McCrory and his lies about North Carolina’s ‘bathroom bill’


N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory in March signed into law a bill that not only rolls back an equal rights ordinance recently passed in Charlotte to protect LGBT from discrimination and prohibits such local ordinances from being passed in the future, but also prohibits transgender men and women from using the appropriate public restrooms. Since then, individuals, businesses and others — like Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz — have been standing up in droves to denounce McCrory and the legislation, and announce their intentions to boycott the state.

Last week, McCrory told the press that the bill doesn’t take anyone’s rights away and that all the hoopla was created by the media and political correctness run amok. I already called him out for being a Mr. Lying Liarpants on that. Now here’s a video offering some proof that he’s lying.

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February’s ‘Whistleblower’ is a Convenient Guide to Lies, Gay-Bashing, and Distortions Surrounding ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal


WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah has published the February issue of his side project Whistleblower, which is a contains all the lies and distortions about 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' repeal in one tidy edition.

And it has the proud endorsement of several bigoted veterans.

Check it out online here.


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Politifact Rhode Island busts NOM’s lies about marriage

Alvin McEwen thinks this is HUGE. And, he’s right. NOM is fighting the marriage bill in Rhode Island this year with its usual lies and hate. But, this time, the group has been busted.

PolitiFact Rhode Island has examined the NOM claim, now being spread via direct mail in Rhode Island:

We chose to examine one of the claims: “Massachusetts’ public schools teach kids as young as kindergartners about gay marriage. Parents have no legal right to object!”

Alvin takes us through Politifact’s analysis:

PolitiFact then spoke with Jonathan Considine of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum, the Massachusetts Teachers Association, and Thomas Gosnell, president of the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts.

All of these groups and individuals said that they were not aware of any school, classroom, or situation in which gay marriage is being taught to kindergartners.

Politifact concluded thusly:

Bottom line: The National Organization for Marriage mailing says that Massachusetts public schools teach kindergartners about gay marriage. The wording, including the present tense verb, gives the impression this is happening now, in many schools.

But the group’s only evidence is two incidents five years ago. It’s possible that somewhere, in one of the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts, other kindergartners have been taught about same-sex marriage. But NOM couldn’t cite any other examples. We find its statement False.

False indeed.

There’s a reason why Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown, the self-appointed leaders of the anti-gay, anti-marriage industry, didn’t testify in the Prop. 8 trial last summer. If they could stand by what they spew, they should have taken the stand in what was the most important case to date on marriage. But, they didn’t. That’s because, as David Boies said so eloquently last August, “a witness place is a lonely place to lie. And when you come into court you can’t do that.” It’s a crime.

So, people of Rhode Island, be advised: NOM is lying to you.


—  David Taffet

Video: Claiming Oprah nurtures nature’s lies, YouTuber chooses angry lifestyle

I was five. Kindergarten graduation day. I was totally into the cute boy with the “rat tail” hair style and the hi-top sneaks with multi-colored, neon laces.

That’s my first memory of crushing on a dude. Though according to this guy, it never happened. I’m either a liar or a victim of child abuse when I look back on such puppy attractions (which would of course be received as benign and adorable if they were male-female). Oh, and a certain talk show host is a “big headed” source of rage if she gives credence to the remembrances:

But don’t worry. Somehow we think Oprah will find solace in either her blankie, a warm shoulder, or the gagillion dollar empire that bears her name.

As for this writer? Well l find solace in knowing that my biological attractions weren’t faked, because there was no reason to fake them. And this was true when those attractions had nothing to do with my junk and where I wanted to place it, and everything to do with my impetus to ditch pal Nicole whenever Ethan requested a pretend opponent for his pretend Hulk Hogan.

Good As You

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The one where Michael Geer lies about this site

Our initial post on Chick-Fil-A’s supposed partnership with the Pennsylvania Family Institute on its upcoming “Art of Marriage” seminar did one thing and one thing only: It showed the flyer for the event, noted PFI’s mention of Chick-Fil-A being a cosponsor, and told readers to plan their dining choices accordingly.

But leave it to the group behind the flyer to attack the messenger:

Michael Geer, president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, says the post provoking anger towards Pennsylvania Chick-fil-A Chicken restaurants for “endorsing” its efforts are misleading.

“All in all it’s a trumped up story,” Geer told The Christian Post.

“Good as You,” a blog catering to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community, posted a flier about PFI’s February event, The Art of Marriage, with a message asserting that Chick-fil-A was supporting the Pennsylvania group and its efforts to take down the state’s gay marriage plans.

The blog has gone so far as to create an online petition against the restaurant company.

Family Group: Gay Blog Gives Misleading Information About Chick-fil-A Co-Sponsorship [Christian Post]

Okay, let’s stop there. Because that last line is an outright lie. We never created a petition or called for a boycott. Any who did, did so on their own volition. But of course this Christian Post reporter never contacted me for comment.

So okay, moving on: Geer goes on to say:

Setting the record straight, Geer said Chick-fil-A is not sponsoring the event. “There are a couple restaurants that are giving us food,” he shared. The food, mostly chicken sandwiches, is for a day-and-half-long workshop for couples who want to strengthen their marriages.

According to Geer, the local Chick-fil-A branches involved were simply trying to “be good neighbors” to the marriage retreat being held at two local churches. “We didn’t even get any money,” maintained Geer. The food was freely donated to the churches hosting the marriage retreat.

Geer also denounced mentions in the blog and later homosexual magazine On Top for wrongly suggesting that Chick-fil-A’s corporate office, located in Georgia, is involved in the event. Despite restaurant creator Truett Cathy’s profession of faith, Geer says it was a local decision to give the food.

Family Group: Gay Blog Gives Misleading Information About Chick-fil-A Co-Sponsorship [Christian Post]

Okay, again, let’s stop at this, ANOTHER OUTRIGHT LIE! We never indicated to what level the claimed support reached. We tried making contact with Chick-Fil-A’s press people for comment on that matter, but no one ever got back to us (instead choosing to put out a Tweet saying they would comment — a comment that hasn’t come in the two days that have followed).

Again, all we did was so this, a flyer created by PFI:


They are the ones who claimed the sponsorship, not us! A sponsorship that they tried to scrub once this caught fire.

And then, now, let’s wrap up with this from Geer:

“People should applaud institutions that want to strengthen marriage,” he stated. Geer expressed “disappointment” at online publications that would try to taint the meaningful event.

Family Group: Gay Blog Gives Misleading Information About Chick-fil-A Co-Sponsorship [Christian Post]

Yea, you wanna go there, Michael? Well, okay: In addition to PFI’s own work against legally married gay couples (like this writer and his husband), the national sponsor of this “Art of Marriage” concept, Family Life, features teachings like the following on its organizational website:

Help! My Child is a Homosexual – []

and this…

Gay Marriages … What’s the Big Deal? – []

and this…

“These days our media bombard us with the idea that God created and blesses other kinds of sex, like that practiced by homosexuals. You will need to share with your child that there is a radical homosexual element in our culture saying, “We’re going to be in your face. You’re going to see us kissing on television and in movies. We want to become acceptable.”

Our children must know that just because some group wants to validate their behavior, that does not make it right in God’s eyes. Our children need to learn how to hate the sin (see Romans 1:26—27) while loving the sinner.”

Teaching Your Teen About God’s Views on Sex []

So Michael, can claim all you want that we are unfairly tainting you and PFI and Family Life and “The Art Of Marriage.” We will remain deeply disappointed in groups like yours and Family Life, who are trying to taint meaningful existences.

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Christian love = anti-gay lies?

crossposted on Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters

No matter how much members of the religious right claim that they “love” the lgbt community, their actions reveal them to be unprincipled liars.

Take, for example, the latest purveyor of the “we stand against homosexuals because we love them” meme, John-Henry Westen of the right-wing LifeSite News:

“They're not opposed out of any kind of hatred or animosity. In fact, they're opposed out of love,” Westen contends. “Christians care enough about those men and women who are in these destructive lifestyles to tell them that it's hurtful — and it is hurtful. God designed us so that a man and a woman fit together in complimentarity.”

You know what is more harmful? Lies pushed to make it seem that homosexuality is a “deadly lifestyle.”

Which, according to one of my facebook friends, Wendy Equal Leigh, is what Lifesite peddles.

She pointed out to me a recent article pushed by the online publication:

75% of sexually active homosexuals are carrying Human Papiloma Virus, study suggests

Preliminary results from a Spanish study of sexually-active homosexuals indicates that seventy-five percent are carrying the Human Papiloma Virus (HPV), according to a report by Europa Press.

Sounds terrible doesn't it? Except for two things:

1. Lifesite News fails to give a link to the study, which can be argued as not a big deal. But the second point can't.

2. Lifesite News went into detail about the study. I highlighted the important part:

The study, which is seeking to follow sexually active homosexuals who normally use condoms, has so far followed 40 subjects over a period of several months, and has arrived at a preliminary figure of 75 percent HPV infection.

Just how in the world can a study which only looked at 40 subjects be used to make a generalization about all gay men? You see that's why its important for there to be a link to the original study. It could be that Lifesite News is distorting this study to make a conclusion that doesn't even exist.

Based on its past track record (see related posts below), it's not a farfetched conclusion to make about this publication.

If lying on the lgbt community is the type of love Westen pushes, I would hate to see his definition of hate.

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Look out! Here comes a new distortion about changing sexual orientation


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Christianist Groups Join Forces: Don’t Believe Lies Of The Environmentalists

“Environmentalism is deadly to the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

(Via – Right Wing Watch)

Joe. My. God.

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Watch: McCain Lies, Gets Testy with Journalists Over ‘DADT’ Facts


The Wonk Room reports on a meeting between Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham and a group of journalists immediately following the Senate filibuster of the Defense bill, which effectively stalled DADT repeal in the near term.

In a dialog with The Advocate's Kerry Eleveld and MetroWeekly's Chris Geidner, McCain insists, in what can only be described as a hissy fit, that the military does not "seek out" sexual orientation, despite evidence to the contrary.

The Wonk Room's Igor Volsky notes:

"In fact, as Almy explained in testimoney before McCain’s own committee (Senate Armed Services): 'In Iraq, during the height of the insurgency, someone in the Air Force ordered a search of my private emails solely to determine if I had violated 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell', and to gather whatever evidence could be used against me.' 'I was relieved of my duties, leading nearly 200 Airmen, my security clearance was suspended and part of my pay was terminated. Even as my commander was relieving me of my duties, he assured me this was in no way a reflection of my performance or my abilities as an officer,' Almy testified."

Video and transcript, AFTER THE JUMP

Note: you may need to turn up the volume. Transcript via Think Progress:

MCCAIN: We do not go out and seek. Regulations are, we do not go out and seek to find out if someone’s sexual orientation. We do not!

ELEVELD: But senator, that’s not…

MCCAIN: That is the fact! That is the fact. Now ma’am, I know the military very well, and I know what’s being done. And what is being done is that they are not seeking out people who are gay. And I don’t care what you say, I know it’s a fact.

ELEVELD: It’s not what I say.

MCCAIN: I dont’ care what you say! And I don’t care what others say. I’ve seen it in action. I’ve seen it in action. I have sons in the military, I know the military very well. So they’re not telling you the truth.

ELEVELD: Senator, just to make sure…

MCCAIN: Just to make sure. We do not go out and seek out and find out….

ELEVELD: Private emails are not being searched? Private emails are not being searched?

MCCAIN: …See if someone is gay or not. We do not go out and see whether someone is gay or not.

ELEVELD: There are documented cases…

MCCAIN: They do not, they do not, they do not. You can say that they are, you can say [inaudible] it’s not true!… Yea, I’d like to see…

GEIDNER: It is the case of Mike Almy, Senators.

MCCAIN: Bring them to our office. It is not the policy, it is not the policy, it is not the policy.

GEIDNER: But it is the case that it’s happening, Senator.

MCCAIN: It is not the policy, it is not the policy, it is not the policy You can say that it is the policy, sir if you choose to. It is not the policy. I would be glad to get that to you in writing.

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Gub Hopeful Paul LePage (R-ME) Lies: Now Set To Music!

(Personally, I think the Thompson Twins “Lies, Lies” would work equally as well as Fleetwood Mac)… but this is a good follow-up to The Buffalo Stance!

Dirigo Blue breaks down yesterday’s poll numbers here:

The cross tabs of those polled are what you might expect, although more of those survey claimed to have voted for John McCain that what was actually the case in 2008 (Obama won Maine by more than 17 points over McCain) – not a big deal.

But then you get to the age demographic, and once again, we see how things are skewed when pollsters use land lines to make their calls.

18 to 29: 9%

30 to 45: 21%

46 to 65: 42%

Older than 65: 28%

Now Maine does have the oldest demographic in the nation, but this is rather ridiculous.

I agree. For myself, I put more faith in 538’s Nate Silver, who broke it down as far closer. It is essentially a 2 person race with single digits separating LePage and Libby Mitchell.

Oh yeah, it is ON up here in Maine…

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Watch: AZ Gov Jan Brewer Runs from Press After Demands She Recant Lies About Beheadings in the Desert


Following last night's gubernatorial debate in which she couldn't complete an opening statement, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was confronted by the press over her false statements that beheadings were occurring in the desert.

After sidestepping the question in the debate, she does it again before running from a gaggle of press.


Remember, God tells her what to do these things.

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