Northstar Bachelor Party at Dallas Eagle

It’s a comic book thing

Comic book hero Northstar has been all the buzz in the comic book universe when he proposed to his fiancee Kyle Jinadu. Then this guy had to go an upstage him. But everyone’s still excited about the big day and so much so that real people are throwing the hero a celebration with the Northstar Bachelor Party tonight. Zeus Comics and combine their powers to host tonight’s event.

“We’ve got an amazing evening planned, “ said Zeus Comics owner Richard Neal. “From a Marvel Comics themed costume contest to a Marvel Comics famous couples trivia contest and a Mix and Match game for the single folks, its going to be a crazy night for the bachelors and attendees.”

But will they have strippers?

DEETS: Dallas Eagle, 5740 Maple Ave. 7 p.m.


—  Rich Lopez

Marvel’s Northstar is marrying his boyfriend

Anyone who has been reading Marvel Comics for the better part of two decades, knows that mutant superhero Northstar bats for our team. But the big news this morning is that not only is he gay, he’s also off the market — or soon will be.

Marvel announced on The View what Richard Neal at Zues Comics on Lemmon has known for a while: That in issue no. 50 of Astonishing X-Men, out tomorrow, Northstar finally pops the question to longtime boyfriend Kyle. That makes Northstar the first major gay comic book hero to marry his same-sex partner.

Maybe if you don’t follow comics, that’s no big deal. But if you do, it’s huge.

“It makes me so happy to unite my community and my passion like this,” says Neal, who is gay.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Things I learned from my first Dallas Comic Con

Over the weekend, Dallas Comic Con went down in Irving. Throngs of people wonderfully embracing their comic book geekdom journeyed to Mecca just off 114. Now, there are people who like comics (like me). And there are people who love comics. And love dressing up like characters in comics. I wasn’t blind to this fact, but when I saw this line wrapped around the Irving Convention Center on Saturday, I almost instantaneously turned my car right back toward home.

After talking to a tiny Asian woman dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi, I learned that my media credentials were waiting for me inside and with her Jedi power, I could bypass the line. And once I was in, all I could mutter in Keanu-Matrix fashion was “whoa.” After about an hour, my head finally got wrapped around what the hell was going on. I expected a crowd. I didn’t expect hordes. And my conclusions began to draw from my Saturday excursion.

—  Rich Lopez

Movie Monday: “The Avengers” in wide release

Avengers assemble!

When you’re dealing with movie franchises, survivability is at least as important as plot, and Marvel has a whole lotta franchise built into The Avengers, which capitalizes on the two Iron Man movies, two vastly different Hulk movies, and last summer’s one-two punch of Thor and Captain America. And there are more to come.

Fans of the Marvel universe have long preferred it to DC Comics because its heroes tended to be more complete human beings — flawed, and with complex backstories. In action movies, that’s often the first thing abandoned, and it certainly is here … at least for the first hour or so. After the heroes assemble in The Avengers following some set-piece smash-‘em-ups, we get more of the character.

For the entire review, click here.


—  Rich Lopez