WATCH: Occupy Dallas in 90 seconds

So Rich Lopez and I literally took a swing past the Occupy Dallas demonstration in front of the Federal Reserve Bank on Pearl Street during the lunch hour, and below is what we saw.

It starts off kinda slow, with us sitting at a red light on the Woodall Rodgers service road, and a lone Ron Paul supporter shouting through a megaphone in our direction. (Talk about getting co-opted!!!)

But hang in there because things get pretty intense as we make the turn onto Pearl and a Dallas police officer, noticing Rich with the Flip camera in the passenger seat, yells, “Let’s go! Let’s go!”

As you can see, there was a fairly solid line of demonstrators behind the barricades facing Pearl for an entire block, and when we complied with their demands to blow the horn, there was quite a response.

Consider Dallas occupied.

—  John Wright

Show vs. Show • 03.26.10

By RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer

Dallas doesn’t find itself too often in the middle of a gay live music dilemma. This weekend, two musicians might get to bring their sounds to the masses. That is, if LGBT Dallas heads out to support their own.

Tommy Hernandez was mostly on the local music scene as a solo artist but his latest venture takes him away from pop music into a trancey realm. As one half of Museum Creatures, he and Stephen Holmes go the electronica route.

Museum Creatures is part of the Mercy for Animals Benefit at the Cavern on Lower Greenville. They share a heavy bill with Soft Environmental Collapse, Division of Power and more for the Rockout for Animals show.

Patrick Boothe approaches music with a raw attitude. In his latest release, Jump In, a five song EP, he explores his darker side.

Boothe relocated from Dallas to Austin partly to be near the music industry there. A lonely spell set in and provided inspiration for his newest set of songs. But he’s confident his gay audience will relate.

“I do have a mostly gay audience and they don’t listen to just the poppy music at gay clubs and bars you always hear.”

He’s alt-rock with a piano but more in the vein of Tori Amos. Yet, maybe a bit louder.

“It’s just me and a piano but it’s gonna be loud. I sing pretty loud and I’m not a classically trained pianist so it can get intense at times.”

He’s alt-rock with a piano but more in the vein of Tori Amos. Yet, maybe a bit louder.

“It’s just me and a piano but it’s gonna be loud. I sing pretty loud and I’m not a classically trained pianist so it can get intense at times.

— Rich Lopez


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 26, 2010.

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Lopez murder to be tried as hate crime

Murder victim Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, right, and Juan Martinez Matos, left, the man accused of killing him
Murder victim Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado, left, and Juan Martinez Matos, right, the man accused of killing him

The U.S. Attorney for Puerto Rico, Rosa Emilia Rodriguez, has said that her office will be filing hate crime charges against Juan A. Martinez Matos in connection with the murder last month of gay teen Jorge Steve Lopez Mercado, if local authorities do not charge him with a hate crime, according to reports today on

Martinez Matos has reportedly confessed to stabbing Lopez Mercado, dismembering his body and then setting him on fire. If he is tried on federal hate crimes charges, he will be the first person to face such charges since President Barack Obama signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Act into law in October, according to That act added sexual orientation and gender identity to the federal hate crimes law.

The gay news site also reports that a judge in Caguas, Puerto Rico has ordered that Martinez Matos undergo a psychiatric evaluation to make sure he is competent to stand trial.aircrackng.ruрекламные щиты онлайн

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Teen injured in anti-gay attack in Liverpool

As the mourning continues for Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado of Puerto Rico and Jason Mattison Jr. of Baltimore — and as we wait to see what happens following an attack on Houston 16-year-old Jayron MartinPinkNews in the United Kingdom has published a report about a 19-year-old gay man who was beaten by eight young men in Liverpool because they didn’t like his flamboyant style of dress.

The young man, who was not identified by name, suffered a broken nose and will have surgery next week to repair the injuries inflicted in the attack. He told Pink News:  “I was bombarded with punches, I didn’t know where they were coming from. They were shouting, ‘what the f**k are you wearing?!’ I can’t even get on the train without suffering abuse. It’s everywhere I go. I wear colourful stuff, and lipstick, but if I didn’t it would be restricting how I want to be.”

He also said he had been attacked before, and that his ex-boyfriend needed extensive surgery after being assaulted 18 months ago.

Gay trainee policeman James Parkes was hospitalized with a fractured skull after being set upon and beaten by a gang of young men in Liverpool in October, and in August 2008, gay 18-year-old Michael Causner died after being beaten by two other teens, also in Liverpool.vzlomat-wifi.comраскрутка сайта самостоятельно контекст

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