Scenes from the Halloween Block Party — Part II

Photos by Chuck Dube/Dallas Voice (MarceloMedia)

—  John Wright

WATCH: Co-host Jenna Skyy gets undressed during Gaybingo Dallas’ 10th anniversary

Gaybingo Dallas marked its 10th anniversary in the Rose Room at Station 4 on Saturday, and as you can see, co-host Jenna Skyy gave a pretty special performance to mark the occasion. Check out DV contributor Brent Paxton’s video and photos below.

—  John Wright

Lone Star Ride Fighting AIDS on Sept. 26

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Resource Center Dallas to formally dedicate Westboro Baptist Church’s gift to the gays

Here’s the press release that just came across from RCD’s Rafael McDonnell:

Dallas — Resource Center Dallas will hold a formal dedication August 6 (Friday) at 10 a.m. for an ice machine it bought as a result of its “Hell Freezes Over” counter-protest of the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). Dallas Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Pauline Medrano is expected to attend.

WBC protested the Center and Congregation Beth El Binah, a mainstream Reform Jewish congregation which meets at the center, on July 9. The “Hell Freezes Over” fundraising counter-protest was launched July 1 and ran through July 19. Donors were asked to give 50 cents or a dollar a minute for the 30 minutes of the scheduled protest. The fundraiser raised nearly $11,000 and drew contributions from Texas and seven other states. It was the most successful counter-protesting fundraiser in Texas against WBC, and one of the most successful ever nationwide.

A plaque will also be unveiled in honor of the people who donated to “Hell Freezes Over” and to Westboro Baptist for serving as the donors’ inspiration.

—  John Wright

Prop 8 rally on Cedar Springs

Photos by John Wright/Dallas Voice

—  John Wright

Heatwave Waterpalooza 2010

Photos by Chuck Dube/Dallas Voice


—  John Wright

UPDATED: DART advances trans protections after discussing them behind closed doors

Following a 30-minute executive session to discuss the item behind closed doors, DART’s Board of Drectors voted Tuesday evening to advance a proposal to add transgender protections to the agency’s nondiscrimination policy.

The proposal, which came in response to allegations that DART discriminated against a transgender bus driver, now proceeds to a final board vote on Tuesday, June 22.

The board, acting as a committee-of-the-whole, voted 11-2 to advance the proposal to next week’s meeting.

Tuesday’s vote came after the board voted 6-5 to delay the proposal last month, requesting more information about the definition of “gender identity” from the agency’s attorneys. The attorneys reportedly provided this information during the executive session prior to Tuesday’s vote.

Once the meeting was reopened, there was no board discussion of the proposal before the vote was taken.

DART spokesman Morgan Lyons noted that Texas open meetings law allows government bodies to conduct closed sessions to discuss information that falls under attorney-client privilege.

However, a Houston-based attorney who’s an expert in open meetings law said Wednesday morning that the circumstances of the closed session sounded “extremely suspicious.” Joe Larsen, a board member for the Texas Freedom of Information Foundation, questioned whether the entire 30-minute closed session was devoted solely to information that falls under attorney-client privilege.

“It sure sounds to me like they went beyond whatever legal implications this thing may have, just because of the time frame in combination with the complete lack of discussion once they went back into open session,” Larsen said.

Voting in favor of the proposal were DART board members John Danish, Loretta Ellerbe, Jerry Christian, Pamela Dunlop Gates, Raymond Noah, Robert Strauss, William Tsao, Tracey Whitaker, Faye Moses Wilkins, Claude Williams and William Velasco.

Voting against the proposal were DART board members Scott Carlson and Mark Enoch. Carlson represents Dallas, which has had trans protections in a nondiscrimination ordinance since 2002. Enoch represents Farmers Branch, Garland and Rowlett.

—  John Wright

Struggling Youth First Texas forced to cut summer hours, issues call for donations

Staff writer David Taffet will have much more on Youth First Texas in Friday’s Voice, but frankly this situation sounds almost too grave to wait three days. YFT’s Board of Directors has issued a statement that hints the 10-year-old organization for LGBTQ youth is in somewhat dire financial straits. Read the full statement after the jump. To contribute to Youth First, go here

—  John Wright

Show vs. Show • 03.26.10

By RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer

Dallas doesn’t find itself too often in the middle of a gay live music dilemma. This weekend, two musicians might get to bring their sounds to the masses. That is, if LGBT Dallas heads out to support their own.

Tommy Hernandez was mostly on the local music scene as a solo artist but his latest venture takes him away from pop music into a trancey realm. As one half of Museum Creatures, he and Stephen Holmes go the electronica route.

Museum Creatures is part of the Mercy for Animals Benefit at the Cavern on Lower Greenville. They share a heavy bill with Soft Environmental Collapse, Division of Power and more for the Rockout for Animals show.

Patrick Boothe approaches music with a raw attitude. In his latest release, Jump In, a five song EP, he explores his darker side.

Boothe relocated from Dallas to Austin partly to be near the music industry there. A lonely spell set in and provided inspiration for his newest set of songs. But he’s confident his gay audience will relate.

“I do have a mostly gay audience and they don’t listen to just the poppy music at gay clubs and bars you always hear.”

He’s alt-rock with a piano but more in the vein of Tori Amos. Yet, maybe a bit louder.

“It’s just me and a piano but it’s gonna be loud. I sing pretty loud and I’m not a classically trained pianist so it can get intense at times.”

He’s alt-rock with a piano but more in the vein of Tori Amos. Yet, maybe a bit louder.

“It’s just me and a piano but it’s gonna be loud. I sing pretty loud and I’m not a classically trained pianist so it can get intense at times.

— Rich Lopez


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 26, 2010.

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