5 Factor raised $45K for Resource Center

The 5 Factor, the Resource Center’s annual tribute to those who make a difference in North Texas, raised more than $45,000 for its programs and services, the center announced. The event, held on Sept. 25, chose five local groups or individuals who make a positive impact on the community in a variety of fields and endeavors. Below are photos from the event.

The center also announced that its next big event, the annual Toast to Life Mad Hatter’s Ball, will return on March 5, 2016, at the Empire Room.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

The Gaga Countdown: This mashup trailer of ‘Gaga in Wonderland’ would’ve been hella fun

Who would have thought Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland would resonate so far beyond its Disney movie-going audience? Miss Texas FFI winner Asia O’Hara became the Mad Hatter complete with detailed costume, a tea party and animals (people in costumes) during her talent. But before that, Black20 Studios saw the connection between Lady Gaga and the psychedelic movie — which couldn’t have been too hard. Her costumes and outfits practically make her into a new character each time.

—  Rich Lopez