Ladies' Lunch hits up the new Mario Sabino's restaurant on Lemmon

Gladly, I have a standing invitation with the Ladies’ Lunch gang here at the office. Today, we opted for Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine at the newly-opened Mario Sabino’s on Lemmon, housed in the former Casa Blanca spot next to CiCi’s. With uber-fast service and a decent lunch selection for less than $10, we were stoked.

I’d never been to Casa Blanca so I’m not sure how much of a difference there was in the interior, but the simplicity in Sabino’s interior design was a nice reprieve from most places that overcompensate with junk on the walls. And it was quiet too but not uncomfortably so. Lately I’ve had issues with restaurants and their loudness. Sabino’s seems to want you to stay and we’d be more than happy to oblige, that is if we had more than an hour.

—  Rich Lopez