Scissor Sisters announce summer tour … but not to Texas

In last Friday’s issue, Rich Lopez praised the Scissor Sisters new CD, so we were excited to hear this morning that the Jake Shears-led retro band was going on tour, with tickets on sale this Friday.

Then we saw the schedule. No Dallas date. Nothing even in Texas. The nearest place is Denver or Atlanta, both in separate time zones. This sucks.

It’s not as if we thought Rich’s review would cinch the deal, but you gotta lotta love for this queerband and hoped they’d show some back. And they are going to Wisconsin??!!! Oh, well. It’s a tough summer concert tour season, as evidenced by the cancellation of 10 Lilith Fair dates. Bring us da noise, guys! Bring us da funk! (AND bring us whoever’s ass is on that album cover.)

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Dallas leg of Lilith Fair tour canceled

The Aug. 16 Dallas concert of Lilith Fair at Center, which was to conclude the feminist music tour, has been canceled, along with nine other cities, including Austin and Houston. The concert tour returned just last weekend in Calgary after an 11-year hiatus, with Dallas’ Erykah Badu among the all-woman lineup. The cancellation guts about a third of the tour schedule.

The Dallas installment was to feature Sarah MacLachlan and queer singer Brandi Carlile.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Concert notice: One last goodbye for the Go-Go's, at the Granada Theater in July

Who even knew the Go-Go’s were still intact? The ’80s ladies are back on the road saying goodbye once and for all and they’ll be making their way through Dallas this summer. The Happily Ever After: The Farewell Tour will stop at the Granada Theater on July 26. They are also playing some Lilith Fair dates, but not the stop here.

Of course, we love our Belinda Carlisle and the whole shaky, vibrato thing she had going on with “Heaven and Earth” back in 1989, but our hearts (OK, mine) went out to the perpetually cute Jane Wiedlin. How could you not be aflutter after hearing “Rush Hour“? And could you really forget her coming out in 2005 on VH1’s “The Surreal Life”? Classic.

Say goodbye to the Go-Go’s by getting your tickets now. Tickets are $35–$75 and can be purchased here. In the meantime, here is a snippet of the ladies at House of Blues when they last performed here in 2008.

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—  Rich Lopez

Singer Mary Gauthier proclaims she isn't lesbian enough

Today, Australia’s Star Observer profiled out country singer Mary Gauthier and her latest release, The Foundling. They call the album her most personal to date which is a bold statement considering Gauthier’s past includes alcoholism, running away and a parent’s rejection. Heavy stuff for sure.

But I love her comment on playing “gay music.”

“I’m not interested in ‘gay music’ — what is that? I don’t just sing about ‘gay things’, ” she laughed.

She goes on then about not being gay enough for lesbian audiences which is hard to imagine, because lesbian audiences seem to be the most embracing of all. Maybe she can take baby steps by joining the renewed Lilith Fair.

Gauthier is touring throughout Australia right now and then back to the States in late spring. The above video is her February performance at the All Good Cafe last year. Just take your Dramamine while you watch. And if you want to bypass all the chatter, fast forward to the 6:10 mark.методы рекламы в интернетераскрутка сайта оплата по факту

—  Rich Lopez