WATCH: Marble Falls football players won’t be prosecuted for anti-gay text messages

KXAN reports that six teens who sent threatening text messages laced with gay slurs to an opposing quarterback won’t be prosecuted on misdemeanor charges of telephone harassment. An attorney for the six teens says they’ve each completed 30 hours of community service, attended a cyber bully seminar and wrote letters of apology to the victim. Fair punishment? Maybe they should also be kicked off the football team and required to join the Glee club.

—  John Wright

WATCH: 6 Marble Falls teens accused of sending threatening anti-gay texts to opposing QB

A plea bargain is likely for six Marble Falls teens accused of sending anti-gay and threatening text messages to a Dripping Springs football player. KXAN in Austin reports:

The messages contained homosexual slurs and profanities.

An arrest warrant shows one message said, “You better be prepared to get ripped limb from to ******* limb Friday night you big *****.”

Another read, “Oh, so you are going to be a little ***** and not text back *****?”

Lt. Leroy Opiela with the Hays County Sheriff’s Office said the Dripping Springs football player found those messages on his phone and told his parents.

An upcoming football game between the Marble Falls Mustangs and Dripping Springs Tigers was apparently behind the messages.

The six 17-year-olds are charged with harssment via telephone, a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail. However, under the plea deal, they’ll avoid jail time in exchange for completing community service, write letters of apology and take a bullying class.

—  John Wright