Down-home at work: Our fattening lunches

Cream pie from Original Market Diner
Cream pie from Original Market Diner

On weeks like this one where we have a big issue to put out, our Benevolent Publisher graciously caters in lunch mid-week to keep us chained to our des… er, for “convenience’s sake.” This week, we had a double-whammy of home cookin’: Mama’s Daughter’s Diner on Tuesday, Original Market Diner today.

Two days of diner food got me thinkin’ (and all of us eatin’): What do some restaurants do diff’ernt than others? Think of it as comparing apple pies to apple pies. So I asked around.

A lot about the menus was similar: Both days had black-eyed peas, salad, cornbread muffins and dessert; both had a chicken and a beef dish. But there were still a lot of differences.

“The cream pies are off the chart,” one ravenous officemate said between pies of coconut and whipped topping, courtesy of Original Market Diner. (He should know: He’s a connoisseur of cream pie.) “I don’t know, it would be hard to top that apple pie from yesterday,” countered another staffer. (Here’s the truth: They’re both right.)

—  Arnold Wayne Jones