EXCLUSIVE: Do you recognize this man? (Hint: You usually see him wearing LESS clothing)

The head has been shaved and the body is leaner, but the man is still hot. North Texas native Jeremy Sons, who does gay porn under the name Mark Dalton, placed second in the open heavyweight division of the Ronnie Coleman Classic bodybuilding competition last weekend. The first and second place winners automatically qualify to compete in the USA Championships in Las Vegas on July 28. He can also participate in the National Championships in Florida on Nov. 18.

This is the second time Dalton has competed in the Ronnie Coleman; last year, he also did well, placing first in the novice division.

Dalton was also recently nominated for a “Grabby Award” for gay adult films for his solo performance in Getting Levi’s Johnson. Dalton has appeared extensively in gay porn, always in solo work.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Tony Giles wins at Europa

Tony Giles
Tony Giles

If you’re gonna compete in a bodybuilding contest, here’s a good pieces of advice: Talk to me first.

Earlier this year, I profiled porn star Mark Dalton prior to his competing in the Ronnie Coleman Classic, a well-known muscle show here in the Metroplex, and Dalton won first place in the novice heavyweights category and best overall novice.

Then a few weeks ago, I profiled Tony Giles, who models as Tony DaVinci, as he prepared for the Europa Supershow event, which took place last weekend in Dallas. And how did he do? Best novice middleweight, best novice overall and best open middleweight — the most medals of anyone there. Not bad for first-timer. (Dalton also competed at Europa, in the light-heavyweight category, but failed to place.)

Great results for Giles, though it was, he admits, different that what he expected would happen.

Giles had planned to compete as a light-heavyweight (Dalton’s class), but the day of the weigh-in — following a water fast and taking diuretics — he had dropped too many pounds to qualify.

“On Thursday I weighted 182 and by weigh-in on Friday I was 176,” he says. That was too low for light-heavyweight and the lightest he could be and still qualify as a middleweight. It may have been a blessing, though. “It was actually a good thing because those guys were huge.”

Tony Giles
Tony Giles

Even Giles admits the loss of fat — and water — made him look gaunt if not actually unrecognizable, so the first thing he did was eat: A cheeseburger, french fries and carrot cake, followed that evening with pizza. No food ever tasted so good. The proof? In less than a week, Giles has bulked up again by 29 lbs., clocking in at 205.

Despite all the torment, he plans to compete again. He’s on vacation this week and will skip the next season, but plans to be back for the Junior USA contest after that. He’ll need to change the regimen for that one, though: He needs to gain 15 pounds of muscle.

Piece of cake. Carrot cake. And only when he’s done.

— Arnold Wayne Jones

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition August 20, 2010.

—  Michael Stephens

Dalton does OK at Coleman Classic

DaltonA few weeks ago, weeks ago we ran a story about porn star Mark Dalton (aka Jeremy Sons), who was competing in his first body building competition — the Ronnie Coleman Classic, which was set to take place this past weekend in Mesquite. Even though he’s inked and it was his first time even attending, Dalton did pretty well.

“I won first [place] in novice heavyweights and won the highest award given — best overall! It was a great night,” he texted me this morning. Looks like hell be doing more of these in the future.skachat-office-2013стоимость копирайтинга

—  Arnold Wayne Jones