Gay filmmakers need help funding films

Ash Christian, the Texas-bred filmmaker who recently debuted his latest underground comedy, Mangus!, at the Dallas International Film Festival, could use your help. His third film as a director is already in the can, but he has one as a producer that still needs help getting off the ground. Continental is a documentary about New York’s Continental Baths, the gay bathhouse where Better Midler and Barry Manilow got their starts. (You can see a video of Bette performing there in 1971 by clicking here.) The film is being directed by documentarian Malcolm Ingram, whom we have also written about.

“We are raising our modest production budget for the documentary via Kickstarter and private equity and I genuinely believe this is an important story to be told while the players are still alive and wanting to talk.” Christian says. “It is very important that we reach our goal in a timely fashion or we don’t get any of the funds already donated.” He’d also accept a bigger private equity investment from someone with the bucks, but even a $10 donation would be appreciated.

You can donate by clicking here.

Ash isn’t the only filmmaker trying to raise money this way for a documentary. Quentin Lee, whose charming romantic comedy The People I’ve Slept With played at the Asian Film Festival of Dallas last year, is trying to raise $3,800 to complete his documentary short,  A Woman Called Canyon Sam, about America’s first Asian American lesbian activist. He’s also using Kickstart to get the money flowing.

You can see the trailer below, or donate by going here.

A Woman Named Canyon Sam Kickstarter Campaign from People Pictures on Vimeo.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

CONCERT NOTICE: Director Kevin Smith’s bear bottom, along with his ‘Wee Wee Tour,’ are coming to Dallas in July

Film director and sometimes actor Kevin Smith has been on the road with his usual producing partner Soctt Mosier. They are performing their SMODcasts during the “Wee Wee Tour,” which stops in Dallas on July 28. The tag line states “Watch Kev and Scott give the audience lots of aural in intimate rooms across the nation.” Clearly, you should expect a certain amount of bathroom and raunchy humor.

But we’ll take it because we love us some Smith (and even Mosier for the die-hard fans of the View Askewniverse). Smith knows he’s a bear, he’s admitted to being a bottom and produces gay-related docs for filmmaker Malcolm Ingram. So, yeah, it’s cool to have a straight-crush on the dude.

Tickets are $40–$60 and available here.

—  Rich Lopez