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We want to extend a very special “thank you” to all the merchants who donated to the Round Up Saloon’s annual Easter Basket Auction this year. And thanks as well go to the generous buyers who showed up to bid on and purchase the baskets.

We especially thank our staff that worked so hard to get the baskets decorated, cataloged and presented for sale. Louis Ramos coordinated the entire event, and our auctioneer, R.D., has donated his time now for 15 years to doing our auctions.

And to all the Resource Center Dallas staff, TGRA members, The Dallas Tap Dazzlers, Michael Doughman and all our donors, buyers and entertainers: THANK YOU!

We are proud to announce that $14,400 was donated to The Nutrition Center and TGRA as a result of the Easter Basket Auction. The economy and the crowds are returning, and this charitable event is back on the way to recovery following a couple of pretty lean years.

Again, thank you to everyone.

Gary Miller,
Round-Up Saloon

—  John Wright

St. Louis Cardinals Can’t Guarantee Gays Will Make The Kiss Cam, Because ‘Special Interests’ Aren’t Catered To

With the St. Louis Cardinals hosting "OUT At The Ballpark" on Saturday for some 200 gay fans, everyone wants to know: Will the team aim their Kiss Cam at the homos? Maybe! Maybe not!


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—  John Wright

At NOM’s Rally In St. Louis

St. Louis’ LGBT title, Vital Voice Magazine, covered yesterday Hate Tour stop in their hometown, where NOM blocked them from attending the rally, probably so all those post-overturn red faces couldn’t be recorded.

Joe. My. God.

—  John Wright

Inclusive Protections Adopted in St. Louis

Thanks in large part to the work of PROMO and TransHaven, Saint Louis, MO., has added gender identity to the city’s Civil Rights Ordinance. Gender identity now joins the list of protected categories in the city, offering protections in housing, public accommodations, and employment to all St. Louisans.

Alderman Shane Cohn was given a platform to introduce the amendment to the Civil Rights bill at a town hall sponsored by the two Missouri-based advocacy groups in May, and last Friday Board Bill 67 was unanimously approved by the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. Mayor Slay signed these basic rights into law yesterday, protecting his constituents from unjust discrimination in The Gateway City. With this inclusive bill, St. Louis joins Kansas City and University City in offering these protections and setting an example for the rest of the Show Me State, where diversity is embraced rather than marginalized.

Our congratulations and thanks go out to PROMO, TransHaven, and St. Louis!

Human Rights Campaign | HRC Back Story

—  John Wright