A fair to remember

Kara Ragland, left, and Rachael Bernstein

Rachael Bernstein had the perfect proposal idea.

Surrounded by twinkling lights and cheery fairgoers, she would ride the Texas Star ferris wheel to the top with her soon-to-be fiancée and pop the question.

She had her two best friends at hand ready to take pictures when she kneeled in the crowded wheel’s cage, capturing the magical moment for her to reflect on forever (right).

“I just thought it was really romantic being all the way up there and being able to see as far as you can see,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein and fiancée Kara Ragland adore the State Fair. After meeting online and hitting it off, they visited the fair and rode the ferris wheel shortly after their romance began.

“We hit it off just right away,” Bernstein said. “I always wanted to do it somewhere that we could always go back to and remember and I wanted to do it some place special. I picked the State Fair because it’s something we look forward to all year long.”

Last year the couple and their friends had spent the whole day at the fair and were waiting in line at night to ride the ferris wheel. Ragland suddenly turned to Bernstein and abruptly asked if she was going to propose. Bernstein, of course, lied.

“We were standing in line and she was like, ‘Are you going to propose?’ And I was like, ‘No,’” Bernstein recalls. “It was knowledge that it was going to happen soon. She had no idea when, she had no idea where. She just guessed it.”

Halfway to the top of the ride, Bernstein couldn’t wait any longer, kneeling and admitting that Ragland had guessed it before opening the ring box to a somewhat surprised and delightful reaction.

But the magical moment wasn’t ruined. Bernstein said the evening was still perfect.

A few months later, Ragland proposed to Bernstein on St. Patrick’s Day so both of them would have a “on-one-knee proposal.”
Bernstein, too, found out before it happened.

“We’re not very good at keeping secrets,” Bernstein laughs.

Ragland is currently in India filming a movie, so she’ll miss the fair’s full run this year, but Bernstein said her memories from last year will hold her over until new fair memories can be made again.

The couple is planning a wedding in Dallas scheduled tentatively for next fall.

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—  Dallasvoice

Postcards from Mexico: Lesbian wedding

Here’s the latest from Jesus Chairez:

MÉXICO CITY — I went to my first lesbian wedding ever last month … and it happened here in México City. The women getting married weren’t Mexican, or even Latina, but gringas. The very gay wedding of Cristina Potters and Judith McKnight (center) was held in their charming apartment in México City’s chic neighborhood Col. Condesa on July 22.

What struck me as fascinating was the guest list. Those who came to see included México City’s first lesbian couple to marry, Lol Kin Castañeda Badillo (left) and Judith Vázquez Arreola (right), who wed when México City’s same-sex marriage law took effect on March 4, 2010.

So I wondered: How do two retired, mature, easy-going, non-political American ladies living in México City meet two of México’s A-list lesbian activists?


—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Nutjob candidates in other states make Texas politics seem downright boring this year

New York gubernatorial candidate Kristin Davis

Texas has produced its share of crackpot politicians over the years. But compared to what’s going on across the country, the Lone Star State seems downright boring in 2010.

While Gov. Rick Perry said the Arizona anti-immigration law is not right for Texas, his counterpart in Arizona claimed the law is necessary because of decapitated bodies found in the desert. Jan Brewer, running for re-election as governor of Arizona, has not been able to produce evidence to back up her claim.

Meanwhile, Rand Paul, who’s running for the Senate in Kentucky, said he thinks restaurants should have the right to refuse service based on race. Not that he’d do that if he owned a restaurant, but they should have that right.

Sharron Angle, who’s running for Senate in Nevada, thinks alcohol should be illegal. Last time we looked, Las Vegas was in Nevada.

And after being criticized last week for running an ad showing a map of Mexico with stock photos of Latinos and talking about a stronger immigration law, Angle said she was talking about immigration from Canada and didn’t know if the people in the ad were Mexican. She’s ahead in the polls.

—  David Taffet