Gay Pulitzer Prize-winner detained in McAllen

joseantoniovargasJose Antonio Vargas, whom we interviewed last fall, is a gay journalist with a Pulitzer Prize, but he gained his greatest fame when he “came out” … not as gay, but as an undocumented alien, which he did in an op/ed piece in the New York Times Magazine three years ago.

Now Vargas finds himself on the receiving side of the I.N.S. Earlier today, Vargas flew to McAllen, Texas, to raise awareness for the plight of minor-aged illegals. After completing his visit, he prepared to fly back to Los Angeles, but was detained by border control for not having proper documentation.

—  Arnold Wayne Jones

Rio Grande Valley sees 1st LGBT prom

Rio Grande Valley native Jesse Garcia sent over a link to this story from, which reports that the Stonewall Democrats’ Rio Grande Valley chapter hosted the region’s first-ever prom for LGBT youth in McAllen on Saturday:

Stonewall Democrats Local President Eli Olivares told Action 4 News that young people from across the Valley participated in the event.

“We wanted to create a safe environment for them to enjoy their teenage life,” Olivares said about the event.

Publicity for the event was kept low and mainly in LGBT circles for security reasons and to prevent protests.

But Olivares said it went so well that organizers want to expand the event and continue it each year.

“There’s no need to be underground anymore,” Olivares said.

On the downside, there’s a poll at the end of the story which asks, “Do you think it’s necessary to have a separate prom for gay, lesbian and transgender youth here in the Rio Grande Valley?” Thus far, 58 percent have said no. We’re sure a few respondents answered “no” because they don’t think an LGBT prom should be necessary, in a perfect world. But the polls results also probably show why the prom is in fact very necessary: Because most people are uncomfortable with the idea.

—  John Wright