incisions are healing OK; the troublesome one is not infected; 2) the pathology report on my now-former uterus and cervix said it was cancer-free (YAY!); 3) I do need to watch the pain management. I tried toughing it out on ibuprofen alone over the weekend and boy that was a FAIL. I still need to take the oxycontin at bedtime since I need restorative sleep, and I was having insomnia on the ibuprofen. I don’t need the hardcore stuff during the day anymore.

The only other time I plan use it is if I overdo something and the pain ratchets up. I’ve been mostly sleeping (anyone notice I overslept and didn’t launch the DADT hearing liveblog until 10 min after 9AM today, LOLOL), or resting. Not exactly active. I haven’t been hungry, so keeping my blood glucose on track hasn’t been hard.

My challenge will be next week. I am going to attempt to drive. This was not going to happen had I not received my Hystersisters Abdominal Support Binder, which I show you in the video. Basically, gravity isn’t your friend post-op. I cannot lie on my side because it feels like my insides are going to fall out, which is actually pressure on the internal stitches. The binder, worn under your clothes and under or on top of your underwear, holds you in and feels wonderful because it is lightly padded and protects your incisions. I still use a bed pillow between me and the seatbelt when a passenger, so I will have to test whether driving with just the binder is workable yet.

So the fashion discussion in the vlog is the limitations of what I can comfortably wear – jeans will be out for some time. My doc said many women say after surgery that wearing jeans, which are thicker than other pants and have less give, even with Lycra, really cause a weird sensation in their abdomen, so that’s usually the last addition back into one’s wardrobe.

What am I wearing? Well since I’m home, it’s drab cotton nightgowns and a fleece robe (I have chills quite often; that’s caused by my ovaries and hormone fluctuations from the impact of surgery). As I say in the video, it’s going to be mostly loose dresses with long sleeve shirts/mock turtlenecks, and tunics with leggings, which are comfortable in my case. I also have a supply of the infamous knee-high socks (from my ill-fated Macy’s trip last week when I hurt myself) to go with the dresses. I’m not ready for tights yet. So I will be fashionably uncool but there’s nothing new there. Except for the knee-high argyles. 🙂

See the rest of my health vlog series.
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Latest Issue of HRC’s Equality Magazine

Do you get Equality? You know, HRC’s quarterly magazine. You can read the entire magazine online at

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find inside the new issue of the nation’s largest-circulation LGBT magazine:

A cover story that shines a light on the shady secrets of the National Organization for Marriage. As you’ve read on the HRC Back Story blog, the new interactive NOM Exposed website finally reveals the full picture about the leaders, allies and questionable activities of the country’s No. 1 opponent of marriage equality.

A Q&A with Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Pa., who was the lead sponsor in the U.S. House of Representatives of the bill to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Murphy, a veteran of the Iraq war and a straight ally, talks about his experience in Baghdad, his words for LGBT service members who are still serving under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and being on the right side of history.

An article about outspoken bigot Christine O’Donnell, the Delaware Republican who has her eyes set on the U.S. Senate. Equality examines O’Donnell’s long history of extremist views on everything from abortion rights to HIV/AIDS and highlights some of her most divisive statements, including, “Homosexuality is an identity adopted through societal factors. It’s an identity disorder.”

A photo essay about LGBT Ugandans, who are often the targets of violence, blackmail and more, in part because homosexuality is illegal in their country. These Ugandans share their stories but hide their faces from the camera — for fear of being targeted by anti-LGBT extremists.

Plus, an insider’s look at HRC’s work to advance equality for the LGBT community.

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

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Moby Featured in Latest “New Yorkers” for Marriage Equality Video

DJ and musician Moby is the latest iconic New Yorker joining in the Human Rights Campaign’s “New Yorkers for Marriage Equality” campaign, raising the profile of the timely fight for equal marriage rights in the Empire State. The new video and the entire campaign can be viewed online at

“One of the things that has made me most proud to be a new Yorker for decades is the fact that we embrace all people and all walks of life,” said Moby. “It is with that spirit in mind that I ask you to please support marriage equality.”

This video is the fifth installment of the series;  Moby joins Mayor Bloomberg, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, actress Julianne Moore and designer Kenneth Cole in their vocal support of marriage equality – In the coming weeks and months HRC will continue the series of prominent New Yorkers speaking out in support for marriage equality to include: Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, David Chang, Tom Colicchio, Fran Drescher, Whoopi Goldberg, Ethan and Ryan Hawke, Christopher Meloni and Joan Rivers.

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

—  John Wright

NOM’s Latest Fail: ‘They Knows’


The National Organization for Marriage ramped up their electoral efforts in Maine by sending out fliers denouncing candidates who support same-sex nuptials. It's fairly reliable campaign tactic, yes, and it's not surprising NOM would initiate such an effort.

Unfortunately for the homophobic group, at least some their fliers, sent out across the state's various districts, contains a fairly glaring typo.

Via Equality Maine:

[Anti-Equality Candidate X] and [Anti-Equality Candidate Y] support traditional marriage. They knows that while circumstances may not always allow it, children do best when raised by their married mother and father. These children become the next generation which continue and preserve our special way of life in Maine. That's why [Anti-Equality Candidate X] and [Anti-Equality Candidate Y] stand for marriage as between one man and one woman.

Now, I know that typos happen – they're part of life – but if NOM's going to spend thousands of dollars distributing anti-gay fliers, they should at least try to get the message correct, rather than just right wing.


Towleroad News #gay

—  John Wright

NOM’s latest mailer: Typo in first line, goes downhill from there

NOM and direct mail: They sure “knows” how to exploit kids/fear/foliage:

Natl Org For Marr 1

Natl Org For Marr 2

*SOURCE: NOM uses kids to attack pro-marriage Maine candidates [Equality Maine]

Marriage in fear quotes? The idea that NOM is part of Maine’s “special way of life,” even while sending the mailer from their DC address? NOM asking voters to fill up representatives’ personal emails with either praise or condemnation? Chatter about kids that become part of the next generation, while completely overlooking the fact — THE FACT! — that a portion of those kids will be LGBT? Light pink roses for a fall wedding?!

Ugh. Sorry, trees that had to die to for this astroturfed silliness.

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—  John Wright